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Today's news - Saskatchewan

Taxi union renews call for safety measures after 'brutal' attack on driver 2017-10-21 [The Star-Phoenix]

Saskatoon, Regina among worst cities in Canada to be a woman: annual study 2017-10-20 [SUN]

Royal University Hospital approved for temporary mental health assessment unit 2017-10-20 [SUN]

Teacher' Federation suspends contract talks amid board dispute 2017-10-17 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Teachers ask courts to compel Sask. govt to appoint board 2017-10-05 [CBC]

United Steelworkers confident Cameco mine will form union this year 2017-09-28 [The Star-Phoenix]

Sick leave project continues for Saskatoon Transit 2017-09-27 [CBC]

CUPE Saskatchewan supports the leaders of tomorrow in Tisdale 2017-09-25 [CUPE]

TCU Place workers say 'Dream on' to idea of 0% wage increases 2017-09-24 [CBC]

CUPE statement regarding the death of a student at École Dundonald in Saskatoon 2017-09-17 [CUPE]

Union questions staffing levels after death of Saskatoon kindergarten student 2017-09-12 [CBC]

City still wants to farm out sick day management at Saskatoon Transit 2017-09-12 [CBC]

SFL partners with Hillberg & Berk to support survivors of domestic violence 2017-09-12 [SFL]

Strike avoided after union, Evraz reach agreement 2017-09-08 [The Leader-Post]

Evraz union workers give strike notice 2017-09-06 [Global]

Challenges faced by Sask. workers discussed at Regina Labour Day picnic 2017-09-05 [CBC]

Privacy chief says video use OK in case of fired Saskatoon bus driver 2017-09-01 [The Star-Phoenix]

Union employees on strike at Holiday Inn Express downtown 2017-08-31 [The Leader-Post]

Saskatoon Transit union says sick-day manager hired by city 'has created more problems' 2017-08-26 [CBC]

ATI documents show government still spending millions on flawed Lean projects 2017-08-24 [CUPE]

Strike plans on hold while negotiations continue between Evraz and unionized workers 2017-08-23 [The Leader-Post]

Sask Writers’ Guild: Respect your workers’ right to unionize 2017-08-19 [CUPE]

New report shows long term impacts of Sask Party’s regressive tax changes on women and low income families 2017-08-19 [CUPE]

USW in Mediation Over Impasse in Evraz Negotiations 2017-08-14 [USW]

Evraz workers considering strike after mediation talks fail 2017-08-12 [The Leader-Post]

In unprecedented move, Sask. Party government rejects labour appointment to LRB 2017-08-09 [SFL]

Review of ground EMS in Saskatchewan should recommend fully public system 2017-08-03 [CUPE]

How the Saskatchewan government killed STC 2017-08-02 [Rank and File]

38 beds lost at Regina long-term care home 2017-07-31 [SUN]

Sobeys to open new Safeway store at Lawson Heights Mall in 2018 2017-07-29 [The Star-Phoenix]

STC closure leaves transportation for medical laboratory testing in uncertainty 2017-07-26 [CUPE]

Rural labs struggling to send medical samples for testing in cities without STC, union says 2017-07-25 [The Star-Phoenix]

Protesters picket Sask Party AGM 2017-07-16 [CUPE]

SEIU rally in Outlook, Sask. draws people from around the province 2017-07-12 [SEIU]

Talks continue between Outlook group home and locked out workers 2017-07-12 [The Star-Phoenix]

UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarship winner: Madison Hoffmeyer 2017-07-08 [UFCW]

Increased workload for Saskatchewan medical technicians jeopardizing health care: Report 2017-07-01 [rabble]

Government to fire hundreds of cleaners from living-wage jobs 2017-06-29 [NUPGE]

New report highlights critical situation facing medical technologists and technicians 2017-06-29 [CUPE]

CUPE 600 to fight plans to dismantle Saskatchewan bargaining unit 2017-06-24 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Health worker union opposes move by Sask. gov't to merge it 2017-06-22 [CBC]

Postal union asks city council to support reinstatement of door-to-door 2017-06-15 [The News-Optimist]

UFCW activists build strength at Saskatchewan Provincial Council 2017-06-12 [UFCW]

Lockout in small town Saskatchewan 2017-06-11 [Rank and File]

Sask. school workers say 'it's an absolute no' to 3.5% pay cut 2017-06-08 [CBC]

Union surprised by sudden layoffs at the Saskatoon Public Library 2017-06-04 [CUPE]

Saskatchewan Polytechnic lays off staff while looking to hire more managers: Union 2017-06-03 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Variety Place Care Workers Locked Out 2017-06-02 [The Outlook]

Union applies to Labour Relations Board to end lockout at Outlook group home 2017-06-02 [The Star-Phoenix]

School workers join CUPE 2017-06-02 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

This month in labour history

1-10-1741 Workers at the Royal Shipyard in Québec organize the first recorded strike in Canadian history. [more]

6-10-2011 The first H&M retail outlet in Canada is organized in Mississauga, Ontario, where workers vote to be represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers. [more]

8-10-1906 At Buckingham, Québec, workers locked out for organizing a union at the MacLaren pulp mill are attacked by company police. Union officers Thomas Bélanger and François Thériault are shot dead. [more]

12-10-1973 A strike by immigrant workers at the Artistic Woodwork factory in suburban Toronto attracts strong support from political activists. The strike exposes the role of police in protecting strikebreakers. [more]

13-10-1944 The Trades and Labour Congress charters Federal Union Local 180 at Vancouver General Hospital. This is the beginning of the Hospital Employees' Union of British Columbia, the province's largest health care union. [more]

14-10-1976 In Canada's first country-wide general strike, one million workers join a Day of Protest against the federal government's wage controls policy. [more]

16-10-1963 More than 200 nurses start an illegal strike at the Hôpital Sainte-Justine in Montréal. They are seeking an end to overwork and recognition of their role in the health system. The thirty-day strike achieves a settlement that encourages unionization. [more]

18-10-1935 Farm labourer Nicholas Schaack, 51, dies in hospital following head injuries received on Market Square in Regina on Dominion Day, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police brought the On to Ottawa Trek of unemployed workers to a violent end. [more]

23-10-1958 At Springhill, Nova Scotia, 75 men are killed in a mine disaster and 81 miners are rescued the next day. A group of twelve miners are rescued on 30 October and a final group of seven are located and brought to the surface on 1 November. [more]

30-10-1971 A protest against a lockout at the daily La Presse in Montréal ends in a street battle between thousands of workers and police. When tear gas is used, student activist Michèle Gauthier, an expectant mother, dies of suffocation. [more]