British Columbia Statement on Recommendations of Coroner's Inquest into Lakeland Sawmill Explosion

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Quebec Rio Tinto unit says injured Quebec worker dies, output halts 2015-05-21 [Reuters]

Ontario Shaking Off the Part-Time Blues: Fighting for the Rights of Ontario College Workers 2015-05-18 [The Bullet]

Union Beer Drinkers to Make 'Bottles Not Cans' Pledge on Long Weekend  ActNOW!  2015-05-17 [USW]

British Columbia Prince George Mill Explosion Inquest Calls for Review of Law on Criminal Negligence 2015-05-15 [USW]

British Columbia Statement on Recommendations of Coroner's Inquest into Lakeland Sawmill Explosion 2015-05-15 [USW]

Ariva workers win wage increases 2015-05-15 [Unifor]

S.A.M.E. opens Newcomer Youth Conference in Toronto 2015-05-15 [UFCW]

Canadian nurses put patients first this election 2015-05-15 [ONA]

Ontario Bancroft Registered Nurses Say RN Cuts Will Hurt Patient Care 2015-05-15 [ONA]

British Columbia Nurses' Union puts workers and patients at risk, Labour Board rules 2015-05-15 [NUPGE]

Nova Scotia Nova Scotians pressure government to prevent privatization of home care 2015-05-15 [NUPGE]

Ontario Home Care Roadmap has potential, but beware of some dangerous pitfalls: Ontario Health Coalition 2015-05-15 [NUPGE]

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour Submission to the Poverty Reduction Strategy 2015-05-15 [NLFL]

Tell the Feds to Help Save Air Transport Jobs!  ActNOW!  2015-05-15 [IAMAW]

The CLC mourns lawyer and civil rights activist Alan Borovoy 2015-05-15 [CLC]

Zero Tolerance for Bullies 2015-05-15 [Canadian Union of Postal Workers]

PSAC convention: Getting ready to take on Harper 2015-05-15 [Rank and File]

Ontario For public education, class size matters 2015-05-15 [Rank and File]

Manitoba Winnipeg transit workers to City: Fix it, fund it, make it fair 2015-05-15 [Rank and File]

Seniors Vote mobilizes for change at the ballot box 2015-05-15 [rabble]

Histories of women in the labour movement 2015-05-15 [rabble]

Conditions in Canadian-owned factories the worst in Honduras 2015-05-15 [rabble]

Alberta NDP gets strong public services mandate from Albertan voters 2015-05-15 [rabble]

Build the Fight for $15 and Fairness 2015-05-15 [rabble]

Nova Scotia Large rally in support of Halifax Water workers at City Hall 2015-05-15 [The Media Co-op]

British Columbia Petition against privatizing 2015-05-15 [Castanet]

Ontario Staff, guests weren’t told about hotel’s mould issue 2015-05-15 [The Star]

Postal Workers Welcome NDP Vow to Restore Home Delivery 2015-05-15 [CUPW]

Saskatchewan Education support workers accept offer 2015-05-15 [This Week]

Manitoba Low pay causes Nelson House nurses to hit the picket line 2015-05-15 [The Citizen]

Ontario Talks between Garda, armoured car operators stalled 2015-05-15 [The Sun]

Ontario OSSTF get support from other teacher unions at protest 2015-05-15 [The Free Press]

Nova Scotia Halifax Water, employees spar over pension information 2015-05-15 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Ontario School bus strike notice 2015-05-15 [Unifor]

Unifor Running Anti-Stephen Harper Radio Ads In Swing Ridings 2015-05-15 [HuffPo]

Ontario Laborious hearings at Ontario Labour Relations Board 2015-05-15 [The Star]

Canada Post's 'super' mailboxes spur growing backlash 2015-05-15 [CBC]

Quebec Montreal and neighbours join Union's lawsuit against Canada Post 2015-05-15 [The Gazette]

Newfoundland and Labrador Postal workers hear about suspicious packages on news, says union 2015-05-15 [CBC]

CP Rail training more office workers to operate trains in case of strike 2015-05-15 [CBC]

New Brunswick RCMP faces Labour Code charges in Moncton Mountie shootings 2015-05-15 [CBC]

Crown campaign: “Stop a new era of union busting in Canada”  ActNOW!  2015-05-15 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Ontario Labour board expected to rule on legality of teachers’ strikes by Friday 2015-05-14 [The Guardian]

Nova Scotia Halifax Water poised for strike or lockout; both sides say they want talks to continue 2015-05-14 [Global]

Ontario Your empties can help save lives, so return them 2015-05-14 [Northern Life]

Northwest Territories Hay River Strike: 'We don't want members' work being done by scabs or replacement workers:' 2015-05-14 [CBC]

Alberta election shock: More evidence that ‘class and climate’ politics can win? For more info 2015-05-14 [Global Labour Institute Network]

Nova Scotia Halifax Water increases revenue while short-changing workers For more info 2015-05-14 [Halifax Media Coop]

Ontario Lowest health care funding increase ever? For more info 2015-05-13 [OCHU]

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This month in labour history

1-05-1906 Socialists in Montréal organize Canada's first May Day demonstration. The following year, their march is suppressed but ten thousand people assemble in the Champs de Mars before the crowd is dispersed by police. [more]

1-05-1986 Shirley Carr becomes the first woman president of the Canadian Labour Congress. A coal miner's daughter who became a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, she is also the first CLC president from a public sector union. [more]

2-05-1952 More than 1,000 retail employees, most of them women, begin a strike at Dupuis Frères, a major department store in Montréal. It takes three months, but support for the new militancy among Catholic unions helps the workers win a collective agreement. [more]

3-05-1887 British Columbia's worst mine disaster takes 150 lives after an explosion in a deep underground mine at Nanaimo. The casualties include 53 Chinese labourers, whose names were not recorded by the company. [more]

5-05-1972 Saskatchewan brings in an Occupational Health (and Safety) Act, considered the first of its kind in North America. It includes the right to information about workplace hazards and to participate in safety decisions and the right to refuse unsafe work. [more]

9-05-1992 An underground explosion takes the lives of 26 miners in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. A public inquiry into the Westray Disaster reports that workers were intimidated into ignoring safety hazards. [more]

9-05-1972 Leaders of the Quebec Common Front go to prison for defying back to work laws during the April general strike. More than 300,000 workers participate in work stoppages and occupations that bring the provincial government back to the bargaining table. [more]

14-05-1940 Death of Emma Goldman, the Lithuanian anarchist labour organiser, in Toronto. [more]

15-05-1919 A general strike called by the Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council brings out 30,000 workers in support of the unions in the building and metal trades. The city comes to a standstill for six weeks in one of the major labour struggles in Canadian history. [more]

15-05-1919 Winnipeg General Strike. [more]

18-05-1952 Paul Robeson, the American singer and political activist whose passport was revoked, performs for 40,000 people at the Peace Arch crossing between Washington State and British Columbia. The concert is sponsored by the Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers. [more]