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Today's news - Manitoba

Troubling comments about closing Manitoba ERs raise red flags 2017-03-29 [NUPGE]

Tories ready legislative assault on labour 2017-03-27 [Rank and File]

Winnipeg and its largest union trade accusations of unfair labour practices 2017-03-26 [CBC]

City accused of unfair bargaining 2017-03-25 [The Free Press]

Negotiations between City of Winnipeg and police union at an impasse 2017-03-23 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Accountability and Transparency for P3 privatization model is not “red tape”, it’s an essential public protection 2017-03-22 [CUPE]

Member Update on Government’s Plans for Wage Freezes and Caps, Health Care Bargaining Units 2017-03-22 [CUPE]

Kildonan Personal Care Centre Workers to Hold Info Pickets 2017-03-22 [CUPE]

Government's anti-labour legislation: history repeats itself 2017-03-22 [PIPSC]

Winnipeg police union accuses mayor of meddling in contract talks, applies for arbitration 2017-03-22 [CBC]

Unions have not ruled out court challenge to wage freeze legislation 2017-03-22 [CBC]

Wage freezes coming for Manitoba's public servants, doctors, nurses 2017-03-21 [CBC]

UFCW members at Unicity Taxi in Winnipeg sign new deal 2017-03-21 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Legislative battle between Pallister, unions begins Monday 2017-03-20 [CBC]

Winnipeg transit passenger slaps female driver in the face, rips shirt 2017-03-20 [Global]

Petition calls for one union for mine workers 2017-03-16 [The Reminder]

'I was so sad': Brandon workers speak out against federal cuts to Maple Leaf English classes 2017-03-15 [CBC]

'I'm going to kill you': Winnipeg bus driver punched, another threatened Friday night 2017-03-15 [CBC]

Manitoba Hydro tower collapse 'frightening' for workers 2017-03-14 [CBC]

Feds cut funding for English class at Maple Leaf Foods in Brandon: union 2017-03-14 [CBC]

Union boss says city workers set up to fail by 'hiring freeze' 2017-03-14 [Metro]

An interview with Basia Sokal, the new Winnipeg Labour Council president 2017-03-12 [Rank and File]

First contestant to launch Manitoba NDP leadership bid 2017-03-09 [CTV]

Safety concerns spur Winnipeg bus drivers to consider quitting, retiring: union 2017-03-09 [CBC]

IWD 2017 – Join the virtual Day of Action! 2017-03-07 [CUPE]

CUPE questions Pallister's PC MLA wage freeze – it's not genuine 2017-03-06 [CUPE]

MGEU campaign urges Premier to keep promise, protect services 2017-03-02 [NUPGE]

Government to reveal cost-control measures in spring legislature sitting 2017-03-01 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Public sector unions make statement on consultations with government 2017-02-12 [NUPGE]

Union leaders say Pallister pushing ahead with civil service cuts 2017-02-11 [CBC]

Reduced work week among possibilities facing Manitoba government workers 2017-02-11 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

CUPE Local 998 ratifies agreement with Manitoba Hydro, but vows to fight job cuts 2017-02-08 [CUPE]

Supreme Court rejects Merit Contractors latest attack on workers 2017-02-07 [NUPGE]

CUPE 998 vows to fight job cuts at Hydro 2017-02-06 [CUPE]

Supreme Court won't hear challenge to Manitoba Hydro union requirement 2017-02-03 [CBC]

University of Winnipeg collective agreement imposed by labour board 2017-02-02 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

U of W academic workers get 10 to 23% wage hike in 1st agreement 2017-02-01 [CBC]

MGEU President concerned about sudden home care name change 2017-01-31 [NUPGE]

Unions push back after WRHA issues repayment requests to 1,200 staff mistakenly paid too much 2017-01-13 [CBC]

AESES affiliates with Confederation of Canadian Unions 2017-01-12 [The Manitoban]

Hydro workers agree to wage freeze, union demands respect from Pallister 2017-01-11 [CBC]

Manitoba Hydro workers' wages frozen 2017-01-11 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Joint Statement on meeting with Finance Minister Friesen 2017-01-07 [CUPE]

Talks follow months of uncertainty over whether Pallister government plans to reopen contracts 2017-01-06 [CBC]

Finance minister set on public-sector wage curb despite union concerns 2017-01-06 [The Star]

Finance minister and labour leaders meet as province seeks savings 2017-01-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Winnipeg enters whirlwind of labour negotiations 2017-01-05 [CBC]

Minimum wage hikes not effective in reducing poverty: Manitoba premier 2016-12-31 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Beyond Bread and Butter 2016-12-28 [Jacobin]

Premier invites officials from 3 big unions to meeting 2016-12-23 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

This month in labour history

4-03-1910 An avalanche in the Rogers Pass, British Columbia kills 58 men on a crew clearing snow from Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. The dead include 32 Japanese workers. [more]

7-03-1978 Women workers begin a 23-week strike for a first contract at a small auto parts plant in Centralia, Ontario. The Fleck workers' militancy wins wide support and shows the need for reforms in labour law. [more]

8-03-1980 In Hamilton, Ontario, an International Women's Day rally features the Women Back into Stelco campaign. A human rights complaint by five women forces a major steel company to change their hiring practices. [more]

10-03-1957 Copper miners at Murdochville, Quebec launch a strike for union recognition. The unsuccessful struggle lasts seven months and the courts award Noranda Mines $1.5 million in damages, to be paid by the United Steelworkers. [more]

12-03-2012 Union organizer and feminist Madeleine Parent, born in Montreal in 1918, dies at age 93 after a lifetime of service to the organization of workers and the cause of social justice. [more]

13-03-1919 In Calgary, Alberta, delegates to a Western Labour Conference support abolition of the system of production for profit and endorse plans to organize workers on industrial lines. The next day they adopt the name One Big Union. [more]

17-03-1960 Five Italian immigrant workers die in an underground tunnel at a watermain construction project in suburban Toronto. The Hoggs Hollow Disaster draws public attention to the unsafe conditions in construction and the exploitation of immigrant workers. [more]

25-03-2006 An accounting instructor dies from injuries received on the picket line at Centennial College in Toronto during a province-wide strike. John Stammers, 62, was a member of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. [more]

27-03-1912 Thousands of workers start to walk out of railway construction camps on the Fraser River in British Columbia in a strike led by the Industrial Workers of the World. When Joe Hill visits, he writes a song for the Wobbly song book. [more]

31-03-2004 Bill C-45 comes into force, amending the Criminal Code to impose penalties on corporations and managers for violations causing workplace injuries or death. It is named the Westray Bill after the 1992 mine disaster. [more]

31-03-1949 The Canadian Seamen's Union launches a strike to defend union contracts. Shipping companies and Canadian authorities collaborate with the Seafarers' International Union to drive out the CSU. [more]