Saskatchewan Saskatoon transit workers launch legal action over lockout

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Saskatchewan Saskatoon transit lockout prompts traffic jams 2014-09-23 [The Star-Phoenix]

British Columbia Transit office workers at Victoria HQ vote to strike 2014-09-23 [The Times-Colonist]

Ontario Industrial accident victim remembered as strong, kind 2014-09-23 [The Star]

British Columbia IKEA strike: Vince Ready called in to settle 17-month-old dispute 2014-09-23 [CBC]

Saskatchewan CUPE says City of Saskatoon pension in surplus 2014-09-23 [CBC]

Harper government backs anti-union bill 2014-09-23 [Metro]

Ontario CTV London reporter wins 2014 labour journalism award 2014-09-23 [Unifor]

Saskatchewan Saskatoon transit workers launch legal action over lockout 2014-09-23 [CBC]

Crown continues union busting in Turkey and Canada 2014-09-23 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Tories revive union bill that provoked Senate rebellion, move to limit debate 2014-09-22 [CBC]

British Columbia Credit union offers strike relief to members affected by the teachers strike 2014-09-22 [The Standard]

Saskatchewan City of Saskatoon, union 'farther apart than ever'; transit workers locked out 2014-09-22 [The Star-Phoenix]

Quebec Turkish sailors stuck in Sorel-Tracy finally heading home 2014-09-22 [CBC]

It's Big, It's Organized by Steelworkers and It's Coming to Sault Ste. Marie Next Year 2014-09-22 [USW]

Ontario Living on the minimum wage 2014-09-22 [The Varsity]

Saskatchewan Transit workers picket City Hall as lockout starts 2014-09-22 [CJME]

Tories move to limit debate in Senate as controversial union bill heads back to upper chamber 2014-09-22 [The National Post]

British Columbia Ikea, union turn to top mediator Vince Ready in bid to end 16-month dispute 2014-09-22 [The Province]

Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's Workers Ratify New Contract 2014-09-22 [VOCM]

Ontario UA Local 46 Sister becomes officer of Ontario College of Trades 2014-09-22 [UA]

Alberta ATA calls on minister to address Student Learning Assessment concerns 2014-09-22 [ATA]

Teachers Teaching Teachers 2014-09-21 [LeftStreamed]

Alberta UNA donates $5000 to fight Ebola outbreak in West Africa 2014-09-21 [UNA]

Alberta UNA President Heather Smith hails decision of Prentice government to drop Bills 9 and 10 2014-09-21 [UNA]

Conference: Coastal fisheries and communities in the North Atlantic 2014-09-21 [FFAW-Unifor]

ACTRA calls for Canadian content to be the centerpiece of the broadcasting system 2014-09-21 [ACTRA]

Union and allies gain EI victory for migrant workers 2014-09-21 [UFCW]

Saskatchewan UFCW 1400 members stand strong at Richardson Milling stoppage 2014-09-21 [UFCW]

UFCW Canada calls on Harper to prevent another tragedy in Bangladesh 2014-09-21 [UFCW]

Ontario Quinte Humane Society workers join the union 2014-09-21 [UFCW]

New Brunswick Gleaner reporter claims golden New Journalist Award 2014-09-21 [CWA]

PSAC supports raising the federal minimum wage 2014-09-21 [PSAC]

Quebec UFCW Canada battles Quebec legislation that strips rights of agricultural workers 2014-09-21 [NUPGE]

Quebec Montreal Hit by Massive Worker Protests 2014-09-21 [teleSur]

Newfoundland and Labrador Workers ratify deal with City of St. John’s 2014-09-21 [The Telegram]

Saskatchewan Negotiations between City of Saskatoon, union fail; transit workers locked out 2014-09-21 [The Star-Phoenix]

Quebec Montreal police ordered to issue tickets 'as usual' 2014-09-21 [CBC]

Quebec Tens of thousands of Quebec workers protest pension reforms 2014-09-21 []

Quebec Union protest against pension reforms draws large crowd in Montreal 2014-09-21 [CTV]

Ontario Rally for Postal Services in Toronto Draws Crowds 2014-09-21 [Digital Journal]

British Columbia The secret meeting that broke the B.C. teachers’ impasse 2014-09-21 [The Globe and Mail]

Quebec Pension protest brings out thousands in Montreal 2014-09-21 [CBC]

Woot! Still another Teamster organizing victory! 2014-09-21 [Teamsters]

Over 50 organizations call on Canadian government to support survivors of Rana Plaza tragedy 2014-09-20 [CLC]

CMG calls for a Public Service Media Fund at the CRTC hearing 2014-09-20 [CMG]

Ontario Worker killed in industrial accident in west Windsor 2014-09-20 [The Star]

Alberta Michener Centre Will Not Close, Says Prentice 2014-09-20 [Huffington Post]

Saskatchewan Talks break down between city, Saskatoon Transit workers 2014-09-20 [Global]

Alberta Public workers take positive but cautious approach with new minister 2014-09-20 [The News]

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This month in labour history

8-09-1987 The Save Our Suds Campaign shut down all Ontario breweries for the day. Panic ensued. [more]

8-09-1886 Alberta's first union is chartered: the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Saskatchewan Division No. 322. It was formed in Medicine Hat. [more]

11-09-2012 Ontario's Liberal government passes Bill 115. The law strips education workers' collective agreements. [more]

12-09-1945 A 99 day strike by Ford workers begins. The strike will win, among other things, the Rand Formula for Canadian unions. [more]

12-09-1891 The Knight of Labour strike Ottawa-Hull area lumber mills after wages are cut. The strikers win a partial victory in October. [more]

14-09-1989 Striking Dartmouth NS police are replaced by the RCMP. [more]

15-09-1933 The Stratford general strike begins in a furniture factory and spreads across the city. The army is called out with tanks. [more]

15-09-1978 The 9-month long Inco strike starts in Sudbury. [more]

16-09-1912 Vancouver Island coal miners strike. The companies respond by importing miners from Europe. This is the 1st of many violent coal strikes. [more]

16-09-1913 Canada's second provincial labour body, the New Brunswick Federation of Labour, is founded. [more]

19-09-2008 The historic Sudbury Steelworkers Hall is destroyed in a fire. [more]

22-09-1946 6,000 Dominion Textile strikers march through Valleyfield Quebec, protesting the arrest of organizer Madeline Parent. [more]

24-09-1963 The Canadian Union of Public Employees, now Canada`s largest union, is founded in Winnipeg. [more]

24-09-1963 In Winnipeg, NUPE and NUPSE merge to form the Canadian Union of Public Employees. [more]

25-09-1995 Canadian unions supporting the Liverpool Dockers Solidarity Campaign organize national actions using the internet. This believed to be the first time the net was used to organize a national action. [more]

29-09-1931 Estevan Coal Miners’ strike begins. 3 miners are shot dead and 12 wounded. The strike is won in October with a wage incraease and shorter work day. [more]

29-09-1931 The Black Tuesday Riot took place in Estevan SK on this date when police killed three striking miners. [more]