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Today's news - Manitoba

Arbitrator settles labour dispute between Winnipeg and its managers 2017-07-20 [CBC]

Winnipeg airport workers vote to strike 2017-07-19 [Metro]

Strong majority of airport workers vote to take strike action 2017-07-19 [PSAC]

Majority of Winnipeg airport workers vote to take strike action 2017-07-19 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Airport labour agreement delayed 2017-07-15 [The Free Press]

Unions take government to court, calling wage-freeze bill unconstitutional 2017-07-15 [rabble]

Fuzzy math drives Bill 28's savings assumptions 2017-07-14 [The Free Press]

Workers to Picket at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport 2017-07-14 [ChrisD]

CUPE members protest cuts to health care 2017-07-10 [CUPE]

Students want University of Manitoba, faculty to get on with bargaining 2017-07-07 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Social Impact Bonds wrong direction for Manitoba’s social services 2017-07-06 [CUPE]

Tories target strategic jobs in health cuts 2017-07-06 [The Free Press]

Unions file court injunction against Pallister’s wage freeze bill 2017-07-05 [CUPE]

Public-sector unions launch court challenge over wage freezes 2017-07-05 [CBC]

Unifor signs on to constitutional challenge of anti-union law 2017-07-05 [Unifor]

Public sector unions launch court challenge over wage freezes 2017-07-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Most disagree with ER closures: poll 2017-07-04 [The Free Press]

Pallister Government’s Plan for Health Care: Create as much confusion as possible 2017-07-01 [CUPE]

CUPE 500 workers accept city contract offer 2017-06-30 [CBC]

Low increases, wage freeze part of deal for city workers 2017-06-29 [The Free Press]

Winnipeg's largest union retains job-security guarantee in proposed contract 2017-06-29 [CBC]

Raising Red Flags on the P3 School in Brandon 2017-06-27 [CUPE]

CUPE 'raising red flags' about P3 school model 2017-06-27 [The Sun]

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority timelines too much, too fast: MGEU 2017-06-25 [NUPGE]

Winnipeg police officers vote in favour of the city's contract offer 2017-06-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Air ambulance suspension avoidable: union 2017-06-21 [The Sun]

Winnipeg police union contract calls for civilians, cadets to take over more work from officers in uniform 2017-06-21 [CBC]

CUPE vote on City of Winnipeg deal set for end of June 2017-06-18 [CBC]

Tension at the table: 4,600 city workers were minutes away from strike Tuesday 2017-06-15 [The Free Press]

CUPE remains opposed to ER, Urgent Care closures and program changes 2017-06-15 [CUPE]

Winnipeg reaches tentative deal with its largest union 2017-06-14 [CBC]

Unions are ready to fight proposed labour legislation 2017-06-13 [rabble]

Wyatt fears Winnipeg may provoke CUPE 500 strike to save money 2017-06-13 [CBC]

MGEU members at Westman Lab ratify final offer, express disappointment and concern 2017-06-12 [NUPGE]

Province turns the clock back on workers’ rights 2017-06-12 [CLC]

Brandon lab workers left with 'little choice' on contract thanks to wage-freeze legislation: MGEU 2017-06-08 [CBC]

City of Winnipeg's largest union receives 'significant' strike mandate 2017-06-08 [CBC]

CUPE members treated like 'third-rate citizens': Union 2017-06-08 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

‘It would be a disaster’: Thousands of Winnipeg city workers inch closer to strike mandate 2017-06-07 [CTV]

Latest offer to city workers includes wage freeze, CUPE says 2017-06-07 [CBC]

Bill 28 an assault on Manitoba workers 2017-06-03 [Unifor]

Winnipeg firefighter hospitalized after suspected fentanyl exposure 2017-06-02 [CBC]

Pallister tight-lipped on privatizing home care services, says he is about 'results' 2017-06-02 [CBC]

Winnipeg juggling union grievances while preparing for labour disruption 2017-06-02 [Metro]

Winnipeg asking managers to replace CUPE workers in event of a strike 2017-06-02 [CBC]

Government pushing wage-freeze bill through legislature 2017-06-02 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Winnipeg Transit proposes pilot project to test safety barriers for bus drivers 2017-05-31 [Occupational Safety]

Barriers around bus drivers, private transit cops could be legacy of Jubal Fraser killing 2017-05-27 [CBC]

City's largest union to vote on strike mandate 2017-05-27 [CBC]

The Pas Library and Les Tournesols de Saint-Vital in Manitoba join MGEU 2017-05-26 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

This month in labour history

1-07-1935 In Regina, Saskatchewan, a rally in support of the On-to-Ottawa Trek of unemployed workers is attacked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Two men are killed and 100 injured. The Dominion Day riot contributes to the defeat of Prime Minister R.B. Bennett. [more]

1-07-1923 Provincial police charge crowds at the Sydney steel plant in Nova Scotia, where workers are on strike for union recognition. When the mineworkers come out in support, their leaders are arrested. Memories of Bloody Sunday help lead to union recognition. [more]

3-07-1979 Longshoremen in Saint John, New Brunswick refuse to load heavy water for the military dictatorship in Argentina. The celebrated No Candu/Hot Cargo protest brings attention to the abuse of human rights and secures the release of several political prisoners. [more]

7-07-1983 British Columbia introduces 26 bills to cut public services and limit union rights. Operation Solidarity launches a province-wide mobilization, supported by a wider Solidarity Coalition. This takes the province to the verge of a general strike. [more]

8-07-1900 First Nations, European and Japanese Canadian fishers on the Fraser River win a strike for a standard seasonal rate for their catch. It is the start of unionism in the British Columbia fishery, but a year later ethnic divisions lead to defeat. [more]

9-07-1793 Black petitioners and abolitionist allies succeed in gaining a law to limit slavery in Upper Canada. The importation of additional slaves is prohibited, and the children of slaves are to be freed at 25 years of age. [more]

11-07-1962 The road to universal health care reaches a turning point when Saskatchewan doctors fail to win public support for their strike against the implementation of medicare. Saskatchewan goes on to set the model for the rest of the country. [more]

14-07-1946 In Hamilton, Ontario steelworkers take on the country's biggest steel producer in a crucial strike for union recognition. With strong community support, the steelworkers hold the line for almost three months to win an historic victory. [more]

23-07-1965 Postal workers across the country begin a wildcat strike that leads to full union recognition and collective bargaining rights in the postal service. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers soon emerges as one of the most militant public sector unions. [more]

24-07-1941 Thousands of workers in Arvida, Québec go on an illegal wartime strike and occupy the Alcan aluminium plant. The federal government claims enemy sabotage and sends troops. Work resumes while a settlement is negotiated. [more]

27-07-1918 Ginger Goodwin, a union organizer and socialist, is shot and killed by a special constable in the woods near Cumberland, British Columbia. In Vancouver his shooting leads to the province's first one-day general strike. [more]

28-07-1932 Three young boys die in an abandoned coal mine in Minto, New Brunswick. Two of the coal miners who come to their rescue also perish. The tragic event leads to the province's first mine safety legislation. [more]

31-07-1961 The founding convention of the New Party, soon to be the New Democratic Party, opens in Ottawa. Strongly supported by the Canadian Labour Congress, it replaces the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas is chosen as leader. [more]