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Judge rules that Peter MacKay's sex-trade law violates Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 2020-02-22 [The Georgia Straight]

Canadian Air Navigation Specialists reach tentative deal 2020-02-22 [Unifor]

RadioLabour Canada Report for Feb. 17 - 21, 2020 2020-02-22 [RadioLabour]

Steelworkers Humanity Fund Contributes $7,000 to Support Communities Affected by Volcano in the Philippines 2020-02-20 [USW]

Union rises up against Phoenix Pay System 'fiasco' 2020-02-20 [The Star]

A new kind of union...that’s not quite a union 2020-02-19 [CLI]

Teamsters Urge Ottawa to Find Solution to Rail Blockades as 6,000 Rail Workers Could be Laid Off 2020-02-18 [Teamsters]

CRA rattled by strike vote announcement 2020-02-18 [PSAC]

The OFL stands with the Wet’suwet’en Nation and solidarity protests across Canada 2020-02-18 [OFL]

The state of federal buildings is completely unacceptable 2020-02-18 [PIPSC]

Young Machinists visit IAM Canadian Office, share vision of the union 2020-02-18 [IAMAW]

“Where there are scabs, there is violence”: why Quebec and BC banned strikebreakers 2020-02-18 [The Media Co-op]

Nurses’ Unions Warn National Standards for Coronavirus Protection Too Low 2020-02-17 [Chris D]

Murder of sex worker exposes Canada's hypocrisy on prostitution: advocate 2020-02-17 [CTV]

Deadly Desmond tragedy prompts Veterans Affairs union to demand more case workers 2020-02-15 [The Journal-Pioneer]

RadioLabour's Canada Report Feb 10 - 14 2020 2020-02-15 [RadioLabour]

Correctional officers union against needle-exchange program 2020-02-13 [The Whig-Standard]

Union representing CRA staff seeking more leave, flexibility ahead of strike votes 2020-02-13 [Benefits Canada]

Union calls for enforcement of criminal liability on corporations 2020-02-12 [Canadian Lawyer]

CUPE endorses CUPE 79 member Lily Chang as candidate for CLC Secretary-Treasurer 2020-02-12 [CUPE]

Educators strike against cuts in education and for collective bargaining 2020-02-12 [Education International]

Climate change -- a priority issue for CUPW 2020-02-11 [rabble]

Refinery Labour Dispute Impacting Local Co-op Fuel Supplies 2020-02-11 [PV]

Show your heart this February 14 2020-02-10 [UFCW Canada]

Government expands Phoenix claims process; continues to deny PSAC members fair compensation 2020-02-10 [PSAC]

Black History Month – Celebrating our Members: Celine Ahodekon 2020-02-10 [PSAC]

Lonely, unhappy and powerless: there’s a better future for gig workers 2020-02-08 [CLI]

Stop the killings -- enforce the laws. RadioLabour's Canada report 2020-02-08 [RadioLabour]

Regina co-op lockout spreads into Alberta 2020-02-08 [The Globe and Mail]

 VIDEO Road closure near Co-op Refinery part of police plan to 'make the site safe' 2020-02-08 [The Leader-Post]

Saskatchewan labour dispute leads to gas shortages at Red River Co-op in Manitoba 2020-02-08 [CBC]

Slow train order will mean longer hours for rail workers, union says 2020-02-08 [CBC]

02-06-20connected world Security flaws threaten ‘panic buttons’ meant to protect hotel workers 2020-02-07 [Fast Company]

Port security rules don't violate Charter rights, Federal Court rules 2020-02-07 [The Star]

CRA workers set to vote on job action this month 2020-02-06 [Sudbury.com]

Savour these UFCW-made pizza products on National Pizza Day – February 9 2020-02-06 [UFCW Canada]

Co-ops across prairies put fuel limits on card locks 2020-02-06 [CHAT]

CRA workers set to vote on job action this month 2020-02-05 [Today]

CN Rail workers ratify agreement that focuses on employee fatigue 2020-02-04 [OHS Canada]

74% of Canadians want bargaining between governments, unions to be transparent: Ipsos poll 2020-02-04 [Global]

Statement from CUPE on Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) 2020-02-03 [CUPE]

CUPE celebrates Black History Month 2020-02-03 [CUPE]

Activists build skills at Eastern Provinces Council stewards training 2020-02-03 [UFCW Canada]

Industry Snapshot: Inflation in the retail food sector 2020-02-03 [UFCW Canada]

CBC union urges caution on reforms to broadcast rules 2020-02-03 [CWA Canada]

Les Teamsters au CN entérinent un nouveau contrat de travail d’une durée de 3 ans 2020-02-03 [Teamsters]

Teamsters at CN Ratify New 3-Year Contract 2020-02-03 [Teamsters]

Going Forward, Guided by the Past: Black History Month 2020 2020-02-03 [PSAC]

Government spends billions to outsource work of public service professionals 2020-02-03 [PIPSC]

Unions call for fairness to mark Black History Month 2020-02-03 [CLC]

This month in labour history

3-02-1939 The first group of Canadian veterans of the Spanish Civil War disembark at Halifax. Of the almost 1,700 Canadians who fought fascism in Spain, more than 400 were killed. Many of the volunteers were union activists and others radicalized in the 1930s. [more]

3-02-2005 Ontario's Liberal Minister of Education Gerard Kennedy describes 'strike' as 'a bit of a five-letter word' in the education sector. [more]

6-02-2012 Eleven farmworkers, including nine migrant workers from Peru, are killed in a highway crash at Hampstead, Ontario. The tragedy highlights unsafe conditions in the sector and the exploitation of seasonal workers. [more]

9-02-1869 Birth of James Bryson McLachlan, at Ecclefechan, Scotland. As a union leader in Canada he becomes the champion of the Nova Scotia coal miners and a leading spokesman for the cause of labour radicalism. [more]

10-02-1928 At the Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mine at Timmins, Ontario, the largest in North America, 39 miners are killed when a fire spreads carbon monoxide through the workings. There is no rescue plan in place and it takes five days to put out the fire. [more]

11-02-1963 At Reesor Siding, near Kapuskasing, Ontario, eleven union members are shot, three fatally, in a confrontation over pulpwood supplies for a strikebound mill. Three of the attackers are later fined for possessing dangerous firearms. [more]

11-02-1908 Eight workers are killed in an explosion at the Standard Explosive Company works on Île Perrot, near Montreal. [more]

13-02-1988 14,000 Alberta nurses return to work after 19 days of a diificult but successful strike against concessions. [more]

14-02-1949 In defiance of provincial laws, asbestos workers in Québec begin a four-month strike for better wages and workplace safety. With strong public support for the miners' cause, the strike becomes a forerunner of the province's Quiet Revolution. [more]

15-02-1982 All 84 crew on board are lost when an oil-drilling rig capsizes and sinks in a storm on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland and Labrador. The Ocean Ranger disaster is attributed to failures in structural design and inadequate safety measures. [more]

15-02-1912 Jewish tailors go on strike at Eaton’s in Toronto. The community unites and causes a boycott of the company. [more]

17-02-1944 Wartime unrest convinces the federal government to bring in an emergency order, P.C. 1003. It requires employers to recognize and bargain with unions supported by the majority of employees. This sets a standard for postwar labour relations law. [more]

19-02-2017 Labour leader Bob White dies at 81 years of age. He is remembered as a founder of the Canadian Auto Workers and a popular president of the Canadian Labour Congress. [more]

19-02-1901 The Calgary Trades and Labour Council is founded. [more]

20-02-1912 35 workers at Eaton’s in Toronto go on strike when all the workers are laid off. The strike lasts 4 months but fails. [more]

21-02-1891 At Springhill, Nova Scotia an explosion takes the lives of 125 men and boys in the province's largest coal mine disaster. They leave more than 200 widows and children. [more]

25-02-1931 In Toronto more than 500 women dressmakers protest sweatshop conditions in the needle trades and begin a strike for better wages and union recognition. Large numbers of scabs and police are deployed. [more]

26-02-1979 The Farmworkers Organizing Committee (FWOC) is established at a meeting in a room in the New Westminster library. Eight people are present including: Raj Chouhan, Harinder Mahil, Sarwan Sidhu, Pritam Singh, Amarit Pal Mann, Gurnam Sahota. [more]