A May Day message

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IndustriALL demonstrates against asbestos on 28 April 2017-04-28 [IndustriALL]

MayDay call to action: Who lives and who dies at work is not an accident of chance. 2017-04-28 [equal times]

A May Day message 2017-04-28 [IUF]

Western Australia New program launched that forecasts safety and risk levels 2017-04-28 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

ITF women pledge action to secure ILO violence convention 2017-04-27 [ITF]

IndustriALL women set priorities for action 2017-04-27 [IndustriALL]

Uber 'Acknowledges Employer's Responsibility' 2017-04-27 [GMB]

Call for international asbestos trade crackdown 2017-04-27 [Safety Culture]

Is a sustainable tuna industry possible? 2017-04-27 [Equal Times]

Brewery giant Carlsberg seeks to punish union for defending workers' rights  ActNOW!  2017-04-27 [IUF]

International IUF delegation in Brussels calls for EU action on rights violations by Citra Mina in the Philippines 2017-04-27 [IUF]

Coca-Cola to cut 1,200 jobs, boosts savings target 2017-04-26 [reuters.com]

BWI Solidarity Mission to Turkey 2017-04-26 [BWI]

Educators globally celebrate science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity 2017-04-26 [Education International]

Global Action Week for Education 2017: government must be held accountable for promises made to ensure free public quality education for all 2017-04-26 [Education International]

End Corporate Greed – the World Needs a Pay Rise - ITUC May Day statement 2017-04-26 [ITUC]

Tennessee Global support for workers at VW Chattanooga plant 2017-04-25 [IndustriALL]

International Workers’ Memorial Day 2017 2017-04-24 [PCS]

What does the 2030 Agenda mean for labour? 2017-04-24 [Equal Times]

Unions worldwide demand an ILO convention to stop gender-based violence at work 2017-04-24 [IFJ]

Brewery giant Carlsberg seeks to punish union for defending workers' rights 2017-04-24 [IUF]

Global Unions urge IFIs to contribute to a fair and sustainable global economy 2017-04-24 [ITUC]

ITUC Calls on Apparel Brands to Join Transparency Pledge 2017-04-24 [ITUC]

Unions vow to take on Amazon as its harsh reputation precedes it 2017-04-24 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Lethal lies: Unmasking the men behind the global asbestos spy ring  ActNOW!  2017-04-23 [New Matilda]

ITUC Calls on Apparel Brands to Join Transparency Pledge 2017-04-23 [ITUC]

Unions and Climate Change 2017-04-23 [Rank and File]

TURKEY: Solidarity fund for trade unions 2017-04-21 [PSI]

Back at the Carrier Plant, Workers Are Still Fighting on Their Own 2017-04-20 [The Nation]

More brands should reveal where their clothes are made 2017-04-20 [Human Rights Watch]

Strike deadline approaches for Writers Guild members 2017-04-20 [West LA Entertainment]

Amazon will hire 5,000 remote workers in 2017 2017-04-18 [financialbuzz]

Union - a look at organised labour spaces by Noel Bowler 2017-04-15 [Irish Times]

ITUC calls for asbestos trade crackdown  ActNOW!  2017-04-13 [ITUC]

IndustriALL campaign against asbestos targets Rotterdam Convention  ActNOW!  2017-04-13 [IndustriALL]

How asbestos industry targeted developing countries- and what can be done about it  ActNOW!  2017-04-13 [Inside Story]

Unions Demonstrate Over Undercutting 2017-04-12 [GMB]

IKEA unions launch new film 2017-04-12 [ITF]

Labor Court 2017-04-11 [reoorting and as uonion active]

From Africa and Asia to Latin America and Europe, reporters are being killed with impunity simply for doing their jobs 2017-04-11 [Al Jazeera]

Oppression leads to Depression - World Health Day 2017 2017-04-11 [PSI]

ILO says social dialogue key to shaping the future of work 2017-04-11 [tribuneonlineng]

Government must strengthen takeover laws or decent companies will leave the UK – and jobs will go 2017-04-10 [Unite]

Google accused of ‘systematic’ underpayment of women workers across entire company 2017-04-10 [independent]

Big Six Tech Companies must commit to decent work 2017-04-10 [uniglobalunion.org]

Audio: Healthcare is a basic human right 2017-04-10 [PSI]

Globalization and the End of the Labor Aristocracy 2017-04-10 [dollarsandsense]

The future is now: Artificial intelligence in the workplace 2017-04-08 [crainscleveland.]

Evidence of trauma: the impact of human rights work on advocates 2017-04-08 [opendemocracy]

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