The International Domestic Workers Movement Is Growing

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BWI General Secretary visits KCTU President in prison 2017-08-18 [BWI]

ITF union alliance responds to Lufthansa Technik cost cutting 2017-08-18 [ITF]

UNI condemns terrorism in all its forms 2017-08-17 [UNI Global Union]

Young union activists celebrate International Youth Day 2017-08-16 [ITF]

12 August - International Youth Day 2017 2017-08-15 [PSI]

More voices say joining a union is a smart move in the Future World of Work 2017-08-15 [UNI Global Union]

The International Domestic Workers Movement Is Growing 2017-08-13 [Truth Out]

Youth Day: ‘We Are the Voice of Today, Tomorrow’ For more info 2017-08-11 [Solidarity Center]

With Nike Up to Old Tricks, Students and Workers Launch Global Protests 2017-08-11 [Labor Notes]

Kailash Satyarthi: Unions Essential to Ending Child Labor For more info 2017-08-10 [Solidarity Center]

ILO launches 2017 global media competition on labour migration 2017-08-08 [ILO]

University sexual assault – an OHS perspective 2017-08-08 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Reviewing fundamentals is part of cultural change 2017-08-08 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Kazakhstan: Sentencing of Union Leader a Travesty of Justice 2017-08-06 [ITUC]

Colombia: Protect Human Rights Defenders 2017-08-04 [ILRF]

What would it take for trade deals to protect workers’ rights? 2017-08-04 [TUC - Touchstone Blog]

IFJ condemns killing of Russia Today journalist in Syria 2017-08-02 [NUJ]

Pro-worker abroad while rolling back trade union rights at home: the contradictions in US labour policy 2017-08-01 [Equal Rights]

Indigenous rights firmly reasserted at Education International’s seminar 2017-08-01 [Education International]

UN Global Compact on migration must put workers and education rights first 2017-08-01 [Education International]

It was super graphic: Reporters reveal stories of online harassment 2017-08-01 [CJR]

The future of work in the era of artificial intelligence 2017-07-31 [Equal Times]

Seminar on copyright in education reveals complex ownership system 2017-07-31 [Education International]

Foreign rail owners are keeping UK ticket prices high, RMT says 2017-07-30 [RMT]

ITF launches XPO global leadership task force 2017-07-28 [ITF]

National Transport Authority 'unsupportive' of Uber's Irish plan to expand 2017-07-28 [RTÉ]

Rio Tinto global union network welcomes commitments from company 2017-07-27 [IndustriALL]

Sign here! Tell Nike to Not Hide Abuses at Its Factories! 2017-07-27 [AFL-CIO]

International solidarity has the power to reform the banking industry 2017-07-27 [UNI Global Union ]

 VIDEO  National trade unions in a globalised world 2017-07-26 [Open Democracy]

'Imagine if Migrant Workers Had Labor Rights' For more info 2017-07-26 [Solidarity Center]

President Erdogan- The world is watching 2017-07-25 [IFJ]

Young education unionists determined to take the lead on future of quality education 2017-07-25 [Education International]

Why don’t companies recognise that unions are essential in the fight against modern slavery? 2017-07-25 [Touchstone - TUC]

VOX POPULI: Japan’s modern day work culture echoes that of Marx’s Britain 2017-07-24 [Asahi Shimbun]

Me! Me! Me! – OHS needs to grow up for the new world structure 2017-07-21 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Trade unions: Towards a future of work without child labour and forced labour in Europe and Central Asia 2017-07-21 [ILO ACTRAV]

The fight against precarious work continues 2017-07-19 [IndustriALL]

“No more exploitation!”: the uprising of the invisible women 2017-07-19 [Equal Times]

Labour market: gender gap still widespread 2017-07-18 [IndustriALL]

Future economies: what next for globalisation and trade? 2017-07-17 [touchstoneblog]

Launching an initiative to strengthen professional solidarity between journalists 2017-07-15 [IFJ]

New Accord Will Protect Workers and Improve Garment Industry 2017-07-15 [ITUC]

Ivanka Trump's factory workers: 'We are making you beautiful but we are starving' 2017-07-15 [The Week]

Sex and love with #robots: no longer science fiction 2017-07-14 [equal times]

Securing indigenous rights through data 2017-07-14 [equal times]

LafargeHolcim: Final step taken towards Global Framework Agreement 2017-07-13 [IndustriALL]

International education movement mourns loss of founding father 2017-07-13 [Education International]

IUF and Sodexo sign international agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace 2017-07-13 [IUF]

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