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Top news - Saskatchewan

Crown workers heading back to bargaining table 2019-10-19 [CBC]

Police respond to 'Not my president' protest at Regina union meeting 2019-10-18 [The Leader-Post]

Unifor and SaskEnergy meeting as union requests 'informal discussions' with Crowns 2019-10-18 [The Leader-Post]

Downtown Regina businesses say Unifor strike hurting bottom line 2019-10-17 [CBC]

Union says Co-op refinery acting in bad faith by setting up work camp in case of strike 2019-10-17 [CBC]

Unifor warns Co-op Refinery against replacement workers 2019-10-17 [Unifor]

Co-op Refinery setting up work camp to brace for possible job action 2019-10-16 [The Leader-Post]

Sask. women earn $4.88 less than men per hour: Statistics Canada 2019-10-14 [Global]

Striking Crown workers and their supporters hold rally, march through downtown Regina 2019-10-12 [CBC]

Tentative deal reached with Saskatchewan Water Security Agency: government 2019-10-12 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

'That's the only tool they have': How Unifor strikers use labour to their advantage 2019-10-11 [CBC]

Unifor denies SaskPower's claims non-union workers being bullied by strikers 2019-10-11 [CBC]

Police called to Saskatoon hospitals more than 6,000 times since 2014 2019-10-09 [SUN]

Unionized Crown workers ready for long labour fight 2019-10-09 [CTV]

SaskTel Keeps Doors Closed as Other Unifor Members Return to Work 2019-10-09 [West Central]

SaskGaming reaches deal with union representing Casino Regina workers 2019-10-09 [The Leader-Post]

SaskTel Workers Locked Out 2019-10-09 [Discover Moose Jaw]

Mixed reaction from Crown corporations as some striking union members try to return to work 2019-10-09 [CBC]

SaskTel says striking workers cannot return to work Tuesday 2019-10-08 [CBC]

Crown workers back at work 2019-10-08 [Unifor]

'Being unpredictable': Union for Saskatchewan Crown workers changing up tactics 2019-10-08 [CTV]

SaskTel to prevent employees from returning to work, considers legal action 2019-10-08 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Crown corporations hit by strike; essential services maintained 2019-10-05 [The Star]

Crown corporations hit by strike 2019-10-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Government has refused multiple offers to avoid Crowns strike 2019-10-04 [Unifor]

Province bracing for strike by union workers at Crown corporations 2019-10-04 [The National Post]

Potential Impacts of Strike by Crown Corp. Employees 2019-10-02 [Discover Moose Jaw]

SGEU concerned for worker and inmate safety after further increase of violence at Saskatoon Provincial Correctional Centre 2019-09-30 [NUPGE]

'Work-to-rule' to hit seven Crowns Monday with strike to follow Friday if no deal: Unifor 2019-09-29 [The Leader-Post]

Information Picket Sends Message to Regina Public School Board: Concessions for School Workers are Rotten! 2019-09-29 [CUPE]

A decade of relative Sask. labour peace seems to be over 2019-09-29 [The Leader-Post]

Unifor files job action notice on behalf of Sask. Crown corporations, agency 2019-09-29 [CBC]

Crown negotiations break off, job action to begin Monday morning 2019-09-29 [Unifor]

Workers at six more Crown corporations serve notice of job action 2019-09-27 [Unifor]

Workers at 7 Saskatchewan Crown corporations vote to strike 2019-09-21 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Workers at seven Crown corporations set to strike 2019-09-20 [Unifor]

Unifor strike affecting multiple Crown corporations could start Sept. 30 2019-09-20 [CBC]

Freedom of expression or personal attack? Nurse appeals fine for Facebook post 2019-09-20 [Today]

Unifor gives strike notice to SaskTel; job action to begin Sept. 30 unless deal reached 2019-09-20 [The Leader-Post]

Nurse fighting $26K fine over Facebook comments 2019-09-18 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Nurse Carolyn Strom goes to province's top court in four-year landmark case over Facebook post 2019-09-17 [The Post]

CUPE Local 5512 members vote to reject Employer’s final offer 2019-09-14 [CUPE]

CUPE Local 600 meets with Prince Albert members 2019-09-13 [The Herald]

Four paths forward to address Saskatchewan’s workplace fatalities and injuries crisis 2019-09-12 [SFL]

Moose Jaw, Sask. school workers vote to reject employer’s final offer 2019-09-11 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Workers at Saskatoon’s CBI Health Group unionize 2019-09-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Workers at Saskatoon’s CBI Health Group latest to join CUPE 2019-09-04 [CUPE]

Union Centre Celebrates Canadian Labour Standards 2019-09-03 [Discover]

More than half Sask. teachers spend $500 of own money on classroom costs: STF 2019-09-02 [CTV]

Hire more corrections staff for overcrowded jails, SGEU says 2019-08-31 [CBC]

This month in labour history

1-10-1741 Workers at the Royal Shipyard in Québec organize the first recorded strike in Canadian history. [more]

6-10-2011 The first H&M retail outlet in Canada is organized in Mississauga, Ontario, where workers vote to be represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers. [more]

8-10-1906 At Buckingham, Québec, workers locked out for organizing a union at the MacLaren pulp mill are attacked by company police. Union officers Thomas Bélanger and François Thériault are shot dead. [more]

12-10-1973 A strike by immigrant workers at the Artistic Woodwork factory in suburban Toronto attracts strong support from political activists. The strike exposes the role of police in protecting strikebreakers. [more]

12-10-1975 Grace Hartman is elected National President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees after six years as Secretary-Treasurer. She becomes the first woman in North American history to lead a major union. [more]

13-10-1944 The Trades and Labour Congress charters Federal Labour Union 180 at Vancouver General Hospital. This is the beginning of the Hospital Employees' Union of British Columbia, now the province's largest health care union. [more]

14-10-1976 In Canada's first country-wide general strike, one million workers join a Day of Protest against the federal government's wage controls policy. [more]

16-10-1963 More than 200 nurses start an illegal strike at the Hôpital Sainte-Justine in Montréal. They are seeking an end to overwork and recognition of their role in the health system. The thirty-day strike achieves a settlement that encourages unionization. [more]

18-10-1935 Farm labourer Nicholas Schaack, 51, dies in hospital following head injuries received on Market Square in Regina on Dominion Day, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police brought the On to Ottawa Trek of unemployed workers to a violent end. [more]

19-10-1996 When General Motors tries to break a Canadian Autoworkers strike by removing equipment, union members occupy the Oshawa plants. [more]

23-10-1958 At Springhill, Nova Scotia, 75 men are killed in a mine disaster and 81 miners are rescued the next day. A group of twelve miners are rescued on 30 October and a final group of seven are located and brought to the surface on 1 November. [more]

27-10-1997 More than 125,000 Ontario teachers walk out to protest the province's plans to cut school budgets and centralize control over education. The two-week protest affects two million students and is the largest teachers’ strike in North American history. [more]

30-10-1971 A protest against a lockout at the daily La Presse in Montréal ends in a street battle between thousands of workers and police. When tear gas is used, student activist Michèle Gauthier, an expectant mother, dies of suffocation. [more]