LabourStart's Photo of the Day Archive - 2023

20230102 : Alexander Yarashuk, Siarhei Antusevich and Iryna But-Husaim are officers of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, imprisoned for their union activities. Around the globe, trade unionists like these in Germany have been demanding their release and an end to the repression of independent trade unions in Belarus. (Photo: L. Merliak) Click here to join the global campaign to free all imprisoned trade unionists in Belarus.

20230109 : As supporters of far-right former President Bolsonaro attempt a coup, Brazil's unions comdemned the attack on democracy and moved to ensure the security of key facilities. Workers are being mobilized to counter the coup. (Photo: Agencia Sindical)
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20230116 : In the midst of Peru's political chaos, trade unions have been mobilizing in defence of democracy and against attempts to use the crisis to undermine workers' rights. (Photo: CGTP)
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20230123 : On 18 January police raided the offices of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, allegedly because of violations of the National Security Act. The following day the KCTU held a news conference to protest the 10-hour long raid. The police responded with a second raid on 20 January. 1000 police officers have been committed to this 'investigation', just the latest in a pattern of harassment directed at unions by right-wing President Yoon Suk-Yeol. (Photo: IndustriALL)
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20230130 : The right to strike in the UK, already much-eroded, is under attack yet again. Trade unions are responding with a massive mobilization effort and have called for a Protect the Right to Strike Day on 1 February. (Photo: TUC)
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20230206 : The UK continues to see strikes that in scope and impact are the biggest in many decades, even as the country's right-wing government moves to attack the right to strike. (Photo: Anon.)
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20230213 : Last week private sector healthcare workers in Chile won a huge victory: the right to 'restorative rest' in recognition of their extraordinary efforts though the pandemic. (Photo: FENASSAP)
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20230220 : Ahead of the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, Sergiy Tomilenko, president of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) looks back on a year of relentless work, in which NUJU has supported journalists on the ground and assesses the challenges they face as the war enters its second year. (Photo: IFJ)
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20230227 : Globally, security guards are amongst the workers hardest hit by inflation as most barely make a living wage at the best of times. Unions in the security sector are pushing hard for substantial wage increases. UPSRA represents security workers in Argentina and is in the final stages of a national mobilization for a new wage agreement. (Photo: UPSRA)
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20230306 : Last week Turkish unions DISK and KESK organized a rally to protest the corruption that is hindering earthquake recovery operations. The result? Union leaders at the demo were arrested. As unions are playing an important role in those efforts this action will likely further slow relief efforts directed at victims of the disaster(Photo: E. Nazlıer-Evrensel Daily)
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20230313 : Last week unions around the world marked International Women's Day (known in some countries as Int'l Women Workers Day). Turkish union KESK's slogan for this year's IWD was "We are rebuilding our lives based on our #solidarity, anger. Rebel!". (Photo: KESK)
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20230320 : The global struggle for a living wage in the face of inflation is heating up. In Portugal, STAL, a CGTP affiliate, organized a national public sector strike last Friday to demand a wage increase that matches the rate of inflation. The following day CGTP held a massive march in Lisbon to protest growing poverty and inequality. (Photo: CGTP)
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20230327 : Portugal is just one of dozens of countries facing a tsunami of wage strike as unions react to the rise in the cost of living. Last Saturday the CGTP organized a massive march through Lisbon, one of a series of actions protesting low wages and growing inequality. (Photo: CGTP)
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