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Today's news - Manitoba

Raising Red Flags on the P3 School in Brandon 2017-06-27 [CUPE]

CUPE 'raising red flags' about P3 school model 2017-06-27 [The Sun]

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority timelines too much, too fast: MGEU 2017-06-25 [NUPGE]

Winnipeg police officers vote in favour of the city's contract offer 2017-06-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Air ambulance suspension avoidable: union 2017-06-21 [The Sun]

Winnipeg police union contract calls for civilians, cadets to take over more work from officers in uniform 2017-06-21 [CBC]

CUPE vote on City of Winnipeg deal set for end of June 2017-06-18 [CBC]

Tension at the table: 4,600 city workers were minutes away from strike Tuesday 2017-06-15 [The Free Press]

CUPE remains opposed to ER, Urgent Care closures and program changes 2017-06-15 [CUPE]

Winnipeg reaches tentative deal with its largest union 2017-06-14 [CBC]

Unions are ready to fight proposed labour legislation 2017-06-13 [rabble]

Wyatt fears Winnipeg may provoke CUPE 500 strike to save money 2017-06-13 [CBC]

MGEU members at Westman Lab ratify final offer, express disappointment and concern 2017-06-12 [NUPGE]

Province turns the clock back on workers’ rights 2017-06-12 [CLC]

Brandon lab workers left with 'little choice' on contract thanks to wage-freeze legislation: MGEU 2017-06-08 [CBC]

City of Winnipeg's largest union receives 'significant' strike mandate 2017-06-08 [CBC]

CUPE members treated like 'third-rate citizens': Union 2017-06-08 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

‘It would be a disaster’: Thousands of Winnipeg city workers inch closer to strike mandate 2017-06-07 [CTV]

Latest offer to city workers includes wage freeze, CUPE says 2017-06-07 [CBC]

Bill 28 an assault on Manitoba workers 2017-06-03 [Unifor]

Winnipeg firefighter hospitalized after suspected fentanyl exposure 2017-06-02 [CBC]

Pallister tight-lipped on privatizing home care services, says he is about 'results' 2017-06-02 [CBC]

Winnipeg juggling union grievances while preparing for labour disruption 2017-06-02 [Metro]

Winnipeg asking managers to replace CUPE workers in event of a strike 2017-06-02 [CBC]

Government pushing wage-freeze bill through legislature 2017-06-02 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Winnipeg Transit proposes pilot project to test safety barriers for bus drivers 2017-05-31 [Occupational Safety]

Barriers around bus drivers, private transit cops could be legacy of Jubal Fraser killing 2017-05-27 [CBC]

City's largest union to vote on strike mandate 2017-05-27 [CBC]

The Pas Library and Les Tournesols de Saint-Vital in Manitoba join MGEU 2017-05-26 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Tying minimum wage to inflation draws fire from unions, business 2017-05-24 [The Free Press]

USW Local 6166 on the Birch Tree Mine Closure Announcement 2017-05-22 [USW]

City of Winnipeg's largest union hints at potential labour disruption ahead of 'final offer' from the city 2017-05-20 [CBC]

Labour leaders concerned about lack of meaningful dialogue on legislation 2017-05-18 [NUPGE]

Labour advocates, pot activists at odds over business model 2017-05-17 [The Free Press]

Members 'Take Action' at UFCW 832 Activist Conference 2017-05-15 [UFCW]

Free Press, union ink deal to ensure paper's future 2017-05-15 [The Free Press]

Anti-labour bills in Manitoba pass committee hearings 2017-05-11 [CUPE]

Self-regulation of paramedics a step closer to reality, but firefighters' union douses move 2017-05-11 [CBC]

Court challenge on freeze law almost a certainty and it’ll be a huge win for the victors 2017-05-10 [The Sun]

Anti-labour Bills in Manitoba Pass Committee Hearings 2017-05-10 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Contentious labour bills subject of committee meetings at Manitoba legislature 2017-05-10 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Bus drivers union says Winnipeg Transit putting drivers at risk 2017-05-09 [CBC]

Union leaders threaten to fight Tory wage-control bill in court 2017-05-09 [The Free Press]

Public workers rally against provincial budget cuts 2017-05-07 [CTV]

Staff, patients attend latest NDP-Liberal rally against closures at Misericordia Health Centre 2017-05-05 [CBC]

Labour Board hearing UMFA allegations of unfair labour practice 2017-05-03 [The Free Press]

Pallister’s P3 schools plan lacks transparency, accountability 2017-05-03 [CUPE]

Hundreds of Manitoba nurses rally against health-care cuts 2017-04-27 [CBC]

Workers at End Homelessness Winnipeg choose MGEU 2017-04-25 [NUPGE]

Info picket at Westman Lab draws attention to recruitment, retention issues 2017-04-24 [NUPGE]

This month in labour history

1-06-1986 In Edmonton, Alberta meatpacking workers go on strike against wage and pension rollbacks. One of their slogans is "Gainers makes weiners with scabs". There are more than 400 arrests before an agreement is reached in December. [more]

3-06-1935 Hundreds of unemployed men board boxcars in Vancouver, British Columbia, beginning the historic On-to-Ottawa Trek to protest conditions in the relief camps run by the Department of National Defence. [more]

8-06-2007 The Supreme Court of Canada rules, in a 6 to 1 decision, that collective bargaining rights are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The decision describes collective bargaining rights as "a fundamental aspect of Canadian society." [more]

11-06-1925 Today is Davis Day in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, a memorial day for coal miner William Davis, who was shot and killed by company police during the struggle for control of the Waterford Lake power plant during the historic 1925 strike. [more]

12-06-1934 Immigrant workers go on strike at the Noranda copper and gold mining operations in Québec, led by the Workers' Unity League. Strikebreakers are brought in, and there is no union contract until 1945. [more]

14-06-1912 Union leaders meet at the Lethbridge Labour Temple to establish the Alberta Federation of Labour and encourage solidarity among the province's workers. The meeting is chaired by Donald McNabb, the province's first labour member of the legislature. [more]

15-06-1872 The Trade Union Act, promised by the prime minister in April in response to the campaign for shorter hours and the arrest of striking Toronto printers, comes into force. The Act states that unions are legal in Canada. [more]

17-06-1958 In Vancouver, British Columbia the Second Narrows Bridge collapses while under construction, and nineteen lives are lost. It is the city's worst industrial disaster. The bridge is now known as the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing. [more]

18-06-1935 Longshoremen in Vancouver, many of them war veterans, march to protest the use of scabs to unload cargo on the docks. In a three-hour battle, police chase the strikers down on horseback and use tear gas to disperse the protest. [more]

19-06-1914 A coal mine explosion in the Crowsnest Pass at Hillcrest, Alberta takes the lives of 189 men, mostly immigrants. Canada's worst coal mine disaster leaves 90 widows and more than 250 orphans. [more]

19-06-1938 Relief Project Workers' Union members occupying government buildings in Vancouver are evicted by police. A battle follows. [more]

20-06-1959 A sudden violent storm on Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick sweeps away 35 men and boys. The Escuminac Disaster is commemorated at the local wharf by The Fishermen, a monument created by Acadian artist Claude Roussel. [more]

21-06-1919 A silent parade to protest the arrest of leaders of the Winnipeg General Strike is attacked by the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the special police hired by the city. Two men lose their lives on Bloody Saturday, and the strike ends five days later. [more]

27-06-1991 The Supreme Court of Canada issues its decision in Lavigne v Ontario Public Service Employees Union, affirming the constitutional right of unions to spend money on social and political action to advance the interests of workers. [more]