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Today's news - Manitoba

MGEU members, concerned Manitobans rally against health care cuts 2017-09-18 [NUPGE]

WRHA restructuring will result in significant cuts to front-line care 2017-09-17 [CUPE]

Pallister creating false choice with health care premium proposal 2017-09-17 [CUPE]

700 Winnipeg hospital support staff to be served deletion notices 2017-09-12 [CBC]

Winnipeg Airport Workers Continue the Struggle 2017-09-12 [PSAC]

Manitobans don’t want for-profit Ontario corporations in their home care program 2017-09-12 [NUPGE]

Winnipeg Airports Authority accuses striking workers of intimidation, obstructing traffic 2017-09-07 [CBC]

Union activists celebrate Labour Day 2017-09-05 [The Sun]

Survey says? Manitobans don’t support government’s health care cuts! 2017-09-04 [NUPGE]

University of Manitoba, faculty reach tentative contract deal 2017-09-01 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Workers striking against contracting out at Winnipeg Airport 2017-08-31 [NUPGE]

Repeatedly crowding crosswalk is strike strategy for airport workers 2017-08-30 [The Free Press]

Federal employees protest at MP's office over Phoenix pay issues 2017-08-26 [CBC]

Health-care workers rally at St. Boniface Hospital to protest possible job cuts 2017-08-25 [CBC]

Scabs on a plane! The Winnipeg airport strike 2017-08-22 [Rank and File]

'Not business as usual': Airport evacuation draws blowback from striking workers 2017-08-21 [CBC]

Brian Pallister says “Don’t call me, I’m on vacation” 2017-08-21 [UFCW]

Union for health-care staff believes Niverville MRI clinic un-Canadian 2017-08-19 [The Free Press]

CUPE concerned with new for-profit MRI clinic in Niverville 2017-08-19 [CUPE]

Failing to protect all frontline staff, programs puts patients at risk 2017-08-18 [NUPGE]

100s of unionized nursing positions 'deleted' in Winnipeg hospital reorganization 2017-08-16 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Striking airport union says temporary building unsafe 2017-08-13 [CBC]

Union Concerned that Winnipeg Airport Strike is Being Artificially Prolonged 2017-08-12 [Aviation Pros]

Nygard ignoring social responsibility to Cambodian garment workers: union  ActNOW!  2017-08-11 [CBC]

St. Boniface Hospital tells union more health cuts coming in Winnipeg 2017-08-10 [The National Post]

Union Concerned that Winnipeg Airport Strike is Being Artificially Prolonged 2017-08-09 [PSAC]

Union says 'strong-arm tactics' won't discourage striking workers at Winnipeg airport 2017-08-06 [CBC]

Fighting for Survival: Manitoba’s 1987 Westfair strike 2017-08-05 [Rank and File]

Court curtails picket line at Winnipeg airport 2017-08-05 [The Free Press]

Winnipeg Airports Authority wins court injunction against striking workers 2017-08-05 [CBC]

Pallister pushes P3 schools, despite growing concerns 2017-08-03 [CUPE]

Province takes next step toward public-private partnerships in building new schools 2017-08-03 [CBC]

Machinists win lengthy arbitration at Flin Flon 2017-08-02 [IAMAW]

No end in sight for airport strike 2017-08-01 [The Free Press]

Airports authority seeks injunction against employees accused of picketing at private homes 2017-08-01 [CBC]

WRHA cuts nurses from trauma, burn, IV units at Health Sciences Centre 2017-07-31 [SUN]

How to support striking Winnipeg Airport workers 2017-07-31 [PSAC]

Social Impact Bonds: Putting Profit before People 2017-07-31 [NUPGE]

Employees at second Tim Hortons in Winnipeg move to join union 2017-07-30 [Metro]

Workers at 2nd Winnipeg Tim Hortons vote to unionize 2017-07-28 [CBC]

Winnipeg Tim Hortons workers vote to unionize 2017-07-28 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Workers at a Tim Hortons in Winnipeg vote to unionize, second group to do so 2017-07-27 [Canadian Press]

The living wage has the potential to shift the story on poverty 2017-07-27 [Rank and File]

Striking airport workers send message to employer 2017-07-27 [Skies]

Striking airport workers' message to the employer: if you value us, stop negotiating in the media 2017-07-26 [PSAC]

Strike in Effect at the Winnipeg International Airport 2017-07-25 [PSAC]

Strike begins for 150 Winnipeg airport workers 2017-07-25 [CBC]

Two unions begin strike at Winnipeg's airport 2017-07-25 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Online death threat against Winnipeg Transit angers former driver 2017-07-24 [CBC]

Union, Winnipeg airport still at bargaining table as strike deadline looms 2017-07-24 [CBC]

This month in labour history

3-09-1894 Labour Day is observed for the first time as a statutory public holiday, under a law introduced that year by the Conservative prime minister Sir John Thompson. [more]

8-09-1886 The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Saskatchewan Division No. 322, is formed in Medicine Hat. It is the first union chartered in what later becomes Alberta. [more]

11-09-1916 A second disaster strikes the huge cantilever bridge under construction at Quebec City. Another 13 lives are lost in addition to the 75 deaths in the first collapse in 1907. The bridge, completed in 1917, is still standing today. [more]

12-09-1945 In Windsor, Ontario, the United Auto Workers launch a strike against the Ford Motor Company that lasts for 99 days and leads to the Rand Formula for union security. [more]

15-09-1933 A general strike begins in the factories in Stratford, Ontario and spreads across the city. Troops and armoured cars are called out. [more]

16-09-1912 Vancouver Island coal miners begin what becomes a two-year strike for workplace safety and union recognition. To defeat the miners' union, the companies bring in strikebreakers and the province calls out the militia. [more]

16-09-1913 The New Brunswick Federation of Labour is organized at Saint John, New Brunswick. Today it is the provincial federation in Canada with the second longest continuous history. [more]

23-09-1873 The Canadian Labour Union is founded in Toronto. This first attempt to organize a Canadian labour central finds limited support, mainly from skilled workers in Ontario. [more]

24-09-1963 The Canadian Union of Public Employees, now Canada's largest union, is founded in Winnipeg through a merger of two earlier organizations and soon becomes a major force in the union movement. [more]

25-09-1995 Unions supporting the Liverpool Dockers Solidarity Campaign participate in national actions using the internet. This is believed to be the first time the net was used to organize an international labour solidarity action. [more]

26-09-1888 Canada's first independent labour Member of Parliament is returned in a by-election in Montreal East. A printer by trade, Alphonse-Télésphore Lépine is a leading figure in the Montreal Trades and Labour Council and the Knights of Labour. [more]

29-09-1931 A strike by coal miners from Bienfait, Saskatchewan comes comes to a head with the fatal shooting by police of three strikers during a protest on the main street in Estevan. [more]