LabourStart's Photo of the Day Archive - 2020

20200109 : An estimated 250 million workers took part in the national general strike on 8 January against the neoliberal labour policies of the Indian government. The strike was organized by central unions across the political spectrum. (Photo: IndustriALL). Click here for more news from India.

20200113 : Migrant workers in Taiwan, most from the Philippines, have a long history of organizing against human rights abuses. And Taiwanese trade unionists have a long history of working in solidarity for migrant rights. (Photo: L. Wong). Click here for more news from Taiwan.

20200120 : Trade unions have been organizing in support of popular protests in Hong Kong. In turn workers have been joining unions in huge numbers since the protests began. (Photo: HKCTU). Click here for more news from Hong Kong.

20200127 : A lockout at a Canadian oil refinery has resulted in arrests and renewed unity in the Canadian labour movement. (Photo: Unifor). Click here for more news from Canada.

20200203 : The mass protests that saw the Chilean government agree to a constitutional reform process have also created the momentum needed for new and improved social services and benefits. Unions are leading the push for, among other things, an improved and public healthcare system and equality for women. (Photo: CTA-A). Click here for more news from Chile.

20200210 : "Environmentally and economically sustainable mineral economies in an era of climate change catastrophe" was the theme of the civil society-organized Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) last week in Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo: IndustriALL). Click here to go to the ITUC's Just Transition Centre's website.