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Top news - Manitoba

CUPE 500 speaks out against cuts at Winnipeg City Hall 2019-12-02 [CUPE]

Government employee union secures summit amid rise in liquor thefts 2019-11-30 [CBC]

Winnipeg General Strike inspires gritty love story for the silver screen 2019-11-29 [CBC]

Liquor store worker recalls attack, thought she as going to die 2019-11-28 [CITY]

Raising minimum wage for city workers would cost Winnipeg $350K: report 2019-11-28 [CTV]

'We should be protected,' employee hospitalized after violent liquor store robbery says in emotional video 2019-11-27 [CBC]

Teachers push for free universal breakfast program for K-12 students 2019-11-27 [CBC]

Critically injured liquor-store worker posts emotional video days after robbery horror 2019-11-26 [The Free Press]

More tax cuts, vague buzz words not enough to protect services Manitobans deserve 2019-11-25 [NUPGE]

Liquor store workers victims of violent drug-user rampages 2019-11-25 [CLI]

The Police Budget is Bleeding Winnipeg’s Community Services Dry 2019-11-25 [Rank and File Radio]

Messages of support cover Tyndall Park Liquor Mart amid renewed calls for emergency summit 2019-11-23 [CBC]

Throne Speech threatens public education, child care, and continues to hurt front-line health care 2019-11-23 [CUPE]

Liquor store in Winnipeg closed temporarily after employees assaulted 2019-11-22 [OHS Canada]

'This has to stop': Liquor store in Winnipeg to close after employees assaulted 2019-11-21 [The Times-Colonist]

New president aims to rebuild Winnipeg Labour Council after predecessor's resignation 2019-11-20 [CBC]

Workers at CN's Symington Yard in Winnipeg join thousands across country on strike 2019-11-20 [CBC]

Abe Araya Elected as President of CUPE Manitoba 2019-11-19 [CUPE]

Union wants policy changes, more police in grocery stores to address shoplifting 2019-11-18 [CBC]

Winnipeg police union opposes changes to pension plan; city says would save millions 2019-11-06 [Global]

Municipal workers in Westlake-Gladstone Man. unionize 2019-11-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Supreme Steel Betraying Its Winnipeg Employees After 50 Years of Loyal Service 2019-11-04 [USW]

Nisichawayasihk home workers in Nelson House, Man. ratify new agreement 2019-10-24 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Union files grievances against Stella's in 1st month of contract for workers at restaurant 2019-10-19 [CBC]

Government backs off plan to seek delay in wage freeze court battle 2019-10-19 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Changes to Manitoba’s Public Services Sustainability Act continue to undermine fair collective bargaining 2019-10-18 [CUPE]

Winnipeg’s Executive Policy Committee takes next step towards Living Wage Policy 2019-10-18 [CUPE]

Staff cuts 'significantly impacted' Manitoba Hydro's response to storm, union says 2019-10-18 [CBC]

'Toxic work environment' plagues National Microbiology Lab: workplace report 2019-10-18 [CBC]

Restaurant members at Stella’s Sherbrook achieve first contract 2019-10-17 [UFCW Canada]

MGEU taking legal action after Minister refuses to appoint Civil Service Arbitration Panel 2019-10-17 [NUPGE]

Stella’s Sherbrook restaurant workers in Winnipeg sign first contract 2019-10-12 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Province wants to put off court challenge over wage freeze 2019-10-08 [CTV]

Winnipeg Transit union says members have accepted a deal with the city 2019-10-05 [Global]

Winnipeg Transit union narrowly votes to accept city's contract offer 2019-10-05 [CBC]

MGEU members step up after devastating Thompson Fire 2019-10-02 [NUPGE]

Union Says National Lab in Canada Is a Toxic Workplace 2019-10-01 [The Scientist]

Where was Organized Labour at Winnipeg’s Climate Strike? 2019-10-01 [Rank and File]

Misery infects virology lab: deadly pathogens, toxic workplace 2019-09-28 [The Free Press]

Duke of Marlborough school workers in Churchill, Man. ratify first contract 2019-09-27 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Dakota Ojibway child-services workers in Manitoba ratify first agreement 2019-09-26 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Premier’s 100-day plan promises more cuts to Manitoba's service 2019-09-23 [NUPGE]

A Step Towards Removing Winnipeg’s Invasive Library Security 2019-09-21 [Rank and File]

Transit union reaches tentative agreement with city 2019-09-21 [CBC]

Student union backs Winnipeg Transit union as fears of strike loom 2019-09-17 [CBC]

Hydro workers raise red flags on Hydro privatization after letter issued by CEO 2019-09-14 [CUPE]

Unifor commits to defending Manitoba's strong public services 2019-09-11 [Unifor]

Election results critical to unions 2019-09-08 [Rank and File]

From 1919 to the Fight for $15: Working-class organizing in Winnipeg today 2019-09-08 [Canadian Dimension]

Union alleges illegal pro-Tory partisan ads 2019-09-07 [CBC]

This month in labour history

6-12-1917 Wartime miscalculations and naval mismanagement cause unprecedented devastation for working-class neighborhoods in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When two ships collide in the harbour, one of them loaded with tons of explosives, almost 2,000 people are killed. [more]

6-12-1921 J. S. Woodsworth, a Methodist minister arrested during the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, is elected as the Labour Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre. Re-elected five times, he is a founder, in 1932, of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. [more]

7-12-1970 The Royal Commission on the Status of Women releases its report. Many of the 167 recommendations relate to the status of women in the workplace, including pay equity and access to childcare, education and training. [more]

9-12-1895 Annie Buller is born in Ukraine, coming to Canada as a child. She becomes an early woman leader of the Communist Party of Canada and one of its most formidable organizers. [more]

9-12-1910 Methane gas explodes in the Bellevue, Alberta coal mine in the Crowsnest Pass. The union had warned against gas accumulations more than once that year. There are seventeen survivors and thirty-one casualties, including one rescuer. [more]

11-12-1984 The United Auto Workers Canadian Council decides to separate from the international union and form UAW-Canada, later the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW). [more]

14-12-1965 A small group of women workers at Tilco Plastics in Peterborough, Ontario, go on strike for a union contract, only to face strikebreakers and court injunctions against picketing. The strike is lost but leads to the abolition of ex parte injunctions. [more]

19-12-1945 The historic 99-day strike at Ford in Windsor, Ontario ends with an agreement to have Supreme Court Justice Ivan C. Rand arbitrate a new collective agreement. His decision leads to adoption of the Rand Formula for union security. [more]

20-12-2001 In a union appeal against an Ontario law, the Supreme Court of Canada rules that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the right of agricultural workers to trade unionism and collective bargaining. [more]

27-12-1913 Protests by members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Edmonton, Alberta, force the city to provide emergency work and housing for 400 unemployed. [more]

29-12-1876 Grand Trunk Railway workers in eastern Ontario go on strike in support of fired co-workers. The four-day strike is broken by the use of scabs and militia. [more]

31-12-1958 In Newfoundland, members of the International Woodworkers of America go on strike against the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company. When Premier Joe Smallwood decertifies the union, the struggle draws international attention. [more]

31-12-2011 In Alma, Quebec, Rio Tinto Alcan locks out members of Local 9490, United Steelworkers, in an attempt to replace all retiring workers with non-union contract employees. This is followed by a successful six-month global solidarity campaign. [more]