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Canadian screen stars want ‘action’ from industry meeting on sexual misconduct 2017-11-24 [Death Rattle Sports]

 VIDEO This story will break your heart 2017-11-22 [clc]

Molly Parker to be honoured by Canadian performers with 2018 ACTRA National Award of Excellence 2017-11-22 [ACTRA]

Federal whistleblowers remain at risk 2017-11-22 [PSAC]

CBSA continues to push for concessions: Union says no 2017-11-22 [PSAC]

Municipal opposition mounting against airport selloffs 2017-11-22 [PSAC]

Unifor National President to visit site of striking Mexican miner murders 2017-11-22 [Unifor]

No NAFTA without Mexican labour reform: Unifor 2017-11-22 [Unifor]

No NAFTA without Mexican labour reform: Unifor 2017-11-22 [Unifor]

United Steelworkers seeks Ottawa’s help for striking Mexican miners at Canadian-operated mine 2017-11-21 [RCI]

Media union demands Corus pay all workers fairly 2017-11-20 [rabble]

College instructors forced back to work 2017-11-20 [Education International]

CPP must now be expanded to the Canadians who need it most 2017-11-19 [CUPE]

Infrastructure bank board primed to privatize 2017-11-19 [CUPE]

The Importance of being an Ally 2017-11-19 [Teamsters]

CRTC and Bell must shoulder blame for TV job cuts, says Unifor 2017-11-18 [Unifor]

Media union demands Corus pay all workers fairly 2017-11-18 [rabble]

Union warns feds: Fix Phoenix or face a wave of grievances 2017-11-18 [iPolitics]

Agreement in principle for 7400 correctional officers 2017-11-18 [CSN]

Laurentian Bank union representation to change 2017-11-18 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

CP, police association reach tentative 5-year agreement 2017-11-18 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Agreement reached with 7,400 correctional officers 2017-11-18 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Union says it will consider a cull of federal payroll rules to simplify system 2017-11-17 [iPolitics]

Shipbuilding companies, unions threaten layoffs if Liberals don’t provide new work 2017-11-17 [The Sun]

Union accuses Corus of punishing newly unionized workers 2017-11-17 [iPolitics]

Labour leaders frustrated with McKenna for neglecting coal workers 2017-11-16 [The National Observer]

Union head wants Liberals to kill Phoenix pay system, start again 2017-11-15 [Metro]

Celebrating films about the experiences and struggles of workers 2017-11-15 [rabble]

First step in new CUPW and Canada Post bargaining 2017-11-15 [Bay Today]

Trudeau Government Must Intervene in Labour Rights Crackdown at Canadian-Owned Mine 2017-11-15 [USW]

With Phoenix pay system fix potentially costing $1B, union says time to pull the plug 2017-11-15 [Global]

Phoenix pay system should be scrapped completely, union tells Liberal government 2017-11-15 [The Star]

Camp life takes toll on Canada's transient workers 2017-11-15 [Discourse]

Domestic Violence is a Serious Issue in the Workplace 2017-11-15 [Teamsters]

New USW Women’s Committees Course Pilot a Huge Success 2017-11-14 [USW]

UFCW launches 16 Days of Action to End Gender-based Violence campaign 2017-11-14 [UFCW]

End Discrimination Against First Nations Children NOW! 2017-11-14 [UFCW]

Critics say new Globe and Mail freelance contract isn’t fair to writers 2017-11-14 [CWA]

Union wants public service to build Phoenix replacement 2017-11-14 [iPolitics]

Statement on proposed harassment and sexual violence legislation 2017-11-14 [PSAC]

Victory! PSAC member awarded damages in age discrimination case 2017-11-14 [PSAC]

Liberals agree to flawed and secret TPP-11 deal 2017-11-14 [NUPGE]

High school resource to focus on language rights in Francophone minority settings 2017-11-13 [CTF]

Unions welcome legislation on workplace harassment and violence 2017-11-13 [CLC]

Nurses celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week by launching a project to expand NP care to meet growing need 2017-11-13 [CFNU]

Pagemasters management refuses to respond to CMG wage proposals 2017-11-13 [CWA]

CMG launches petition on behalf of factual and reality TV workers  ActNOW!  2017-11-13 [CWA]

Corus has no plans for wage fairness 2017-11-13 [CWA]

Workers unite: Can the workplace become a protest site? 2017-11-13 [rabble]

Unifor president urges Trudeau to abandon TPP, reset Canada's trade priorities 2017-11-11 [The Financial Post]

This month in labour history

1-11-1956 At Springhill, Nova Scotia 39 men are killed and 88 are rescued after an explosion and fire in one of Canada’s deepest coal mines. [more]

3-11-1908 The Fishermen’s Protective Union is formed in Herring Neck, Newfoundland and Labrador. The union attracts strong support and achieves significant political influence. [more]

6-11-1945 Striking Ford workers and supporters use hundreds of motor vehicles to begin a blockade of the company plant in Windsor, Ontario. The strike leads to an arbitrated settlement and the protection of union security through the Rand Formula. [more]

10-11-1983 In British Columbia three months of protests against legislative attacks on union rights and social services reach a critical turning point as teachers prepare to join the massive mobilization led by Operation Solidarity and the Solidarity Coalition. [more]

10-11-1975 An iron ore carrier sinks in a storm on Lake Superior, with the loss of all 29 hands. Although the freighter and crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald are American, the Canadian songwriter Gordon Lightfoot a year later memorializes the disaster. [more]

16-11-1925 Three thousand workers at shoe factories in Quebec City go on strike when the employers announce reduced rates of pay. When the workers agree to submit the dispute to arbitration, they win a favourable result, but employers refuse to accept the decision. [more]

18-11-1929 At Onion Lake, in Northern Ontario, two Finnish-Canadian lumber camp union organizers are seen for the last time. When the bodies of Viljo Rosvall and Janne Voutilainen are found under the ice in the spring, they are buried as martyrs to the labour cause. [more]

19-11-1997 45,000 postal workers, members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, walk off the job across the country over issues of job security, wages and changes to lettercarriers' routes. [more]

23-11-1921 A Maternity Protection Act, introduced by a labour member, is passed in British Columbia. It allows women to apply for six weeks' leave before giving birth and prohibits the employment of mothers for six weeks after. The leaves are unpaid. [more]