LabourStart's Photo of the Day Archive - 2022

20220103 : In late October and early November the Democracy and Workers Rights Centre - Palestine conducted a workshop for Gaza workplace organizers. This was the third such workshop it has conducted with the title “Gender equality in the world of work – fundamental rights, ILO standards and domestic laws”. (Photo: DWRC) Click here for more union news from Palestine.

20220110 : This past fall, in the midst of the pandemic, 22,000 public sector workers in the Canadian province of New Brunswick struck to gain a wage increase and to protect their pensions. (Photo: CUPE) Click here for more union news from Canada.

20220117 : Stuart Delivery couriers, members of the IWGB, have restarted the longest ever strike in the UK’s gig economy on 10 January, with picket lines returning to McDonald’s restaurants every day this week, after a hiatus over the Christmas holidays. (Photo: Brave New Europe) Click here for more union news from the UK.

20220124 : Members of the Free Trade Zone & General Services Employees Union of Sri Lanka have remained active during the pandemic. They have taken on offensive employer behaviour, including strip searches of workers entering and leaving a so-called free trade zone, and recently won a global supply chain agreement in concert with other unions. (Photo: IndustriALL)
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