British Columbia Nurses' Union support staff on strike following lockout

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British Columbia Nurses' Union support staff on strike following lockout 2016-07-23 [CBC]

Ontario Mississauga library workers' strike ends after tentative deal reached, all 18 city branches remain closed 2016-07-23 [Mississauga]

British Columbia Logging protest in Port Alberni focuses on sustainable forest practises 2016-07-23 [CHEK]

Ontario Retired Stelco workers demand return of health benefits 2016-07-23 [The Spectator]

Colombia Human Rights Assessment Sneaks Past Parliamentary Scrutiny 2016-07-23 [USW]

Newfoundland and Labrador CUPE Applauds Government Approach to Iris Kirby House 2016-07-23 [VOCM]

British Columbia Nurses' Union locks out employees over medical leave 2016-07-22 [CBC]

Nova Scotia I can’t see this injustice continue: An interview with Lynn Jones 2016-07-22 [Rank and File]

British Columbia The labour movement and the housing crisis: long-separated struggles 2016-07-22 [Rank and File]

British Columbia 'The typical brown paper envelope under the door': UBC's student society found guilty of unfair labour practices 2016-07-22 [rabble]

British Columbia Metro Vancouver bus drivers ratify deal with Coast Mountain Bus Company 2016-07-22 [CHML]

Ontario Tempers flare on library workers picket line 2016-07-22 [The Star]

Ontario Nurses to Meet Premier Wynne at Premiers' Conference 2016-07-22 [ONA]

Saskatchewan CUPE criticizes EA cutbacks 2016-07-22 [This Week]

British Columbia Province Denies Overcrowding, Gang Tensions To Blame For Youth Jail Riot 2016-07-22 [Huffington Post]

Ontario Unifor calls GM's Q2 profit 'overwhelming' 2016-07-22 [The Star]

Phoenix pay system to blame for twice breaching public servants' private data, says deputy minister 2016-07-22 [CBC]

Ontario City of Mississauga, library workers reach tentative deal to end strike 2016-07-22 [CBC]

Alberta Health workers to get spending account boost 2016-07-22 [Benefits Canada]

British Columbia Gulf Island Brewery becomes first unionized craft brewery in B.C. 2016-07-22 [CBC]

Canada Post and union continue contract talks and mail service 2016-07-22 [The Guardian]

Discriminatory underfunding of First Nations Policing needs to stop 2016-07-22 [PSAC]

Newfoundland and Labrador Harper Government Still Running Canada Post, says CUPW 2016-07-22 [VOCM]

Ontario USW files motion to return benefits to thousands of retirees 2016-07-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Ontario Home care services for 1500 inner city patients still in peril despite today’s funding announcement 2016-07-21 [CUPE]

Ontario CUPE ready and willing to resume bargaining, but library board chair ‘not able to assemble their team’ 2016-07-21 [CUPE]

British Columbia Scrap the audit, put the money in schools where it belongs 2016-07-21 [CUPE]

Manitoba MGEU members at Macdonald Youth Services to begin strike action 2016-07-21 [NUPGE]

Ontario Union backs workers’ fight 2016-07-21 [The Intelligencer]

Ontario Canada Post still needed, MP told 2016-07-21 [The Nugget]

1/3 of federal workers in North affected by pay 'glitch:' union leader 2016-07-21 [CBC]

Supreme Court ruling protects non-union workers from unjust dismissal 2016-07-21 [NUPGE]

Alberta Health-care support staff finally reach new deal with province 2016-07-21 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Manitoba MGEU health care members to hold pickets 2016-07-20 [NUPGE]

British Columbia More fish escaping North Coast fishermen in 2016 2016-07-20 [Northern View]

Quebec Mail carrier attacked by pit bulls in north Montreal suburb 2016-07-20 [OHS Canada]

Ontario New production to take priority in Canadian auto contract talks 2016-07-20 [The Financial Post]

Ontario Strike ends as CUPE 926 ratifies collective agreement with Wilfrid Laurier University 2016-07-20 [CUPE]

Manitoba CUPE celebrates Metis Back to Batoche Days 2016-07-20 [CUPE]

Manitoba Le SCFP célèbre le Retour à Batoche des Métis 2016-07-20 [SCFP]

Officials apologize as more than 80,000 civil servants have issue getting paid 2016-07-20 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

North America's Building Trades Unions and American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Tout Benefits of Energy Efficiency Programs and Career Training in Skilled Trades 2016-07-20 [NABTU]

Canada Post and CUPW back at the table 2016-07-19 [rabble]

'Groundbreaking' labour ruling highlights Canada's lack of progress for worker rights 2016-07-19 [rabble]

New Brunswick Government puts brakes on ending free parking for provincial workers 2016-07-19 [Global]

Ontario Staff at Muskoka Shores Nursing Home demand Wynne government act to protect residents 2016-07-19 [CUPE]

Yukon YEU members ratify new collective agreement 2016-07-19 [The Daily Star]

Ontario As Mississauga Library strike enters third week, CUPE 1989 says it's time to sit down and salvage summer programming 2016-07-19 [CUPE]

Ontario OPSSU rejects tentative agreement with OPSEU, votes in favour of strike action if necessary 2016-07-19 [The View]

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This month in labour history

1-07-1935 In Regina, Saskatchewan a rally in support of the On-to-Ottawa Trek of unemployed workers is attacked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Two men are killed and 100 injured in the police riot that contributes to the defeat of Prime Minister R.B. Bennett. [more]

1-07-1923 On Sunday evening Nova Scotia provincial police charge through crowds at the Sydney steel plant in Nova Scotia, where workers are on strike for union recognition. When the mineworkers go on a sympathetic strike, the miners' leaders are arrested. [more]

3-07-1979 Longshoremen in Saint John, New Brunswick refuse to load a shipment of heavy water for use by the military dictatorship in Argentina. The Hot Cargo protest draws attention to the abuse of human rights and secures the release of several political prisoners. [more]

7-07-1983 British Columbia introduces 26 bills to cut public services and limit union rights. Operation Solidarity launches a province-wide mobilization, supported by a wider Solidarity Coalition, that takes the province to the verge of a general strike. [more]

9-07-1793 Black petitioners and abolitionist allies succeed in gaining a law to limit slavery in Upper Canada. The importation of additional slaves is prohibited, and the children of slaves are to be freed at 25 years of age. [more]

11-07-1962 The road to universal health care reaches a turning point when Saskatchewan doctors fail to win public support for their strike against the implementation of medicare. Saskatchewan goes on to set the model for the rest of the country. [more]

14-07-1946 In Hamilton, Ontario steelworkers take on the country's biggest steel producer in a crucial strike for union recognition. With strong community support, the steelworkers hold the line for almost three months to win an historic victory. [more]

18-07-1968 24,000 posties begin a strike that lasts until 9 August. [more]

23-07-1965 Postal workers across the country begin a wildcat strike that leads to full union recognition and collective bargaining rights in the postal service. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers soon emerges as one of the most militant public sector unions. [more]

24-07-1941 Thousands of workers in Arvida, Québec go on an illegal wartime strike and occupy the Alcan aluminium plant. The federal government claims enemy sabotage and sends troops. Work resumes while a settlement is negotiated. [more]

27-07-1918 Ginger Goodwin, a union organizer and socialist, is shot and killed by a special constable in the woods near Cumberland, British Columbia. In Vancouver his shooting leads to the province's first one-day general strike. [more]

28-07-1932 Three young boys die in an abandoned coal mine in Minto, New Brunswick. Two of the coal miners who come to their rescue also perish. The tragic event leads to the province's first mine safety legislation. [more]

31-07-1961 The founding convention of the New Party, soon to be the New Democratic Party, opens in Ottawa. Strongly supported by the Canadian Labour Congress, it replaces the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas is chosen as leader. [more]