Ontario Fighting back against contract flipping at Pearson Airport

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Alberta No new RN hires in Red Deer mean staffing crisis is likely to continue 2018-07-21 [UNA]

Ontario Altered Lives Project: Debbie’s story 2018-07-21 [UFCW]

Ontario Workers at Dr. Oetker join the union 2018-07-21 [UFCW]

Minimum Wage Earner Demographics Are Changing 2018-07-21 [Teamsters]

IRB review proposals will not improve asylum claims process 2018-07-21 [PSAC]

Ontario OPSEU opposes government’s termination of Colleges Task Force 2018-07-21 [OPSEU]

Ontario Thomas to Attorney General: Don't download serious prosecutions 2018-07-21 [OPSEU]

Ontario Windsor-Essex Registered Nurses Launch New Anti-Workplace Violence Ad This Week 2018-07-21 [ONA]

Ontario OFL questions Minister of Community Safety and Corrections Michael Tibollo’s credibility to head Ontario’s Anti-Racism Directorate after “bulletproof vest” response during Question Period 2018-07-21 [OFL]

Manitoba Paramedics recognized with stretch of road in Winnipeg 2018-07-21 [NUPGE]

British Columbia BC Liberal foot-dragging on whistle-blower protection aided casino money laundering 2018-07-21 [NUPGE]

Judge quashes politically motivated CRA audits 2018-07-21 [NUPGE]

Ontario OPSEU members are heroes combatting raging forest fires 2018-07-21 [NUPGE]

Nova Scotia 50 years strong with NSGEU 2018-07-21 [NSGEU]

Newfoundland and Labrador NLFL Meets With Independent Tax Review Committee to Talk Progressive Taxation, Jobs, Fairness and Sustainability 2018-07-21 [NLFL]

Quebec Order of 60 A220-300 Aircraft by Jet Blue good news 2018-07-21 [IAMAW]

Ontario The first steps on Ontario’s Road of Restraint! 2018-07-21 [IAMAW]

 VIDEO Ontario Fighting back against contract flipping at Pearson Airport 2018-07-21 [IAMAW]

Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW-Unifor Welcomes New Fisheries Minister 2018-07-21 [Unifor]

Fighting to Change the Culture of Bullying at Canada Post – Next Steps 2018-07-21 [CUPW]

British Columbia Government taking positive steps to modernize taxi industry 2018-07-21 [BCFed]

Reel Women Seen wins 2018 Best Director Award 2018-07-21 [ACTRA]

Ontario The Back to Class Act (York University): A Quick Summary 2018-07-21 [The Law of Work]

Ontario Statement on the Repeal of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum 2018-07-21 [OECTA]

Ontario UFCW stands with CUPE in defence of civil liberties 2018-07-21 [UFCW]

Alberta “Strengthening Connections” at Sofina Foods in Calgary 2018-07-21 [UFCW]

British Columbia Talks to continue between Mount Polley and United Steelworkers 2018-07-21 [My Prince George]

 VIDEO Nova Scotia Strike looming among Nova Scotia’s restorative justice workers 2018-07-21 [Global]

British Columbia Mediation resumes in casino strike 2018-07-21 [CFJC]

British Columbia Solidarity picket for striking workers in casino strike 2018-07-21 [The Observer]

British Columbia Mount Polley Mine ordered to pay wages to employees it laid off without proper notice 2018-07-21 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Strike looms as N.S. credit union proposes DB pension closure 2018-07-21 [Benefits Canada]

Manitoba Court rejects demand from unions for injunction against wage freeze 2018-07-21 [CBC]

Teamsters members at CP Rail ratify new contract 2018-07-21 [CBC]

Ontario Technical and stage workers locked out at Toronto's Exhibition Place 2018-07-21 [CTV]

Ontario Less than a month before CNE, Exhibition Place locks out technical staff 2018-07-21 [CBC]

Ontario Picket lines expected at Exhibition Place after board locks out workers ahead of CNE 2018-07-20 [The Star]

British Columbia Agreement allows Coquitlam care home workers to keep their jobs 2018-07-20 [The Tri-City News]

British Columbia 150 Coquitlam care workers negotiate jobs back after layoff 2018-07-20 [The Star]

Ontario Striking workers reach tentative agreement with City of Cornwall 2018-07-20 [The Standard]

British Columbia 98% Strike Vote by Steelworkers at Shaw Cable 2018-07-20 [USW]

Manitoba The union representing Winnipeg Transit drivers says security hasn't improved since one of their drivers was killed in 2017 2018-07-20 [CBC]

Ontario Patient safety at risk with privatized clinic model  ActNOW!  2018-07-20 [Unifor]

Alberta Edmonton Remand Centre workers refuse to search for drugs 2018-07-20 [CBC]

Yukon 'Clean out' Yukon's social services department, says union head 2018-07-20 [CBC]

 VIDEO  Retaliate against U.S. ‘where it hurts them most’: Unifor 2018-07-20 [Bloomberg]

Nova Scotia Strike looms as Credit Union cuts defined benefit pension 2018-07-20 [Unifor]

 VIDEO Ontario The Battle of Goderich 2018-07-20 [Rank and File]

Ontario Taking on the Ford agenda 2018-07-20 [Rank and File]

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This month in labour history

1-07-1935 In Regina, Saskatchewan, a rally in support of the On-to-Ottawa Trek of unemployed workers is attacked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Two men are killed and 100 injured. The Dominion Day riot contributes to the defeat of Prime Minister R.B. Bennett. [more]

1-07-1923 Provincial police charge crowds at the steel plant in Sydney, Nova Scotia, where workers are on strike for union recognition. In the 1930s, memories of Bloody Sunday help lead to union recognition. [more]

3-07-1979 Longshoremen in Saint John, New Brunswick refuse to load heavy water for the military dictatorship in Argentina. The celebrated No Candu/Hot Cargo protest brings attention to the abuse of human rights and secures the release of several political prisoners. [more]

7-07-1983 British Columbia introduces 26 bills to cut public services and limit union rights. Operation Solidarity launches a province-wide mobilization, supported by a wider Solidarity Coalition. This takes the province to the verge of a general strike. [more]

8-07-1900 First Nations, European and Japanese Canadian fishers on the Fraser River win a strike for a standard seasonal rate for their catch. It is the start of unionism in the British Columbia fishery, but a year later ethnic divisions lead to defeat. [more]

9-07-1793 Black petitioners and abolitionist allies succeed in gaining a law to limit slavery in Upper Canada. The importation of additional slaves is prohibited, and the children of slaves are to be freed at 25 years of age. [more]

11-07-1962 The road to universal health care reaches a turning point when Saskatchewan doctors fail to win public support for their strike against the implementation of medicare. Saskatchewan goes on to set the model for the rest of the country. [more]

14-07-1918 Birth of Grace Hartman, who became the first woman to lead a national union in North America when she was elected President of CUPE in 1975. [more]

14-07-1946 In Hamilton, Ontario, steelworkers take on the country's biggest steel producer in a crucial strike for union recognition. With strong community support, the steelworkers hold the line for almost three months to win an historic victory. [more]

15-07-1946 Steelworkers Local 1005 members walked off the job at Stelco, pressing for higher wages, a 40-hour work week and regular dues deduction. The bitter strike lasted for 81 days. [more]

23-07-1965 Postal workers across the country begin a wildcat strike that leads to full union recognition and collective bargaining rights in the postal service. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers soon emerges as one of the most militant public sector unions. [more]

24-07-1941 Thousands of workers in Arvida, Québec go on an illegal wartime strike and occupy the Alcan aluminium plant. The federal government claims enemy sabotage and sends troops. Work resumes while a settlement is negotiated. [more]

25-07-1917 An early morning explosion at No. 12 colliery in New Waterford, Nova Scotia kills 65 men and boys in the worst single disaster in the Cape Breton coal mines. A grand jury later approves criminal charges against officials, but there are no convictions. [more]

27-07-1918 Ginger Goodwin, a union organizer and socialist, is shot and killed by a special constable in the woods near Cumberland, British Columbia. In Vancouver his shooting leads to the province's first one-day general strike. [more]

28-07-1932 Three young boys die in an abandoned coal mine in Minto, New Brunswick. Two of the coal miners who come to their rescue also perish. The tragic event leads to the province's first mine safety legislation. [more]

31-07-1961 The founding convention of the New Party, soon to be the New Democratic Party, opens in Ottawa. Strongly supported by the Canadian Labour Congress, it replaces the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas is chosen as leader. [more]