Mondelez set for international union crosshairs

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RMT reveals that 75% of UK rail now foreign owned RMT 2017-03-27 [RMT]

Tastem the rights abuses at Coca-Cola Indonesia! 2017-03-27 [IUF]

Mondelez plays down impact of international union action 2017-03-27 [Just Food]

IndustriALL demands fair global steel restructuring 2017-03-27 [IndustriALL]

Still standing or standing still? 2017-03-27 [NI]

Mondelez set for international union crosshairs 2017-03-25 [Just Food]

WATCH: Journalism used to fight for the working man, now it’s a bastion of 'trust fund kids' 2017-03-24 [Salon]

Millions of UK workers at risk of being replaced by robots, study says For more info 2017-03-24 [Guardian]

Working women deserve tax justice 2017-03-23 [Equal Times]

Montreal dockers’ move takes reclaim lashing campaign global 2017-03-23 [ITF]

PSI berates Nigerian government’s privatisation programme 2017-03-23 [PSI]

The Role of Public Service Trade Unions in achieving Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities 2017-03-23 [PSI]

England Education Support and Cultural Workers’ Network: 14-point action list 2017-03-23 [PSI]

Global Unions Statement: Support the inclusion and retention of the full and substantive role of the ILO in the UNCSW61 Agreed Conclusions 2017-03-23 [PSI]

'We stand for public funding of public quality water and sanitation services for realizing women's rights' 2017-03-23 [PSI]

Europe’s Far Right’s “Leftist Mask”: The European far right has cynically appropriated left-wing and pro-worker talking points for its own purposes 2017-03-23 [globalresearch]

ITF calls for action to win inclusion of ILO role in UN women’s conference conclusion 2017-03-22 [ITF]

Unilever's £34billion Brand Value Proves Sustainable Capitalism Works 2017-03-22 [GMB]

Raising Arabic female teachers’ voices 2017-03-22 [Education International]

CUPE member Yasmeen Mirza speaks at the UN Commission on the Status of Women 2017-03-22 [CUPE]

Auchan and UNI Global Union sign global agreement 2017-03-22 []


Myths of Migration: Much of What We Think We Know Is Wrong 2017-03-21 [Spiegel]

Lactalis/Parmalat lift lockout as Australian workers win an important victory 2017-03-21 [IUF]

PSI joins 'Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts' 2017-03-21 [PSI]

England Report slams UK's disastrous reliance on PPPs 2017-03-21 [PSI]

Let's erase racism! 2017-03-21 [PSI]

The guardians of the Andean potato 2017-03-20 [Equal Times]

Women, gender and work: Social choices and inequalities. Volume 2 2017-03-19 [ILO]

Towards a binding treaty on transnational corporations and other business enterprises 2017-03-18 [Equal Times]

Towards a binding treaty on transnational corporations and other business enterprises 2017-03-17 [equal times]

Help us stop the asbestos trade  ActNOW!  2017-03-17 [IndustriALL]

Mars and Nestlé just stepped up to protect the ocean and workers. Here's how. 2017-03-17 [greenpeace]

UN Women Says Women’s Pay Gap “Biggest Robbery in History” 2017-03-17 [The Wire]

How Was the March 8 International Women’s Strike Woven Together? 2017-03-17 [cadtm]

Here's why technology could be a bigger threat to middle class jobs than free trade 2017-03-17 [CNN]

Worst Paying Jobs For Women 2017-03-17 [247walls]

Newsletter: Right to Health - Issue 01 (March/April 2017) 2017-03-17 [PSI]

BWI Leaders Meet FIFA Secretary General Samoura 2017-03-17 [BWI]

Trade Unions at the Table in FIFA 2017-03-17 [BWI Global Union ]

Education unions’ leading women pave the way for women’s economic empowerment 2017-03-17 [Education International]

ITF applauds BBC exposé of IKEA supply chain abuses 2017-03-16 [ITF]

Companies must be bound to respect human rights 2017-03-16 [ITUC]

Unions and NGOs gather in London to stand up for climate refugees 2017-03-16 [Equal Times]

IndustriALL women out in force for IWD 2017 2017-03-16 [IndustriALL]

Modern slavery and human trafficking: Myths and facts 2017-03-16 [50 for Freedom]

Pope says closing firms without protecting workers ‘very grave sin’ 2017-03-16 [religionnews]

Women's Pay Gap 'Biggest Robbery in History': UN Women 2017-03-16 [menafn]

UN chief warns women globally are suffering 'new assaults' 2017-03-16 [JP]

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