Nova Scotia Halifax water workers’ picket lines now featuring chickens!

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Alberta Putting The Spotlight On Workplace Bullying 2015-07-05 [Teamsters]

Foreign Temp Worker Approvals Plummet 2015-07-05 [The Tyee]

Nova Scotia Halifax water workers’ picket lines now featuring chickens! 2015-07-05 [Rank and File]

Nova Scotia TD Centre janitors given the boot 2015-07-05 [The Media Co-op]

Unions fight back against union disclosure law 2015-07-05 [CBC]

Manitoba There won't be a more generous offer, Hudbay tells strike-affirming tradespeople 2015-07-05 [The Reminder]

Quebec Longer wait for ambulance due to lack of Urgences Santé workers: union 2015-07-05 [CJAD]

Ontario Loblaws strike postponed as workers vote on amended offer 2015-07-05 [CBC]

Ontario Operations at Pearson returning to normal following job action 2015-07-05 [CTV]

Newfoundland and Labrador Corner Brook firefighter union president suspended for comments 2015-07-05 [CBC]

We don't have to choose between jobs and climate action 2015-07-05 [rabble]

Labor dispute disrupts flights at Toronto airport 2015-07-04 [Reuters]

Ontario CUPE Ontario stands in solidarity against austerity with the people of Greece 2015-07-04 [CUPE]

New Brunswick TransAqua made the right decision 2015-07-04 [CUPE]

New Brunswick Horizon Health Network CEO must change his ‘ideology’ 2015-07-04 [CUPE]

Ontario Ombudsman’s investigation into Toronto Paramedic Services’ morale issues ‘a welcome development,’ says CUPE 416 2015-07-04 [CUPE]

Ban asbestos: Health Canada reversal makes Harper government’s position untenable 2015-07-04 [CUPE]

British Columbia Comox Valley municipal workers make the case for more protein at local food bank 2015-07-04 [CUP]

British Columbia College sector completes bargaining 2015-07-04 [CUPE]

British Columbia CUPE 411 builds on community relationships at car show 2015-07-04 [CUPE]

British Columbia White Rock airs private plans for garbage collection 2015-07-04 [CUPE]

Ontario Striker hit for a fourth time 2015-07-04 [The Reformer]

British Columbia Second week of Emterra strike with no end in site 2015-07-04 [Info Tel]

Ontario CUPE Local 101 and City of London Release Joint Statement on Media Blackout 2015-07-04 [CFPL]

Ontario London Talks Continue Under Media Blackout 2015-07-04 [Blackburn News]

Ontario Stranded passengers frustrated by escalating wildcat job action at Pearson airport 2015-07-04 [The Star]

Ontario Taxi union hints at strike during Pan Am Games 2015-07-04 [The Spectator]

Ontario Loblaw and union workers reach tentative deal 2015-07-04 [The Star]

Toronto Transit union says Vancouver referendum result 'a populist uprising against public private partnerships.' 2015-07-04 [ATU]

Ontario Armoured car crew was right to refuse unsafe work: ruling 2015-07-04 [Unifor]

Ontario Brinks ruling could affect Sudbury case, union says 2015-07-04 [The Star]

Nova Scotia Workers picket Halifax’s TD Centre 2015-07-04 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Ontario Loblaw workers to vote on new offer 2015-07-04 [Inside]

Ontario Days before deadline, Loblaw and union defer strike 2015-07-04 [The Star]

Nunavut Qulliq Energy workers union could serve strike notice next week 2015-07-04 [CBC]

Ontario Taxi industry takes Uber fight to city hall 2015-07-03 [The Star]

Ontario Taxi drivers threaten to strike over Uber in midst of Toronto Pan Am Games 2015-07-03 [The Globe and Mail]

Ontario Air Canada flights at Pearson airport cancelled amid fuel company dispute 2015-07-03 [CBC]

Saskatchewan U of S researchers looking to make a change in healthcare, end workplace harassment 2015-07-03 [The Journal]

Ontario A little bit of convenience for a whole lot of suffering: LCBO union 2015-07-03 [OPSEU]

Ontario Labour dispute resulting in flight delays and cancellations at Pearson  ActNOW!  2015-07-03 [CP24]

Ontario No deal after late night negotiations with inside workers 2015-07-03 [CTV]

Ontario No end in sight for local strike: 5 years and counting 2015-07-03 [The Observer]

Alberta Strike averted at Lethbridge Edith Cavell Care Centre 2015-07-03 [Global]

Ontario Grocery Workers' strike enters second day 2015-07-03 [CTV]

Quebec Uncertainty and Confusion for Health Care Workers on the West Island 2015-07-03 [SQEES]

Manitoba MGEU members at Special People in Kildonan East ratify new agreement 2015-07-03 [NUPGE]

Ontario Locked out Garda workers stage demonstration in front of a downtown TD Bank 2015-07-03 [Unifor]

Newfoundland and Labrador NAPE President concerned about privacy breach at Eastern Health 2015-07-03 [NUPGE]

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This month in labour history

1-07-1923 On Sunday evening Nova Scotia provincial police charge through crowds at the Sydney steel plant in Nova Scotia, where workers are on strike for union recognition. When the mineworkers go on a sympathetic strike, the miners' leaders are arrested. [more]

1-07-1935 In Regina, Saskatchewan a rally in support of the On-to-Ottawa Trek of unemployed workers is attacked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Two men are killed and 100 injured in the police riot that contributes to the defeat of Prime Minister R.B. Bennett. [more]

3-07-1979 Longshoremen in Saint John, New Brunswick refuse to load a shipment of heavy water for use by the military dictatorship in Argentina. The Hot Cargo protest draws attention to the abuse of human rights and secures the release of several political prisoners. [more]

7-07-1983 British Columbia introduces 26 bills to cut public services and limit union rights. Operation Solidarity launches a province-wide mobilization, supported by a wider Solidarity Coalition, that takes the province to the verge of a general strike. [more]

9-07-1793 Black petitioners and abolitionist allies succeed in gaining a law to limit slavery in Upper Canada. The importation of additional slaves is prohibited, and the children of slaves are to be freed at 25 years of age. [more]

11-07-1962 The road to universal health care reaches a turning point when Saskatchewan doctors fail to win public support for their strike against the implementation of medicare. Saskatchewan goes on to set the model for the rest of the country. [more]

15-07-1946 In Hamilton, Ontario, steelworkers take on the country's biggest steel producer in a crucial strike for union recognition. With strong community support, the steelworkers hold the line for almost three months to win an historic victory. [more]

23-07-1965 Postal workers across the country begin a wildcat strike that leads to full union recognition and collective bargaining rights in the postal service. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers soon emerges as one of the most militant public sector unions. [more]

24-07-1941 Thousands of workers in Arvida, Québec go on an illegal wartime strike and occupy the Alcan aluminium plant. The federal government claims enemy sabotage and sends troops. Work resumes while a settlement is negotiated. [more]

27-07-1918 Ginger Goodwin, a union organizer and socialist, is shot and killed by a special constable in the woods near Cumberland, British Columbia. In Vancouver his shooting leads to the province's first one-day general strike. [more]

28-07-1932 Three young boys die in an abandoned coal mine in Minto, New Brunswick. Two of the coal miners who come to their rescue also perish. The tragic event leads to the province's first mine safety legislation. [more]

31-07-1961 The founding convention of the New Party, soon to be the New Democratic Party, opens in Ottawa. Strongly supported by the Canadian Labour Congress, it replaces the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas is chosen as leader. [more]