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Today's news - Manitoba

Tying minimum wage to inflation draws fire from unions, business 2017-05-24 [The Free Press]

USW Local 6166 on the Birch Tree Mine Closure Announcement 2017-05-22 [USW]

City of Winnipeg's largest union hints at potential labour disruption ahead of 'final offer' from the city 2017-05-20 [CBC]

Labour leaders concerned about lack of meaningful dialogue on legislation 2017-05-18 [NUPGE]

Labour advocates, pot activists at odds over business model 2017-05-17 [The Free Press]

Members 'Take Action' at UFCW 832 Activist Conference 2017-05-15 [UFCW]

Free Press, union ink deal to ensure paper's future 2017-05-15 [The Free Press]

Anti-labour bills in Manitoba pass committee hearings 2017-05-11 [CUPE]

Self-regulation of paramedics a step closer to reality, but firefighters' union douses move 2017-05-11 [CBC]

Court challenge on freeze law almost a certainty and it’ll be a huge win for the victors 2017-05-10 [The Sun]

Anti-labour Bills in Manitoba Pass Committee Hearings 2017-05-10 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Contentious labour bills subject of committee meetings at Manitoba legislature 2017-05-10 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Bus drivers union says Winnipeg Transit putting drivers at risk 2017-05-09 [CBC]

Union leaders threaten to fight Tory wage-control bill in court 2017-05-09 [The Free Press]

Public workers rally against provincial budget cuts 2017-05-07 [CTV]

Staff, patients attend latest NDP-Liberal rally against closures at Misericordia Health Centre 2017-05-05 [CBC]

Labour Board hearing UMFA allegations of unfair labour practice 2017-05-03 [The Free Press]

Pallister’s P3 schools plan lacks transparency, accountability 2017-05-03 [CUPE]

Hundreds of Manitoba nurses rally against health-care cuts 2017-04-27 [CBC]

Workers at End Homelessness Winnipeg choose MGEU 2017-04-25 [NUPGE]

Info picket at Westman Lab draws attention to recruitment, retention issues 2017-04-24 [NUPGE]

Michelle McHale quits Manitoba NDP leadership race 2017-04-23 [CBC]

Union workers rally against budget 'attack' on public service 2017-04-22 [CBC]

Main Street Project funding cut – at least 8 people laid off 2017-04-19 [NUPGE]

Members of University of Winnipeg Students' Association ratify new agreement 2017-04-18 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

High turnover rate, lower wages prompt Brandon hospital lab techs to organize information picket 2017-04-17 [CBC]

Budget doesn't deliver for frontline workers as promised 2017-04-13 [NUPGE]

CUPE Local 1973 fights back against ER and program cuts 2017-04-12 [CUPE]

Budget leaves doors wide open for privatization 2017-04-12 [CUPE]

Labour Board finds that Manitoba Harvest violated rights of workers seeking unionization 2017-04-11 [Workers United]

Health care workers concerned with Pallister's health care cuts 2017-04-11 [CUPE]

Health care workers concerned with Pallister’s health care cuts 2017-04-09 [CUPE]

Update on WRHA Changes and ER Closures 2017-04-09 [CUPE]

Nurses' union calls Winnipeg hospital shakeup a 'front-line service cut' 2017-04-08 [CBC]

Supreme Court of Canada won’t hear Merit case against Manitoba Hydro 2017-03-30 [The Journal of Commerce]

Troubling comments about closing Manitoba ERs raise red flags 2017-03-29 [NUPGE]

Tories ready legislative assault on labour 2017-03-27 [Rank and File]

Winnipeg and its largest union trade accusations of unfair labour practices 2017-03-26 [CBC]

City accused of unfair bargaining 2017-03-25 [The Free Press]

Negotiations between City of Winnipeg and police union at an impasse 2017-03-23 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Accountability and Transparency for P3 privatization model is not “red tape”, it’s an essential public protection 2017-03-22 [CUPE]

Member Update on Government’s Plans for Wage Freezes and Caps, Health Care Bargaining Units 2017-03-22 [CUPE]

Kildonan Personal Care Centre Workers to Hold Info Pickets 2017-03-22 [CUPE]

Government's anti-labour legislation: history repeats itself 2017-03-22 [PIPSC]

Winnipeg police union accuses mayor of meddling in contract talks, applies for arbitration 2017-03-22 [CBC]

Unions have not ruled out court challenge to wage freeze legislation 2017-03-22 [CBC]

Wage freezes coming for Manitoba's public servants, doctors, nurses 2017-03-21 [CBC]

UFCW members at Unicity Taxi in Winnipeg sign new deal 2017-03-21 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Legislative battle between Pallister, unions begins Monday 2017-03-20 [CBC]

Winnipeg transit passenger slaps female driver in the face, rips shirt 2017-03-20 [Global]

This month in labour history

1-05-1906 Socialists in Montréal organize Canada's first May Day demonstration. The following year ten thousand people assemble in the Champs de Mars before the crowd is dispersed by police. [more]

1-05-1986 Shirley Carr becomes the first woman president of the Canadian Labour Congress. A coal miner's daughter who became a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, she is also the first CLC president from a public sector union. [more]

2-05-1952 More than 1,000 retail employees, most of them women, begin a strike at Dupuis Frères, a major department store in Montréal. It takes three months, but support for the new militancy among Catholic unions helps the workers win a collective agreement. [more]

3-05-1887 British Columbia's worst mine disaster takes 150 lives after an explosion in a deep underground mine at Nanaimo. The casualties include 53 Chinese labourers, whose names were not recorded by the company. [more]

5-05-1972 Saskatchewan brings in an Occupational Health (and Safety) Act, considered the first of its kind in North America. It includes the right to information about workplace hazards, to participate in safety decisions and to refuse unsafe work. [more]

9-05-1992 An underground explosion takes the lives of 26 miners in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. A public inquiry into the Westray Disaster reports that workers were intimidated into ignoring safety hazards. [more]

9-05-1972 Leaders of the Québec Common Front go to jail for defying back to work laws during the April general strike. More than 300,000 workers participate in work stoppages and occupations that bring the provincial government back to the bargaining table. [more]

14-05-1940 Emma Goldman, the veteran feminist, labour and anarchist organizer, dies in Toronto, Ontario. A memorial service is held at the Labor Lyceum on Spadina Avenue, but she is buried with the Haymarket martyrs in Chicago. [more]

14-05-1940 Emma Goldman, the veteran feminist, anarchist and labour organizer, dies in Toronto, Ontario. A memorial service is held at the Labor Lyceum on Spadina Avenue. [more]

15-05-1919 A general strike called by the Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council brings out 30,000 workers in support of the unions in the building and metal trades. The city comes to a standstill for six weeks in one of the major labour struggles in Canadian history. [more]

15-05-1919 Winnipeg General Strike. [more]

18-05-1952 The American singer and activist Paul Robeson performs for 40,000 people at a union-sponsored concert at the Peace Arch between Washington State and British Columbia. His passport had been revoked and he had been refused admission to Canada. [more]