Saskatchewan Labour unites around Unifor 594 after arrests at refinery lockout

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Saskatchewan Labour unites around Unifor 594 after arrests at refinery lockout [Rank and File] 2020-01-23

More than half of gig economy workers keen to unionize: report [HR Reporter] 2020-01-23

RadioLabour's Canada Report January 17-23, 2020 [RadioLabour] 2020-01-23

2020: The Year of (Free) Public Transit [Our Times] 2020-01-23

Saskatchewan Unions stand in solidarity with Co-op refinery workers [CLC] 2020-01-22

Quebec Sherbrooke nurse suspended for complaining about working conditions in private online chat group, says union [CBC] 2020-01-22

Ottawa considering 'significant and meaningful' compensation for privacy breach victims [CBC] 2020-01-15

Public elementary school teachers in Toronto, York and Ottawa announce 1-day strike Monday [CBC] 2020-01-15

Saskatchewan Where are the Officers? OHS Officers Absent at Canadian Refinery Lockout [OHS Online] 2020-01-13

Ontario Toronto Uber drivers first to apply for unionization in Canada [UFCW Canada] 2020-01-13


Today's labour news

Ontario Poverty Wages Not on the Menu at Laurentian U., CUPE 895 Tells Compass Group 2020-01-24 [The Financial Post]

British Columbia Revelstoke city workers hope strike vote sends message 2020-01-24 [Mountaineer]

Ontario Cambridge business owner apologizes after union labour comments 2020-01-24 [CTV]

British Columbia Revelstoke city workers vote to strike after councillor resigns while trying to stop council pay raise 2020-01-24 [CFJC]

Quebec Long-time Quebec union leader Fernand Daoust dies at 93 2020-01-24 [The Globe and Mail]

NUPGE publishes new paper in Diversity and Inclusion in Our Unions series: Women Workers 2020-01-24 [NUPGE]

Ontario No new talks planned between region, union representing GRT workers 2020-01-24 [CBC]

Ontario Government, teachers’ unions spar in PR battle over education fight 2020-01-24 [The Globe and Mail]

Saskatchewan Labour unites around Unifor 594 after arrests at refinery lockout 2020-01-23 [Rank and File]

Ontario Toronto Uber drivers apply for unionization 2020-01-23 [CanIndia]

Saskatchewan A look at contempt and next steps in the CRC-Unifor dispute 2020-01-23 [The Leader-Post]

Ontario Guelph, Wellington County public elementary schools to close Tuesday for teachers' strike 2020-01-23 [CBC]

British Columbia Triple the deliveries for West Kootenay postal workers over Christmas 2020-01-23 [The Times]

Saskatchewan Unifor, Regina police chief to meet following clashes between cops and union 2020-01-23 [CBC]

Saskatchewan Unifor fined for violating court order during lockout at Co-op Regina refinery 2020-01-23 [The Star]

More than half of gig economy workers keen to unionize: report 2020-01-23 [HR Reporter]

Quebec Longtime Quebec union leader Fernand Daoust dead at 93 after illness 2020-01-23 [The Star]

Saskatchewan 'Stand together and fight together:' National union leaders join Unifor on picket line 2020-01-23 [The Leader-Post]

 VIDEO Saskatchewan Unions across Canada throw support behind Unifor in Regina: ‘We’re all blue collar workers’ 2020-01-23 [Global]

Nova Scotia Doctors walk away from ER that limits care they’re allowed to give 2020-01-23 [CLI]

What is Labour’s Role in the Anti-War Movement? 2020-01-23 [Rank and File Radio]

British Columbia Joseph Mairs: A coal miner who never died 2020-01-23 [Rank and File Radio]

RadioLabour's Canada Report January 17-23, 2020 2020-01-23 [RadioLabour]

Ontario How the hunt for profits has shaped Ontario's home care system 2020-01-23 [rabble]

A Green New Deal for Canada, Now! 2020-01-23 [Our Times]

New Brunswick Edmundston pulp mill workers win wage increase and other benefits 2020-01-23 [The Media Co-op]

2020: The Year of (Free) Public Transit 2020-01-23 [Our Times]

A new report on literacy and essential skills 2020-01-22 [CUPE]

Newfoundland and Labrador CUPE National Officers express their appreciation for the workers of Newfoundland and Labrador 2020-01-22 [CUPE]

Ontario CUPE Child Care Workers Celebrate Victory in Peterborough 2020-01-22 [CUPE]

Saskatchewan CUPE supports locked out Regina Co-op refinery workers 2020-01-22 [CUPE]

Ontario Bus Operators in St. Thomas Vote to Join Canada’s Largest Transit Union 2020-01-22 [ATU Canada]

Quebec “This is a flashpoint in the fight for all workers.” – Pickthall IAM Local 2301 strike: stern warnings from labour and political leaders 2020-01-22 [IAMAW]

Alberta UNA bargaining opens with AHS demand for four-year wage freeze, massive rollbacks 2020-01-22 [UNA]

Saskatchewan Unifor outraged at extreme police escalation at Co-op Refinery 2020-01-22 [Unifor]

Statement by Ontario Public Services Employees Union President Smokey Thomas on the arrest of Unifor's President 2020-01-22 [OPSEU]

Newfoundland and Labrador NAPE members praised for service during blizzard and aftermath 2020-01-22 [NUPGE]

Saskatchewan Police chief, Unifor president speak after 14 arrested at Co-op Refinery picket line 2020-01-22 [Loop]

Ontario Human Rights Commission head argues for corrections funding in Thunder Bay 2020-01-22 [CBC]

Lingering Phoenix issues ‘no surprise’ to union leaders, as annual survey shows increase in pay problems 2020-01-22 [The Hill Times]

Saskatchewan Unions stand in solidarity with Co-op refinery workers 2020-01-22 [CLC]

Saskatchewan Solidarity with locked out Co-op Refinery workers and arrested leaders 2020-01-22 [NUPGE]

New Brunswick Labour board says attempt to lure nurses to Restigouche Hospital Centre failed, violated law 2020-01-22 [CBC]

Saskatchewan Regina police arrest 14 union members during refinery labour dispute 2020-01-22 [The Star-Phoenix]

Ontario How the dispute between Ontario and teachers’ unions could evolve 2020-01-22 [Global]

New Brunswick MLA's executive assistant charged with assault of provincial employee 2020-01-22 [CBC]

Saskatchewan National union leaders join picket line at Co-op Refinery 2020-01-22 [Unifor]

Union sues Jewish advocacy group over defamation 2020-01-22 [The Post-Millenial]

Quebec Sherbrooke nurse suspended for complaining about working conditions in private online chat group, says union 2020-01-22 [CBC]

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This month in labour history

1-01-1952 Old Age Security, the country's first universal pension plan, comes into effect for Canadians at 70 years of age. The Canada Pension Plan, based on employment contributions, follows in 1966. [more]

7-01-1949 Quebec Premier Duplessis' UN government introduces a new labour code that directly attacks the province's labour movement. [more]

8-01-2007 The 21,000 members of ACTRA, the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists, begin the first strike in their 64-year history. An agreement is reached after 17 months of bargaining. [more]

15-01-1889 Innkeeper Joe Beef of Montréal dies, a legendary friend to the outcast poor and labouring classes. More than 50 unions march in his funeral procession. [more]

19-01-1973 Annie Buller, a veteran Communist organizer, dies in Toronto at 78 years of age after a lifetime of activism in support of labour and political causes. [more]

20-01-1950 Barred windows and locked doors prevent workers from escaping a fire in a small basement garment factory in downtown Toronto. Of the eleven people in the shop, six die in the blaze, including the owner and his son, and three more in hospital. [more]

20-01-1914 Joseph Mairs, 21, a coal miner from Ladysmith, British Columbia, dies in prison after failing to receive adequate medical treatment. He is one of more than 200 strikers arrested in a long struggle for recognition of the United Mine Workers of America [more]

23-01-1918 In wartime Nova Scotia, 88 men are killed in an explosion in a coal mine at Stellarton. The casualties of that day are later listed on a memorial. Another memorial lists the 69 local soldiers killed during the four years of the First World War. [more]

24-01-2009 Le Journal de Montréal declares a lockout in an attempt to “gigify” the workers' collective agreement. The dispute lasts for 764 days. [more]

24-01-1979 The first bank strike in Canadian history begins when workers picket branches of La Banque d'épargne de la cité et du district de Montréal. [more]

25-01-1988 Members of the United Nurses of Alberta defy a ban on strike action and begin a province-wide strike against cutbacks in health care. They win their case, and a better contract follows two years later. [more]

26-01-1981 An illegal strike by 16,000 Ontario hospital workers, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, begins. CUPE President Grace Hartman later goes to jail for supporting her members. [more]

26-01-1983 Instructors at Quebec CEGEPs walk out, beginning a Common Front strike against rollbacks in collective agreements introduced by the Parti Québécois. Primary and high school teachers and other public sector workers join the protest. [more]

27-01-1872 A public meeting at the Mechanics' Institute in Hamilton, Ontario adopts resolutions to reduce the normal six-day working week from 60 to 54 hours. When the Nine Hour League is announced, support grows in a dozen centres, from Sarnia to Montréal. [more]

29-01-1980 Jean-Claude Parrot, president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, is sent to prison for defying a back-to-work law. [more]

29-01-1946 Supreme Court Justice Ivan C. Rand releases his report on the Ford strike and imposes the Rand Formula to promote union security. [more]

31-01-1907 More than 400 women telephone operators in Toronto walk out when Bell Telephone attempts to introduce longer hours and lower pay. [more]