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Today's news - Alberta

Foreign Worker Program Driving Down Wages, Breaking Alberta Law 2017-09-25 [The Tyee]

UNA and Covenant Health reaffirm commitment to Professional Responsibility Concern process 2017-09-19 [UNA]

Curriculum: the political whipping boy 2017-09-17 [ATA]

Musicians Broke, Out West 2017-09-12 [CFM]

Drunk, abusive customers prompt security to increase at Calgary's Nicholls Family library 2017-09-12 [CBC]

Pride season winds down at Calgary parade 2017-09-12 [UFCW]

Managing professional and union roles a matter of attention and skill 2017-09-11 [ATA]

Local filmmaker releasing Hindi-language union-themed feature film 2017-09-09 [Today]

Keeping workers safe won't hurt Alberta farmers 2017-09-07 [The Herald]

Celebrating a different kind of Labour Day in Alberta -- one with something to celebrate! 2017-09-05 [rabble]

Take action and call for a national pharmacare plan 2017-09-04 [UNA]

Nurses celebrate Labour Day 2017-09-04 [UNA]

HSAA calls for immediate action on first-responder mental health injuries 2017-09-04 [NUPGE]

‘Upset the apple cart,’ former PM urges teachers 2017-09-02 [ATA]

Employers whine about Alberta’s first OHS review in 41 years 2017-09-02 [Rank and File]

Things are looking up for working Albertans 2017-09-02 [The Journal]

Mixed year for Fort McMurray workers as oil struggles, construction booms 2017-09-01 [Today]

Celebrating Farm Workers Day 2017 2017-08-28 [AFL]

Ponoka seniors residence staff unionize 2017-08-22 [The Advocate]

UNA members encouraged to take part in 2017 Care Worker Violence Prevention Focused Inspection Program 2017-08-21 [UNA]

UNA VP joins union leaders at meeting with federal cabinet minister 2017-08-21 [UNA]

OHS Review Welcome, Long Overdue 2017-08-20 [AFL]

Coalhurst praised for celebration of miners 2017-08-20 [The Herald]

Sundre, Alta., seniors’ care staff join AUPE 2017-08-18 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Conservative Calls For Radical, Anti-Worker Overhaul of Labour Laws 2017-08-09 [Press Progress]

Prison guards overdosing on fentanyl during searches 'a huge problem' 2017-08-08 [CBC]

Government updates workplace legislation 2017-08-02 [The Sun]

PCs knew farm worker insurance was needed: report 2017-08-02 [Global]

UNA members encouraged to take a stand against abuse, violence, and harassment in the workplace 2017-07-31 [UNA]

Workers at Gate Gourmet achieve new contract 2017-07-31 [UFCW]

Brian Jean’s Platform Would Make Recession Worse 2017-07-30 [AFL]

Brian Jean vows to lead Alberta back into the health-care wilderness where we wandered with Ralph Klein 2017-07-30 [rabble]

Athabasca University faculty wins cost-of-living increase, keep professional development allowances 2017-07-29 [The Journal]

Healthcare workers are poorly protected from dangerous meds: AUPE 2017-07-26 [OHS Canada]

AUPE claims local workers exposed to cytotoxic meds 2017-07-25 [The News]

Farm fatality highlights gaps in Alberta’s new Employment Standard Code 2017-07-22 [Rank and File]

Fraser Institute's Calgary Herald op-ed used 'B.S.' data to attack raising the minimum wage 2017-07-22 [Press Progress]

Powerlifting equipment for ambulances a good start: HSAA 2017-07-19 [NUPGE]

Union files OHS complaints over exposure of health care workers to chemo drug 2017-07-18 [The Journal]

Health-care union files complaints over potentially dangerous drug exposure 2017-07-18 [CBC]

City lends support to postal workers 2017-07-18 [The Herald]

Ya-hoo! UNA Stampede BBQ attracts a crowd in Calgary 2017-07-16 [UNA]

UNA welcomes new members in Calgary, Edmonton and St. Albert 2017-07-16 [UNA]

Conservative leader admits frontline service will suffer painful cuts 2017-07-16 [NUPGE]

HSAA member selected for leading international role 2017-07-16 [NUPGE]

New case study documents Alberta’s WCB failings 2017-07-16 [Rank and File]

Rural post offices worth saving, says county 2017-07-16 [The News]

Workers Compensation Reforms Desperately Needed and Long Overdue 2017-07-09 [AFL]

Report calling for changes to Workers Compensation in Alberta a step toward ending 'culture of denial' 2017-07-09 [rabble]

CFNU Biennial Convention in Calgary 2017-07-08 [UNA]

This month in labour history

3-09-1894 Labour Day is observed for the first time as a statutory public holiday, under a law introduced that year by the Conservative prime minister Sir John Thompson. [more]

8-09-1886 The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Saskatchewan Division No. 322, is formed in Medicine Hat. It is the first union chartered in what later becomes Alberta. [more]

11-09-1916 A second disaster strikes the huge cantilever bridge under construction at Quebec City. Another 13 lives are lost in addition to the 75 deaths in the first collapse in 1907. The bridge, completed in 1917, is still standing today. [more]

12-09-1945 In Windsor, Ontario, the United Auto Workers launch a strike against the Ford Motor Company that lasts for 99 days and leads to the Rand Formula for union security. [more]

15-09-1933 A general strike begins in the factories in Stratford, Ontario and spreads across the city. Troops and armoured cars are called out. [more]

16-09-1912 Vancouver Island coal miners begin what becomes a two-year strike for workplace safety and union recognition. To defeat the miners' union, the companies bring in strikebreakers and the province calls out the militia. [more]

16-09-1913 The New Brunswick Federation of Labour is organized at Saint John, New Brunswick. Today it is the provincial federation in Canada with the second longest continuous history. [more]

23-09-1873 The Canadian Labour Union is founded in Toronto. This first attempt to organize a Canadian labour central finds limited support, mainly from skilled workers in Ontario. [more]

24-09-1963 The Canadian Union of Public Employees, now Canada's largest union, is founded in Winnipeg through a merger of two earlier organizations and soon becomes a major force in the union movement. [more]

25-09-1995 Unions supporting the Liverpool Dockers Solidarity Campaign participate in national actions using the internet. This is believed to be the first time the net was used to organize an international labour solidarity action. [more]

26-09-1888 Canada's first independent labour Member of Parliament is returned in a by-election in Montreal East. A printer by trade, Alphonse-Télésphore Lépine is a leading figure in the Montreal Trades and Labour Council and the Knights of Labour. [more]

29-09-1931 A strike by coal miners from Bienfait, Saskatchewan comes comes to a head with the fatal shooting by police of three strikers during a protest on the main street in Estevan. [more]