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Today's news - Saskatchewan

Women's Conference helps #PressForProgress 2018-03-18 [UFCW]

'I've been kicked in the throat': Sask. health care workers give glimpse into violence at work 2018-03-17 [CBC]

Collective bargaining not meeting province's 3.5-per-cent reduction goal 2018-03-16 [The Leader-Post]

Former CUPE Local 5111 Executive Board and Members receive the Woodrow S. Lloyd Award for Collective Action 2018-03-15 [CUPE]

Canora Tim Hortons first in Sask. to unionize 2018-03-13 [CTV]

Workers at Canora Tim Hortons successfully form union 2018-03-11 [Yahoo]

Union conference hopes to address myths about the gender wage gap 2018-03-11 [The Star-Phoenix]

Tim Hortons workers win battle to organize union local in Canora 2018-03-07 [The Leader-Post]

People can't afford Sask Party government’s proposed cut to the public service 2018-03-06 [NUPGE]

Cameco union satisfied with government response after workers left unpaid 2018-02-28 [The Star-Phoenix]

Union blasts group home operator for 'bad faith bargaining' as job action enters third week 2018-02-28 [The Star-Phoenix]

Bus drivers leaving Regina Transit at high rate, with union citing time pressures and abuse 2018-02-09 [The Leader-Post]

Workers' Comp. decision attributing suicide to workplace could lead to more claims: prof 2018-02-07 [CBC]

CUPE Saskatchewan Congratulates Premier-Designate Scott Moe 2018-02-04 [CUPE]

Labour relations 'minefield' awaits Scott Moe as Sask. premier 2018-02-01 [CBC]

Library union questions $200K admin office reno as possible branch relocation looms 2018-01-18 [CBC]

Teachers’ union warns of more cuts 2018-01-17 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Over 50 jobs lost in Saskatoon Public Schools since Sask Party’s Austerity Budget 2018-01-14 [CUPE]

USW Potash Locals United Like Never Before Following Strategic Meetings 2018-01-13 [USW]

Bid to unionize Tim Hortons in Canora complicated by unfair labour practice application 2018-01-13 [The Courier]

Union raises concerns about fentanyl in Saskatchewan correctional facilities 2018-01-07 [The Leader-Post]

Union raises concerns about fentanyl in correctional facilities 2018-01-06 [The National Post]

Dispute brewing amid Tim Hortons union drive in Canora 2018-01-05 [CBC]

Fatal Workplace Accident at CN in Melville 2017-12-24 [Teamsters]

CN Rail worker dies after suffering injury in Saskatchewan railway yard 2017-12-24 [Global]

Unions launch People Who Care website 2017-12-23 [CUPE]

Season’s Greetings from CUPE Saskatchewan 2017-12-23 [CUPE]

Union worried 29 fewer educational assistants will hurt Saskatoon students 2017-12-23 [CBC]

Employees purchase local newspaper in Prince Albert to keep it from closing 2017-12-20 [The Star]

Workplace injuries in health care related to insufficient staff levels, unions say 2017-12-14 [The Star-Phoenix]

CUPE joins community in call to reverse cut to lab services in Ituna 2017-12-10 [CUPE]

Saskatoon must level the playing field with vehicle-for-hire bylaw, says mayor 2017-12-06 [CBC]

Health region amalgamation to affect casual shifts worked by full-time employees 2017-12-04 [The Star-Phoenix]

Prison ombudsman confirms spike in assaults against staff at Regional Psychiatric Centre 2017-12-01 [CBC]

Bonus approved for Saskatoon library CEO who oversaw staff cuts 2017-12-01 [CBC]

No 3.5% wage cut? Sask. unions say they'll believe it when they see it 2017-11-30 [Saskatoon]

Workers deserve better than wage cut, disrespect from Sask. Party 2017-11-29 [The Leader-Post]

Over 1/3 of RPC Saskatoon correctional officers on workers’ compensation 2017-11-29 [Global]

55 staff at Saskatoon's Regional Psychiatric Centre on workers' comp because of assaults by inmates 2017-11-27 [CBC]

Province asking teachers to take 3.67-per-cent pay cut, sides far apart on wages 2017-11-22 [The Leader-Post]

Appeal court sides with City of Saskatoon in dispute with bus drivers 2017-11-16 [CBC]

'It's way more than I would ever have anticipated': Union thrilled with salary, benefits deal for laid-off Cameco workers 2017-11-15 [The Star-Phoenix]

SFL calls for adoption of Bill 605 to give survivors of domestic violence paid leave 2017-11-14 [SFL]

SaskPower workers first union to reject government wage cut 2017-11-11 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

'There was no indication this was going to happen': Union says workers shocked by temporary shutdowns and layoffs at Cameco uranium operations 2017-11-09 [The Star-Phoenix]

'It doesn't look promising': Sask. government faces opposition to wage cuts 2017-11-09 [CBC]

Backtracking on two-day-old promise to repeal Bill 40 shows Sask Party still wants to privatize Crowns 2017-11-08 [CUPE]

SaskPower workers 1st union to reject 3.5% wage cut 2017-11-08 [CBC]

UFCW 1400, Saskatchewan Provincial Council endorse Ryan Meili for leader of Saskatchewan NDP 2017-11-02 [UFCW]

Sexual harassment victim says faith in truth restored by Sask. labour board decision 2017-11-02 [CBC]

This month in labour history

4-03-1910 An avalanche in the Rogers Pass, British Columbia, takes the lives of workers clearing snow from Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. A total of 62 bodies are recovered, including four the following spring. The dead include 32 contract labourers from Japan. [more]

7-03-1978 Women workers begin a 23-week strike for a first contract at a small auto parts plant in Centralia, Ontario. The Fleck workers' militancy wins wide support and shows the need for reforms in labour law. [more]

8-03-1980 In Hamilton, Ontario, an International Women's Day rally features the Women Back Into Stelco campaign. A human rights complaint by five women forces a major steel company to change their hiring practices. [more]

9-03-1906 Mine workers in Lethbridge went on strike against poverty wages. They were met with scabs, private detectives, and the police. Although they won a small wage increase the company refused to recognize the union. [more]

10-03-1957 Copper miners at Murdochville, Quebec launch a strike for union recognition. The unsuccessful struggle lasts seven months and the courts award Noranda Mines $1.5 million in damages, to be paid by the United Steelworkers. [more]

12-03-2012 Union organizer and feminist Madeleine Parent, born in Montreal in 1918, dies at age 93 after a lifetime of service to the organization of workers and the cause of social justice. [more]

13-03-1919 In Calgary, Alberta, delegates to a Western Labour Conference support abolition of the system of production for profit and endorse plans to organize workers on industrial lines. The next day they adopt the name One Big Union. [more]

17-03-1960 Five Italian immigrant workers die in an underground tunnel at a watermain construction project in suburban Toronto. The Hoggs Hollow Disaster draws public attention to the unsafe conditions in construction and the exploitation of immigrant workers. [more]

25-03-2006 An accounting instructor dies from injuries received on the picket line at Centennial College in Toronto during a province-wide strike. John Stammers, 62, was a member of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. [more]

27-03-1912 Thousands of workers start to walk out of railway construction camps on the Fraser River in British Columbia in a strike led by the Industrial Workers of the World. When Joe Hill visits, he writes a song for the Wobbly song book. [more]

31-03-1949 The Canadian Seamen's Union launches a strike to defend union contracts. Shipping companies and Canadian authorities collaborate with the Seafarers' International Union to drive out the CSU. [more]

31-03-2004 Bill C-45 comes into force, amending the Criminal Code to impose penalties on corporations and managers for violations causing workplace injuries or death. It is named the Westray Bill after the 1992 mine disaster. [more]