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Today's news - Ontario

'It's slavery in the modern world': Foreign workers say they were hungry, abused at Toronto temple 2018-01-17 [CBC]

Protesters at Oakville HQ seek fairness for Tim Hortons workers 2018-01-17 [Inside]

Toronto locations for the Tim Horton's Day of Action 2018-01-16 [TYRDLC]

We March Again for Women's Rights 2018-01-16 [OPSEU]

OFL demands action on behalf of minimum wage workers from CEO of Tim Hortons’ parent company 2018-01-16 [OFL]

Labour council president believes new minimum wage makes unionizing workers easier 2018-01-16 [My North Bay]

Unionized UofT Timmy's workers unaffacted by cuts 2018-01-16 [The Varsity]

Union protests Shaw’s closing of Freedom Mobile’s Windsor call centre 2018-01-16 [The Globe and Mail]

Union Protests Shaw's Plan to Close Freedom Mobile Call Centre in Windsor 2018-01-16 [USW]

Newcomer Women’s Services a newcomer to OPSEU 2018-01-16 [NUPGE]

USW says closure of Freedom Mobile's call centre in Windsor impacts 130 jobs 2018-01-16 [CBC]

Winter roads ‘less safe’ since privatization: auditor 2018-01-16 [The Star]

USW protests closure of Freedom Mobile's Windsor, Ont., call centre 2018-01-16 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Alberta, Seattle offer lessons for Ontario on 'Fight for $15' minimum wage 2018-01-15 [CBC]

Servers say restaurant customers are tipping less 2018-01-15 [The Sun]

Conestoga part-time staff unionized, want job security and better benefits 2018-01-15 [CBC]

Tim Horton’s rolls up the grim! 2018-01-14 [IAMAW]

The retaliation must stop against low-wage workers 2018-01-14 [Rank and File]

Bad boss, no donut: Workers strike back 2018-01-14 [Rank and File]

Don’t buy into the boss backlash 2018-01-14 [Rank and File]

Workers are under attack: Where is the ONDP? 2018-01-14 [rabble]

Business lobby alarmist on Ontario minimum wage 2018-01-14 [rabble]

Altered Lives Project: Kim’s Story, UFCW 175 2018-01-14 [UFCW]

Essar Algoma salaried employees are fed up. Lisa Dale is using the 's' word 2018-01-14 [Soo Today]

Customs workers hold rally at Ambassador Bridge 2018-01-13 [CTV]

Border workers' union threatens 'slow downs' unless members get a new contract 2018-01-13 [CBC]

Tim Hortons franchisees should realize human resources must be managed, not manipulated 2018-01-13 [The Star]

Tim Hortons workers need a union 2018-01-12 [The Star]

Port Arthur Health Centre staff vote for strike action in Thunder Bay 2018-01-12 [CBC]

Protest at Cobourg Tim Hortons 2018-01-12 [QNet]

Local backlash against Tim Hortons continues after benefit cuts 2018-01-12 [The Citizen]

What a Day of Protesting Against Tim Hortons Looks Like 2018-01-12 [VICE]

Conciliator will assist negotiations at Ontario’s HopeGreyBruce facility 2018-01-12 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Union launches #6minchallenge to highlight how little prep time workers have with elderly 2018-01-11 [LTC News]

20,000 part-time college workers vote to unionize 2018-01-11 [CTV]

Victory for precarious workers: Thousands of college part-time support staff join OPSEU after mammoth organizing drive 2018-01-11 [OPSEU]

Unions herald crucial victory for part-time college workers in Ontario 2018-01-11 [CLC]

Anger brews in Cobourg over Tim Hortons' response to Ontario minimum wage 2018-01-11 [The Globe and Mail]

Expert: Labour groups protest Tim Hortons’ response to Ontario minimum wage 2018-01-11 [McGill]

Tim Hortons faces protests over employee benefit cuts 2018-01-11 [CBC]

Tim Hortons workers in Dundas lose paid breaks, Timbits after minimum wage hike 2018-01-11 [CBC]

London labour activists want Tims to swallow its pride and pay up 2018-01-11 [CBC]

Cobourg Tim Hortons rally fills parking lot 2018-01-11 [The News]

Timmie's regulars rise up 2018-01-11 [Castanet]

As franchise fight escalates, Tim Hortons brand getting 'dragged through the mud' 2018-01-11 [The Financial Post]

Demonstrators picket Tim Hortons after cuts to employee benefits 2018-01-11 [CBC]

'Hold the sugar, hold the cream, Tim Hortons don't be mean,' protesters chant 2018-01-11 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Labour leaders hold rally at Windsor Tim Hortons in support of workers 2018-01-10 [CBC]

Protests held at Tim Hortons over cuts to paid breaks, benefits 2018-01-10 [CITY]

“Day of Action” takes place at Windsor Tim Hortons 2018-01-10 [CTV]

This month in labour history

1-01-1952 Old Age Security, the country's first universal pension plan, comes into effect for Canadians at 70 years of age. The Canada Pension Plan, based on employment contributions, follows in 1966. [more]

6-01-1882 The Toronto Trades and Labour Council endorses the principle of equal pay for equal work between men and women. [more]

9-01-1974 Workers at United Aircraft in Longueiul, Québec begin a bitter confrontation that lasts 20 months. One result is the anti-scab law introduced by the new Parti Québécois government in 1977. [more]

15-01-1889 Innkeeper Joe Beef of Montréal dies, a legendary friend to the outcast poor and labouring classes. More than 50 unions march in his funeral procession. [more]

19-01-1973 Annie Buller, a veteran Communist organizer, dies in Toronto at 78 years of age after a lifetime of activism in support of labour and political causes. [more]

20-01-1950 Barred windows and locked doors prevent workers from escaping a fire in a small basement garment factory in downtown Toronto. Of the eleven people in the shop, six die in the blaze, including the owner and his son, and three more in hospital. [more]

20-01-1914 Joseph Mairs, 21, a coal miner from Ladysmith, British Columbia, dies in prison after failing to receive adequate medical treatment. He is one of more than 200 strikers arrested in a long struggle for recognition of the United Mine Workers of America [more]

23-01-1918 In wartime Nova Scotia, 88 men are killed in an explosion in a coal mine at Stellarton. The casualties of that day are later listed on a memorial. Another memorial lists the 69 local soldiers killed during the four years of the First World War. [more]

25-01-1988 Members of the United Nurses of Alberta defy a ban on strike action and begin a province-wide strike against cutbacks in health care. They win their case, and a better contract follows two years later. [more]

26-01-1981 An illegal strike by 16,000 Ontario hospital workers, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, begins. CUPE President Grace Hartman later goes to jail for supporting her members. [more]

27-01-1872 A public meeting at the Mechanics' Institute in Hamilton, Ontario adopts resolutions to reduce the normal six-day working week from 60 to 54 hours. When a Nine Hour League is announced, support grows in a dozen centres, from Sarnia to Montreal. [more]

29-01-1946 Supreme Court Justice Ivan C. Rand releases his report on the Ford strike and imposes the Rand Formula to promote union security. [more]

31-01-1907 More than 400 women telephone operators in Toronto walk out when Bell Telephone attempts to introduce longer hours and lower pay. [more]