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Alberta Alberta had largest real wages cut in Canada


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Alberta Alberta had largest real wages cut in Canada [Alberta Worker] 2024-03-25

Alberta Protesters brave snow to send a message to the Premier [CUPE] 2024-03-22

Alberta Union serves strike notice for 5,000 Edmonton city workers, 950 library staff [CBC] 2024-03-12

Alberta Government using 'secret mandates' to undermine public sector bargaining: report [Today] 2024-03-04

Alberta Pharmacare would save thousands for Alberta families [CUPE] 2024-02-27

Alberta AB govt workers ask for 26% wage increase [Alberta Worker] 2024-02-26

Alberta Edmonton Faces Unprecedented Lockout: Union Strike Vote Looms [BNN] 2024-02-12

Alberta Albertans tell MLAs to keep their “Hands Off Our CPP” during AFL’s Days of Action [AFL] 2024-02-05

Alberta Yesterday the Alberta government chose to make some of the most vulnerable people in our society even less safe [CUPE] 2024-02-03

Alberta AHS plans to axe 1 in 10 health workers [Alberta Worker] 2024-01-14


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Today's labour news

Alberta Edmonton transit union files 'bad faith' bargaining complaint with Alberta regulator 2024-04-17 [Edmonton Journal]

Alberta Unions brace for 2025 labor crunch in oil sands maintenance season 2024-04-17 [Reuters]

Alberta Province announces wage offer for government workers during collective bargaining 2024-04-16 [CTV]

Alberta Alberta Finance Minister makes inappropriate comments on bargaining 2024-04-15 [AUPE]

Alberta Teachers Experiencing Increased Aggression in Schools 2024-04-15 [ATA]

Alberta Teachers oppose use of constitutional override against vulnerable students 2024-04-15 [ATA]

Alberta Strike averted in Palliser schools 2024-04-15 [ATA]

Alberta Nurses file unfair labour practice against AHS 2024-04-15 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Keyano College workers get 3 years of wage freezes 2024-04-15 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Covenant Health workers demand 35% raise 2024-04-11 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta UNA files unfair labour practice complaint after move by AHS to transfer 3,200 nurses to ‘Recovery Alberta’ without regard for contract rights 2024-04-09 [UNA]

Alberta Alberta government deliberately hiding care fees and standards 2024-04-09 [AUPE]

Alberta Nurses union files unfair labour practice complaint against AHS citing 'bad faith' bargaining 2024-04-09 [CTV]

Alberta Supporting teacher and education support workers’ well being 2024-04-06 [rabble]

Alberta Edmonton care workers vote over 80% to unionize 2024-04-06 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Nurses union raise concerns over members rights following Recovery Alberta announcement 2024-04-06 [The Journal]

Alberta Union says that Alberta’s new mental health and addictions organizations is more of an ideological move 2024-04-06 [rabble]

Alberta New contract for Red Lobster workers 2024-04-05 [UFCW]

Alberta Edmonton masons file for unionization 2024-04-04 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Edmonton manufacturing workers file to unionize 2024-04-04 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Logging company accused of unionbusting 2024-04-04 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Alberta unions express concern about new mental health org 2024-04-04 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Federal minimum wage rise puts Alberta workers further behind 2024-03-28 [AFL]

Alberta Calgary education worker wages frozen for 2.5 years 2024-03-27 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Thousands of Alberta workers lose 0.5% raise 2024-03-27 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta #paintABpurple day of action for education support workers 2024-03-27 [CUPE]

Alberta Alberta had largest real wages cut in Canada 2024-03-25 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Ratification votes held for City of Edmonton, Edmonton Public Library CSU 52 members after strike averted 2024-03-23 [Global]

Alberta United Steelworkers union welcomes workers from Edmonton People In Need Shelter Society 2024-03-22 [USW]

Alberta Hancock: We live in a moment which feels like everything is at stake 2024-03-22 [CUPE]

Alberta Protesters brave snow to send a message to the Premier 2024-03-22 [CUPE]

Alberta Gill: CUPE Alberta Waging Ahead with a new approach on wages 2024-03-21 [CUPE]

Alberta AFL President Gil McGowan responds to Alberta NDP caucus’ motion 506 on the value of unions 2024-03-19 [AFL]

Alberta Why they stay: Alberta nurses share heartfelt stories 2024-03-19 [UNA]

Alberta Netflix signs agreement with Calgary cinema workers union 2024-03-18 [The Times]

Alberta Calgary hospitality workers file to unionize 2024-03-17 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Edmonton solar workers file for unionization 2024-03-17 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Maple Leaf workers to get 50¢ raise this year 2024-03-17 [Alberta Worker]

Alberta Political analyst urges vigilance and engagement 2024-03-17 [ATA]

Alberta Convention speakers deliver powerful messages 2024-03-17 [ATA]

Alberta Sheriffs, RCMP union criticize Alberta government plan to create new police force 2024-03-17 [The Journal]

Alberta Union for Edmonton city, library workers unveils salary increases in tentative deal 2024-03-16 [CBC]

Alberta Tentative deal reached between City of Edmonton, CSU 52 members 2024-03-15 [Global]

Alberta Police force move catches unions off guard 2024-03-15 [The Globe and Mail]

Alberta Tentative agreement with City of Edmonton 2024-03-14 [CSU 52]

Alberta Alberta sheriffs seek answers as government announces policing changes 2024-03-14 [AUPE]

Alberta 'Concerned and perplexed': Alberta police force move catches unions off guard 2024-03-14 [Canadian Press]

Alberta Edmonton mayor, councillors’ salaries in spotlight on eve of CSU 52 strike 2024-03-14 [CITY]

Alberta Tension builds between Edmonton city council and union; CSU 52 strike 1 day away 2024-03-14 [Global]

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