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Quebec Broad union action for better pay and working conditions in all public services in Quebec

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New Brunswick Higgs accused of being autocrat over pension push (subscription) 2023-12-01 [Telegraph-Journal]

Quebec Broad union action for better pay and working conditions in all public services in Quebec  ActNOW!  2023-12-01 [Education International]

Ontario Special needs shortage: Educational assistant vacancy rates hit 30 per cent 2023-12-01 [The Free Press]

British Columbia Rogers Sugar profits soar as strike continues 2023-12-01 [BiV]

Alberta CUPE accuses Chestermere of delaying union contract ratification 2023-12-01 [The Herald]

New Brunswick Premier says he'll fix pension issue once and for all 2023-12-01 [The Herald]

Collaborating for PPE that actually fits women 2023-12-01 [USW]

Global NUPGE at COP28 2023-12-01 [NUPGE]

Alberta Workers at Buffalo Trail Schools smash UCP wage guidelines 2023-12-01 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia CUPE members in Nova Scotia join child care day of action 2023-12-01 [CUPE]

Saskatchewan Breast cancer diagnostic initiative is too little, too late 2023-12-01 [CUPE]

Manitoba Child care workers call for action 2023-12-01 [CUPE]

Quebec Longueuil school crossing guards latest to be penalized during teachers strike 2023-12-01 [CUPE]

Quebec Union members distressed over STM job cuts 2023-12-01 [CUPE]

Nova Scotia Workers at Pete’s Frootique, a boutique grocery story owned by Sobeys, on strike 2023-12-01 [SEIU 2]

British Columbia Victoria private liquor store workers ready for improvements 2023-12-01 [SEIU 2]

British Columbia 21st annual shoe memorial in Vancouver on Dec. 6 2023-12-01 [UFCW 247]

Paul Meinema announces retirement, Shawn Haggerty elected President of the UFCW Canada 2023-11-30 [UFCW]

Unifor calls federal government deal with Google over Online News Act a step in the right direction 2023-11-30 [Unifor]

Ontario Deal reached between London police and union 2023-11-30 [CTV]

New Brunswick Union protests New Brunswick plan to transform public-sector pension plans 2023-11-30 [Bounce]

  JOB   Staff Representative 2023-11-30 [BCGEU]

Telus payroll system is an incomprehensible failure 2023-11-30 [USW]

Ontario Grad student workers look for help from Queen's donor 2023-11-30 [The Spectator]

BC Sugar strike leaves bitter taste for Saskatoon bakers 2023-11-30 [CTV]

Most Canadian workers can’t afford to retire 2023-11-30 [Alberta Worker]

Quebec How long can this go on for? We try to answer key Quebec strike questions 2023-11-30 [RCI]

Protections for Gig Workers Are Falling Flat 2023-11-30 [Jacobin]

Ontario Woodbridge office workers have gone on strike — against another union that employs them 2023-11-30 [The Star]

Saskatchewan Critical shortage of Radiological Technologists risks patient care 2023-11-30 [CUPE]

New Brunswick Education Sector: GNB Threatens to Break Signed Collective Agreements 2023-11-30 [CUPE]

Quebec Members at the INSPQ and the LSPQ renew their collective agreement 2023-11-30 [CUPE]

Alberta UCP sovereignty resolution is not about jurisdiction, it's about how weak the UCP’s economic management is 2023-11-29 [AFL]

Telus' Ongoing Payroll Nightmare 2023-11-29 [USW 1944]

New Brunswick Higgs legislation would force 5 public-sector unions into new pension plan 2023-11-29 [CBC]

Academics Endorse Bill C-58, Federal Ban on Replacement Workers 2023-11-29 [Unifor]

Quebec 80,000 Quebec health-care workers to strike Dec. 11 to 14 2023-11-29 [CTV]

Quebec How long can this go on for? We try to answer key Quebec strike questions 2023-11-29 [CBC]

New Brunswick CUPE warns other unions not to trust New Brunswick premier 2023-11-29 [NB Media Co-op]

CUPW Supports Child Care Now – National Day of Action – November 30, 2023 2023-11-29 [CUPW]

Non-Public Funds: Strong strike mandates adopted in Quebec, national mobilization underway 2023-11-29 [PSAC]

Quebec Public sector strikes: Union president cuts short trip to Dubai after media attention 2023-11-29 [CTV]

Rogers Sugar strike: Supply disruptions prompt Winnipeg businesses to search for other sugar sources 2023-11-29 [CTV]

  JOB   Director - Member Benefits 2023-11-29 [BCGEU]

Ontario Council approves deal with Hamilton transit workers, which includes new health-care supplement 2023-11-29 [CBC]

NAV CANADA national bargaining conference: members of equity groups encouraged to apply 2023-11-29 [PSAC]

Quebec Public sector unions announce new 7-day strike for 420,000 workers 2023-11-29 [CBC]

Manitoba Winnipeg Transit workers' union sets Dec. 11 strike deadline as bus operators begin to refuse overtime 2023-11-29 [CBC]

British Columbia Long-term care workers at seven B.C. care homes ratify five-year agreement with employer 2023-11-29 [HEU]

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This month in labour history

6-12-1917 Wartime miscalculations and naval mismanagement cause unprecedented devastation for working-class neighborhoods in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When two ships collide in the harbour, one of them loaded with tons of explosives, almost 2,000 people are killed. [more]

6-12-1921 J. S. Woodsworth, a Methodist minister arrested during the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, is elected as the Labour Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre. Re-elected five times, he is a founder, in 1932, of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. [more]

7-12-1970 The Royal Commission on the Status of Women releases its report. Many of the 167 recommendations relate to the status of women in the workplace, including pay equity and access to childcare, education and training. [more]

9-12-1910 Methane gas explodes in the Bellevue, Alberta coal mine in the Crowsnest Pass. The union had warned against gas accumulations more than once that year. There are seventeen survivors and thirty-one casualties, including one rescuer. [more]

11-12-1984 The United Auto Workers Canadian Council decides to separate from the international union and form UAW-Canada, later the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW). [more]

11-12-1995 Workers in London, Ontario mount the first of a series of Days of Action held across the province in response to attacks on labour and social programs initiated by the Progressive Conservative government. [more]

14-12-1965 A small group of women workers at Tilco Plastics in Peterborough, Ontario, go on strike for a union contract, only to face strikebreakers and court injunctions against picketing. The strike is lost but leads to the abolition of ex parte injunctions. [more]

19-12-1945 The historic 99-day strike at Ford in Windsor, Ontario ends with an agreement to have Supreme Court Justice Ivan C. Rand arbitrate a new collective agreement. His decision leads to adoption of the Rand Formula for union security. [more]

20-12-2001 In a union appeal against an Ontario law, the Supreme Court of Canada rules that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the right of agricultural workers to trade unionism and collective bargaining. [more]

23-12-1964 Unionized printers at the daily La Presse in Montreal reach a settlement after a 214-day lockout caused by their concerns over the introduction of new printing technology. [more]

27-12-1913 Protests by members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Edmonton, Alberta, force the city to provide emergency work and housing for 400 unemployed. [more]

29-12-1958 Television screens on the French-language network go blank in Québec with the start of a strike by producers at Radio-Canada that lasts 70 days. With wide public support in the province, the producers win union recognition. [more]

29-12-1876 Grand Trunk Railway workers in eastern Ontario go on strike in support of fired co-workers. The four-day strike is broken by the use of scabs and militia. [more]

31-12-1958 In Newfoundland, members of the International Woodworkers of America go on strike against the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company. When Premier Joe Smallwood decertifies the union, the struggle draws international attention. [more]

31-12-2011 In Alma, Quebec, Rio Tinto Alcan locks out members of Local 9490, United Steelworkers, in an attempt to replace all retiring workers with non-union contract employees. This is followed by a successful six-month global solidarity campaign. [more]