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Top news - Ontario

Essential but precarious: Toronto bike couriers fight for a union 2020-03-29 [Rank and File]

Hospitals Warn Healthcare Workers of Potential ‘Shortages’ in Face Masks And Protective Supplies 2020-03-29 [Press Progress]

Province Used Emergency Powers to Contract Out Unionized Hospital Jobs. Experts Say It Will Compromise Care. 2020-03-29 [Press Progress]

The Right to Refuse in a COVID-19 World 2020-03-29 [The Law of Work]

A Plain Language Chart Describing Worker Entitlements in Ontario During COVID19 2020-03-29 [The Law of Work]

Revised Ontario emergency powers may do more harm than good in long-term care 2020-03-29 [Unifor]

Union raises safety concerns for construction workers amid COVID-19 2020-03-29 [Global]

Calls for mayor to reverse decision on Transit Windsor suspension 2020-03-28 [CBC]

LCBO cashiers to get plexiglass barriers: OPSEU 2020-03-28 [CTV]

Canada Post employee in North Bay tests COVID-19 presumptive positive 2020-03-28 [The Star]

Transit Union Statement on City of Windsor Bus Closure 2020-03-28 [ATU Canada]

North Bay Canada Post building shut down due to COVID-19 scare 2020-03-28 [Bay Today]

CUPE blasts Stouffville for laying off 15 part-time library workers during temporary library closure 2020-03-27 [The Region]

'A scary situation': Ottawa's techs, backstage workers fear for the future 2020-03-27 [The Whig-Standard]

Crowding on Thunder Bay buses puts transit workers at risk, union president says 2020-03-27 [CBC]

Construction is an essential service, but some workers fear COVID-19 puts them at risk 2020-03-27 [CBC]

 VIDEO COVID-19: 'We’re all breathing on each other' says Toronto construction worker, slamming job site 2020-03-27 [The National Post]

Province spends billions but leaves most Ontarians behind: CUPE Ontario 2020-03-27 [CUPE]

COVID-19 infections among Ontario health care workers spike 2020-03-27 [CUPE]

OPSEU President lauds unprecedented political cooperation by Ontario's leaders 2020-03-26 [OPSEU]

Mapleton water, wastewater project draws fire from CUPE 2020-03-26 [The Advertiser]

On the job during COVID-19, Part 1: The grocery-store clerk 2020-03-26 [TVO]

Thunder Bay to lay off hundreds of staff: Union 2020-03-26 [CBC]

Production staff at WeedMD could be first in cannabis industry to unionize 2020-03-26 [The Free Press]

Union Shames OLG Casino Staff Layoffs Plans 2020-03-26 [Casino Reports]

Construction worker airs concerns about unsanitary conditions in speech at Toronto site 2020-03-26 [Global]

Order waiving contract protections for hospital staff is unnecessary, disrespectful and coercive 2020-03-25 [CUPE]

CUPE Ontario calls for immediate measures to support struggling workers 2020-03-25 [CUPE]

Shoreline Casino workers vote to join Unifor 2020-03-25 [Unifor]

Ford must re-invest $1 billion in health care to fight COVID-19 2020-03-25 [Unifor]

Catholic teachers’ contract deal provides $33M for special education 2020-03-25 [The Star]

Layoffs at OLG are shameful; privatization has handcuffed relief 2020-03-25 [OPSEU]

'Bored' riders crowd HSR buses union says, mayor pleads: stop 'joyriding' 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Thousands of northern Ontario miners, mill workers stay on the job despite COVID-19 2020-03-25 [CBC]

‘They're like firemen running into the fire with no equipment on,’ says president of healthcare worker union 2020-03-25 [CBC]

Employers sabotage worker access to EI benefits, Great Canadian Casino workers speak out 2020-03-25 [Unifor]

Thunder Bay inmates, union leaders question institution’s safety after lack of coronavirus information 2020-03-25 [The Globe and Mail]

TTC subway operator tests positive for COVID-19, union says 2020-03-25 [CBC]

 VIDEO Coronavirus: Ontario construction unions plead with government to shut them down 2020-03-25 [Global]

Behind the work refusal by Hamilton sanitation workers 2020-03-24 [Rank and File]

“We are dropping like flies,” says Ontario home care nurse 2020-03-24 [Rank and File]

Coronavirus: Waste collection workers in Hamilton demand better COVID-19 protection 2020-03-24 [Global]

Carpenters' Union Calls for Action NOW! 2020-03-24 [UBCJA]

Nurses in Guelph hospital say they're being denied protective N95 masks 2020-03-23 [CBC]

Hospitals get new emergency powers 2020-03-23 [The Star]

Guards union says prison needle exchange expansion on hold amid coronavirus crisis 2020-03-23 [The Globe and Mail]

Unifor watching closely as Ontario hospitals given emergency powers 2020-03-23 [Unifor]

Province gives hospitals sweeping temporary powers over staffing amid COVID-19 2020-03-23 [CBC]

ETFO reaches tentative agreements at central bargaining tables 2020-03-22 [ETFO]

Watered-down Guideline Allows Employers to Force Nurses Back to Work 2020-03-22 [ONA]

This month in labour history

1-03-1903 More than 2,000 longshoremen went on strike for 5 weeks when the Port of Montreal opened to shipping. They are demanding recognition of their union, improved working conditions and increased wages. [more]

3-03-1937 Polish and Italian migrant workers call a sit-down strike at the Holmes Foundry in Sarnia ON. on 3 March a mob 300 "Canadian-born" men attack the strikers and evict them then attack their homes. 50 are seriously injured. [more]

4-03-1910 An avalanche in the Rogers Pass, British Columbia, takes the lives of workers clearing snow from Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. A total of 62 bodies are recovered, including four the following spring. The dead include 32 contract labourers from Japan. [more]

6-03-1925 Nova Scotia coal miners shut down the mines after the British Empire Steel Corporation refuses to continue contract negotiations and cuts off credit at company stores. It is the beginning of an historic five-month strike. [more]

6-03-1843 Workers on the Welland Canal, mostly Irish immigrants, start one of many strikes this year. [more]

7-03-1978 Women workers begin a 23-week strike for a first contract at a small auto parts plant in Centralia, Ontario. The Fleck workers' militancy wins wide support and shows the need for reforms in labour law. [more]

8-03-1980 In Hamilton, Ontario, an International Women's Day rally features the Women Back Into Stelco campaign. A human rights complaint by five women forces a major steel company to change their hiring practices. [more]

9-03-1906 Mineworkers in the Lethbridge, Alberta district go on strike against poverty wages and are met by scabs, police and private detectives. They win a small wage increase with the help of a mediator, but the company refuses to recognize the union. [more]

10-03-1957 Copper miners at Murdochville, Quebec launch a strike for union recognition. The unsuccessful struggle lasts seven months and the courts award Noranda Mines $1.5 million in damages, to be paid by the United Steelworkers. [more]

12-03-2012 Union organizer and feminist Madeleine Parent, born in Montreal in 1918, dies at age 93 after a lifetime of service to the organization of workers and the cause of social justice. [more]

13-03-1919 In Calgary, Alberta, the Western Canadian Labour Conference calls for sweeping political and economic changes, including abolition of production for profit and the organization of workers on industrial lines. They adopt the name One Big Union. [more]

17-03-1960 Five Italian immigrant workers die in an underground tunnel at a watermain construction project in suburban Toronto. The Hoggs Hollow Disaster draws public attention to the unsafe conditions in construction and the exploitation of immigrant workers. [more]

20-03-1972 The Front Commun du Québec organizes a demonstration and march of 75,000 workers that criss-crosses Montreal. [more]

25-03-2006 An accounting instructor dies from injuries received on the picket line at Centennial College in Toronto during a province-wide strike. John Stammers, 62, was a member of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. [more]

25-03-1872 The Toronto printers union strikes employers who respond to their demand for a 58-hour week with "foolish, absurd and abusive". [more]

25-03-1886 The first workers' compensation legislation was passed in Ontario. [more]

27-03-1912 Thousands of workers start to walk out of railway construction camps on the Fraser River in British Columbia in a strike led by the Industrial Workers of the World. When Joe Hill visits, he writes a song for the Wobbly song book. [more]

31-03-1949 The Canadian Seamen's Union launches a strike to defend union contracts. Shipping companies and Canadian authorities collaborate with the Seafarers' International Union to drive out the CSU. [more]

31-03-2004 Bill C-45 comes into force, amending the Criminal Code to impose penalties on corporations and managers for violations causing workplace injuries or death. It is named the Westray Bill after the 1992 mine disaster. [more]