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Sustainable Jobs Act passes in House of Commons

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Canada Sustainable Jobs Act passes in House of Commons [CLC] 15-04-2024

Canada When leaders speak of workers and their rights, hold them to it, CLC urges unions [CityNews] 14-04-2024

Canada Quebec Members of Quebec health care workers union reject tentative deal with province [The Star] 14-04-2024

Canada Quebec A majority of 61% of the members in good standing voted against the tentative agreement [FIQ] 14-04-2024

Canada Prince Edward Island Health workers confront P.E.I. premier, health minister at legislature over wages [CBC] 12-04-2024

Canada Manitoba New safety officers at Manitoba hospitals aimed at reducing workplace violence [OHS Canada] 12-04-2024

Canada Amazon workers in Canada file for union representation with Unifor [UNI Global Union] 12-04-2024

Canada British Columbia HEU proposes key changes to Labour Relations Code [HEU] 11-04-2024

Canada British Columbia Unifor files applications to represent workers at two Amazon fulfilment centres [Unifor] 10-04-2024

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Crab harvesters refusing to fish under current pricing formula, union wants right to strike [CBC] 04-04-2024

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Ontario Gate Gourmet Workers to Strike, Impacting In-Flight Meals for Travelers Departing Pearson Airport 2024-04-16 [Teamsters]

WestJet Encore pilots announce tentative deal in labour dispute with regional carrier 2024-04-16 [CP]

Alberta Province announces wage offer for government workers during collective bargaining 2024-04-16 [CTV]

Ontario Toronto Pearson airline catering workers’ strike begins after rejecting final offer: Union 2024-04-16 [CITY]

Ontario Striking York University workers reach tentative agreement with employer: union 2024-04-16 [Global]

Ontario TTC workers union taking 'first step' towards striking 2024-04-16 [CBC]

Ontario Union reaches tentative deal with GreenShield Canada 2024-04-16 [CTV]

WestJet Encore Pilot Leaders Approve Agreement in Principle 2024-04-16 [ALPA]

Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW, ASP Pleased With Resumption of Crab Fishery 2024-04-16 [VOCM]

Newfoundland and Labrador Better Legislation Needed to Protect Contracted Workers: NL Federation of Labour 2024-04-16 [VOCM]

Ontario Tentative agreement at York University 2024-04-16 [CUPE]

Ontario Workers at Nipissing Transition House deliver unanimous petition calling for a fair deal 2024-04-16 [CUPE]

Alberta Alberta Finance Minister makes inappropriate comments on bargaining 2024-04-15 [AUPE]

Sustainable Jobs Act passes in House of Commons 2024-04-15 [CLC]

Ontario Security Guards in Chatham-Kent ratify new contract 2024-04-15 [UFCW]

Quebec Port of Quebec has refused to negotiate for more than 100 days 2024-04-15 [CUPE]

Manitoba Griffin Wheel workers ratify deal, ending more than two-week lockout 2024-04-15 [Unifor]

Newfoundland and Labrador Unifor reaches tentative agreement with Dominion 2024-04-15 [Unifor]

Ontario Unifor reaches tentative agreement with GreenShield 2024-04-15 [Unifor]

Ontario Tentative deal reached between York University, striking academic workers, union says 2024-04-15 [CP24]

Two-Tier Pensions: Just Say No! 2024-04-15 [CUPW]

  JOB   Assistant Director, Field Service Division - Full-time permanent position 2024-04-15 [BCTF]

  JOB   Assistant Director, Staff Lawyer - Full-time, permanent position 2024-04-15 [BCTF]

Alberta Teachers Experiencing Increased Aggression in Schools 2024-04-15 [ATA]

Alberta Teachers oppose use of constitutional override against vulnerable students 2024-04-15 [ATA]

Alberta Strike averted in Palliser schools 2024-04-15 [ATA]

Alberta Nurses file unfair labour practice against AHS 2024-04-15 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Keyano College workers get 3 years of wage freezes 2024-04-15 [Alberta Worker]

To Improve Productivity, Stop Paying People Nothing to Do Nothing 2024-04-15 [Centre for Future Work]

Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW, ASP Agree on Minimum Price of $3 Per Pound for Snow Crab 2024-04-15 [VOCM]

Ontario Over 800 Pearson catering workers might go on strike 2024-04-14 [Now]

Ontario Pape and Danforth Starbucks becomes the first Toronto location to unionize 2024-04-14 [The Observer]

Yukon Hospital unions ratify, Yukon Hospital Corporation approves collective deal 2024-04-14 [The News]

Ontario Graduate teaching assistants go on strike at Western University as exams underway 2024-04-14 [Today]

Ontario York University students demand refund amid education workers strike 2024-04-14 [CITY]

Ontario Frustration grows as York University strike continues 2024-04-14 [Global]

Ontario Exams underway as York University strike hits 7 weeks 2024-04-14 [CBC]

Quebec A majority of 61% of the members in good standing voted against the tentative agreement 2024-04-14 [FIQ]

Quebec Biggest nurses' union rejects government deal 2024-04-14 [CBC]

When leaders speak of workers and their rights, hold them to it, CLC urges unions 2024-04-14 [CLC]

Yukon Labour group says unions frozen out of talks over new Yukon health authority 2024-04-14 [CBC]

Quebec Members of Quebec health care workers union reject tentative deal with province 2024-04-14 [The Star]

When leaders speak of workers and their rights, hold them to it, CLC urges unions 2024-04-14 [CityNews]

Quebec Quebec's biggest nurses' union rejects government deal 2024-04-13 [CBC]

Yukon Yukon workers at Parsons Inc. in Faro join the United Steelworkers union 2024-04-13 [USW]

Quebec Airbus workers reach tentative agreement with company 2024-04-13 [CITY]

Saskatchewan Teachers to Resume Negotiations for New Collective Agreement 2024-04-13 [STF]

Ontario Canada’s workplace health and safety track record isn’t improving 2024-04-13 [Spectator]

British Columbia More needs to be done to save Surrey StrongStart, says program staff union 2024-04-13 [CUPE]

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This month in labour history

1-04-1903 In Montréal, more than 2000 longshoremen go on strike at the beginning of the shipping season in the port. Militia are called out, and crowds rally to support the strikers. After five weeks, they win union recognition and more pay. [more]

6-04-1980 The Canadian Farmworkers Union holds its founding convention at Douglas College in Vancouver. Delegates elect Raj Chouhan as president of the CFU, Canada's first union of agricultural workers [more]

8-04-1937 In Oshawa, Ontario, 4,000 workers go on strike at the General Motors plant for recognition of the United Auto Workers. They win major concessions, and the strike is often considered the birth of industrial unionism in Canada. [more]

9-04-1983 A tractor trailer drives through a picket line at a strikebound Alcan plant in Scarborough, Ontario, causing the death of Claude Dougdeen, 51, a Trinidad immigrant and father of seven. Outraged union leaders call on the province to bring in anti-scab laws. [more]

11-04-1972 More than 200,000 public sector workers, organized in the Québec Common Front, begin a ten-day strike. Three leaders are jailed, but the Common Front ultimately succeeds in winning a $100 minimum weekly wage for public employees. [more]

15-04-1872 Toronto printers attract a massive crowd of 10,000 people to Queen's Park in support of their strike for the nine-hour day. Union leaders are arrested for conspiracy the next day. [more]

15-04-1937 More than 5,000 Montreal “midinettes”, most of them French Canadian women, surprise garment factory owners by going on strike for shorter hours and overtime pay. Within weeks they win a victory for the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. [more]

15-04-1903 British Columbia union organizer Frank Rogers, a longshoreman, dies after he is shot while supporting clerical workers on strike against the Canadian Pacific Railway in Vancouver. [more]

18-04-1872 The first issue of the Ontario Workman appears, with the slogan “The equalization of all elements of society in the social scale should be the true aim of civilization.” It also publishes an excerpt on "the normal working day" from Karl Marx's Capital. [more]

18-04-1872 Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald announces a Trade Union Act stating that unions are legal. This is two days after leaders of the Toronto printers, with strong public support in their strike for a nine-hour day, are arrested for common conspiracy. [more]

19-04-1974 In a targeted campaign for pay equity, postal workers begin a seven-day illegal strike that wins women postal code machine operators the same pay as male postal clerks. [more]

19-04-2023 After more than a year of bargaining, 155,000 public service workers across 30 federal government departments go out on a successful strike, marking one of the largest strikes by federal employees in Canadian history. [more]

23-04-1956 More than 1600 delegates attend the founding convention of the Canadian Labour Congress, a merger of the Trades and Labour Congress and the Canadian Congress of Labour. They call for a national health plan, full employment and a guaranteed annual wage. [more]

25-04-2004 The British Columbia Liberal government imposes a 15 per cent wages cut on health services workers. This leads to an illegal strike by 40,000 members of the Hospital Employees Union and a settlement that fails to stop the privatization of services. [more]

26-04-1918 After years of agitation by reformers and unions, the New Brunswick Workmen’s Compensation Act receives Royal Assent. [more]

27-04-1983 As part of its anti-labour agenda, the Alberta government brings in legislation denying firefighters and healthcare workers the right to strike. [more]

28-04-1984 The Canadian Labour Congress establishes the first National Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured on the job. The idea of a Workers' Memorial Day is adopted by more than 100 countries around the world. [more]

29-04-1903 A sudden rock slide at Turtle Mountain kills more than 76 men, women and children in and around the town of Frank in the Crowsnest Pass. From inside the mine, 17 coal miners dig their way to safety. [more]