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ACTRA Launches Boycott of Union Busting Brands


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ACTRA Launches Boycott of Union Busting Brands [ACTRA] 2023-03-25

British Columbia Business Group Says Gig Workers Shouldn’t Get Employee Rights [The Tyee] 2023-03-24

Quebec Fighting systemic racism in Montreal – a long path lies ahead [CUPE] 2023-03-24

Nunavut Iqaluit Housing Authority brings in replacement workers during strike [CBC] 2023-03-23

Like Biden, Trudeau should put good union jobs on the agenda [CLC] 2023-03-23

CFL players’ unions fighting for workers’ compensation coverage for pro athletes [OHS Canada] 2023-03-21

British Columbia South Asian Farmworkers Rising [Our Times] 2023-03-21

Unifor reaches tentative agreement with CN Rail [Unifor] 2023-03-20

Ontario Union momentum heats up in Canada’s auto parts sector [Unifor] 2023-03-20

Government finds that Canadian Human Rights Commission discriminated against workers [Times Colonist] 2023-03-18


Today's labour news

Newfoundland and Labrador Global People Power: Building Worker Solidarity in a Global Economy 2023-03-28 [CUPE]

Ontario TVO management gets double-digit pay increases while asking unionized employees to take another pay cut 2023-03-28 [CWA Canada]

Canada Israeli embassy in Canada joins strike against Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul 2023-03-28 [RDN]

Ontario Gesco, Unifor agreement includes retirement, paid leave gains 2023-03-28 [Benefits Canada]

British Columbia Union says spring break cancellations show BC Ferries still behind on hiring 2023-03-28 [Global]

Disruptions during a public service strike could have political impact on federal government, experts say 2023-03-28 [Saltwire]

Ontario Carleton University teaching assistants, contract instructors on strike 2023-03-28 [CBC]

Alberta workers have lowest union coverage in Canada 2023-03-28 [Alberta Worker]

Unions call for federal government to settle Black Class Action lawsuit 2023-03-28 [PSAC]

British Columbia Community benefits plan is doing what it is meant to 2023-03-27 [Times Colonist]

Ontario Ford’s budget risks cutting 7,000 education workers across Ontario 2023-03-27 [CUPE]

Saskatchewan CUPE condemns underfunding of public education – Sask budget breakdown shows most school divisions will face funding shortfalls 2023-03-27 [CUPE]

Ontario Labour education: film, fair and organizing 2023-03-27 [rabble]

Workers of colour issue challenge to labour movement: we should listen 2023-03-27 [rabble]

Alberta CBI Home Health members need improvements to pay & working conditions 2023-03-27 [AUPE]

Ontario More bargaining dates set for April in Windsor Salt dispute 2023-03-27 [Unifor]

Ontario Proposed Bill 60 a dangerous path for Ontario to take 2023-03-27 [Unifor]

Quebec Municipal public service workers in Victoriaville cancel their strike 2023-03-27 [CUPE]

New Brunswick Stand with UNB food service workers 2023-03-27 [CUPE]

Ontario Picket Lines to Go up in the Morning as Carleton University Fails to Address Concerns of Academic Workers 2023-03-27 [CUPE]

Job security during transition to low-carbon economy among top concerns in environment-heavy February for lobbying 2023-03-27 [The Hill Times]

Actors’ union calls on consumers to boycott ‘union busting brands’ as dispute drags on 2023-03-27 [The Globe and Mail]

Quebec Concordia University: PSAC-Quebec denounces CSN dishonesty 2023-03-27 [PSAC]

Actors’ union calls on consumers to boycott ‘union busting brands’ as dispute drags on 2023-03-27 [Globe & Mail]

British Columbia Empress hotel workers vote overwhelmingly in support of job action 2023-03-26 [Global]

Ontario Education workers threaten Monday strike at Carleton University 2023-03-26 [CTV]

Nova Scotia ‘One of the most dangerous jobs’: Former education worker on violence in N.S. schools 2023-03-26 [Global]

Manitoba Red River College Polytech, Assiniboine Community College staff vote in favour of strike 2023-03-26 [CBC]

Manitoba Manitoba to raise minimum wage twice in 2023, labour minister says 2023-03-25 [Global]

Industry Snapshot: Canadian lamb sector punches above its weight 2023-03-25 [UFCW Canada]

Prince Edward Island UFCW Canada EPC stands in solidarity with striking UPEI faculty 2023-03-25 [UFCW Canada]

Ontario Budget means more cuts to public education 2023-03-25 [ETFO]

Quebec Neptune Security Owes Over $300,000 in Unpaid Wages to Workers at Laval Immigration Holding Centre 2023-03-25 [Teamsters]

Ontario Budget A Disappointment For Healthcare Workers And Patients 2023-03-25 [SEIU]

Saskatchewan Nothing New for Nurses in a Time of Crisis 2023-03-25 [SUN]

Nunavut Iqaluit Housing Authority must stop using scab labour and negotiate in good faith 2023-03-25 [PSAC]

Ontario Nominations for PWC Bread and Roses Award & Regional Recognition Awards 2023-03-25 [OPSEU]

Ontario More staff needed in Thunder Bay correctional institutions: Local Presidents 2023-03-25 [OPSEU]

Ontario Ford’s Conservatives Continue to Prioritize Private Profits Over Public Services 2023-03-25 [OPSEU]

Ontario LockTalk #12: Post Bill 124 – What’s next? 2023-03-25 [OPSEU]

Ontario Strike alert: Solidarity with L. 273 ONE Fertility healthcare workers 2023-03-25 [OPSEU]

Ontario Collingwood Hospital Registered Nurses Call for an Independent Review of Patient Safety 2023-03-25 [ONA]

Ontario Budget Bolsters Private, For-Profit Health Care at the Expense of Ontarians’ Wallets – and Health, Say Nurses 2023-03-25 [ONA]

Ontario Back Pay Awarded to Nursing Home Workers in Bill 124 Reopener 2023-03-25 [ONA]

NUPGE fighting against “period poverty” in Canada 2023-03-25 [NUPGE]

Saskatchewan Closing public liquor stores will cost everyone in Saskatchewan 2023-03-25 [NUPGE]

Quebec March 31 – more than just a symbolic date 2023-03-25 [FIQ]

  JOB   Science Field/At-Sea Technicians 2023-03-25 [FFAW-Unifor]

2023 Pride Festivities Across Canada 2023-03-25 [CLC]

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This month in labour history

2-03-1986 Workers in Newfoundland and Labrador's Transport and Public Works departments begin an illegal strike in response to a law that requires public sector unions to designate 49 per cent of their members as essential before taking strike action. [more]

3-03-1937 Polish and Italian migrant workers start a sit-down strike at the Holmes Foundry in Sarnia, Ontario. A mob of 300 "Canadian-born" men evict them and also attack their homes. Fifty workers are injured. [more]

4-03-1910 An avalanche in the Rogers Pass, British Columbia, takes the lives of workers clearing snow from Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. A total of 62 bodies are recovered, including four the following spring. The dead include 32 contract labourers from Japan. [more]

6-03-1925 Nova Scotia coal miners shut down the mines after the British Empire Steel Corporation refuses to continue contract negotiations and cuts off credit at company stores. It is the beginning of an historic five-month strike. [more]

7-03-1978 Women workers begin a 23-week strike for a first contract at a small auto parts plant in Centralia, Ontario. The Fleck workers' militancy wins wide support and shows the need for reforms in labour law. [more]

8-03-1980 In Hamilton, Ontario, an International Women's Day rally features the Women Back Into Stelco campaign. A human rights complaint by five women forces a major steel company to change their hiring practices. [more]

9-03-1906 Mineworkers in the Lethbridge, Alberta district go on strike against poverty wages and are met by scabs, police and private detectives. They win a small wage increase with the help of a mediator, but the company refuses to recognize the union. [more]

10-03-1957 Copper miners at Murdochville, Quebec launch a strike for union recognition. The unsuccessful struggle lasts seven months and the courts award Noranda Mines $1.5 million in damages, to be paid by the United Steelworkers. [more]

10-03-1925 The Hamilton Tigers, who finished first in the regular season, strike for an increase of $200 per game. On the 15th the team was suspended from further play for the Stanley Cup. [more]

12-03-2012 Union organizer and feminist Madeleine Parent, born in Montreal in 1918, dies at age 93 after a lifetime of service to the organization of workers and the cause of social justice. [more]

13-03-1919 In Calgary, Alberta, the Western Canadian Labour Conference calls for sweeping political and economic changes, including abolition of production for profit and the organization of workers on industrial lines. They adopt the name One Big Union. [more]

17-03-1960 Five Italian immigrant workers die in an underground tunnel at a watermain construction project in suburban Toronto. The Hoggs Hollow Disaster draws public attention to the unsafe conditions in construction and the exploitation of immigrant workers. [more]

25-03-2006 An accounting instructor dies from injuries received on the picket line at Centennial College in Toronto during a province-wide strike. John Stammers, 62, was a member of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. [more]

27-03-1912 Thousands of workers start to walk out of railway construction camps on the Fraser River in British Columbia in a strike led by the Industrial Workers of the World. When Joe Hill visits, he writes a song for the Wobbly song book. [more]

31-03-2004 Bill C-45 comes into force, amending the Criminal Code to impose penalties on corporations and managers for violations causing workplace injuries or death. It is named the Westray Bill after the 1992 mine disaster. [more]

31-03-1949 The Canadian Seamen's Union launches a strike to defend union contracts. Shipping companies and Canadian authorities collaborate with the Seafarers' International Union to drive out the CSU. [more]