LabourStart's Photo of the Day Archive - 2021

20210104 : Like healthcare workers unions around the world, Paraguay's nurses union, APE, is mobilizing to strengthen public healthcare even as the pandemic continues. (Photo: PSI) Click here to read more labour news from Paraguay.

20210111 : Unions around the world have condemned in the strongest possible terms the arrest of Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) Chairperson Carol Ng and at least 50 other democracy activists under Hong Kong’s national security law. (Photo: BWI) Click here to read more labour news from Hong Kong.

20210118 : For 30 years Argentinian women have organised for reproductive rights under the slogan "No to motherhood, yes to pleasure". Women trade unionists played an important role in ensuring the passage on 30 December of legislation allowing for safe, legal abortions in that country.(Photo: BWI) Click here to read more labour news from Argentina.

20210125 : Formed during the height of the 2019 protests against the Hong Kong-China extradition bill, the the New Civil Servants Union last week announced that was was being forced to dissolve. A 'loyalty oath' introduced as with the imposition of the new national security law would mean that union members would be forced out of the HK civil service. Throughout 2019 the union had regularly mobilized huge numbers of public sector workers for demonstrations opposing the extradition bill. (Photo: Anon.) Click here to read more labour news from Hong Kong.

20210201 : Hundreds of thousands of seafarers remain isolated far from their homes, marooned on ships and unable to leave because of pandemic travel restrictions. Some, like these crew members who have been on their ship for over a year without a break, have resorted to hunger strikes in order to bring attention to their plight. (Photo: ITF) Click here to read more labour news about seafarers around the world.

20210208 : Healthcare workers in Kathmandu, members of the Nepal Health Workers and Employees Union/GEFONT, have been holding a series of protests in an effort to force their employer to honour the agreement recently negotiated by their union. Their struggle is part of a global trend. The pandemic is being used as the excuse for massive wage theft.(Photo: GEFONT) Click here to read more labour news from Nepal.

20210215 : Three journalists have been arrested under Bangladesh's Digital Security Act (DSA) for publishing material alleged to have the potential to ‘destroy communal harmony and create unrest’. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) strongly condemns the charges under the draconian act and the flagrant and ongoing intimidation by police against Bangladesh media workers. (Photo: IFJ) Click here to read more labour news from Bangladesh.

20210222 : After a report on the impact of the pandemic on workers in Iceland trade unions there are organizing to demand an extension of unemployment benefits. They are also demanding that special attention be paid to migrant workers, young workers and women as they have disproportionately affected. (Photo: BSRB) Click here to read more labour news from Iceland.

20210301 : Last week CGTP-IN led a national day of action to demand a people-focussed economic recovery from the pandemic. Events like this one took place all across Portugal. (Photo: CGTP) Click here to read more labour news from Portugal.

20210308 : In most of the world unions are celebrating International Women's Day online. Stay-at-home actions have replaced mass rallies like this 2006 IWD event in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Photo: NWF) Click here to see all our IWD coverage.

20210315 : The recent UK court decision which deemed platform workers to be employees and not independent contractors, has global implications. Food delivery workers everywhere, like these CSB members in Brazil, celebrated by intensifying their organizing efforts. (Photo: CSB) Click here to see more union news from Brazil.

20210322 : A Thai factory making lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, Triumph and other global brands has shut down without notice and locked out 1,388 workers, using the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext. The workers received no notice and no compensation. Both are required by Thai law. (Photo: IndustriALL) Click here to see more union news from Thailand.

20210329 : In much of the world the pandemic has provided corporations and governments with the cover or the excuse they needed to roll back workers' rights. But in some countries the trade union movement is on the offensive, demanding reforms that fix the problems faced by workers throughout the pandemic. That's the case in Spain where trade unions like UGT and CCOO are organizing for positive change. (Photo: CCOO) Click here to see more union news from Spain.

20210405 : French pensioners, organizing by the retiree sections of their unions, held over 1,000 events across the country last week to draw attention to their lost purchasing power over the last year. (Photo: FO) Click here to see more union news from France.

20210412 : On 27 March Chan Myae Kyaw was murdered by the military during a protest against the recent coup in Myanmar. He was a leader of the youth wing of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanbmar (CTUM) and just one of hundreds of workers killed during the strikes and demonstrations organized by trade unions in support of a return to democracy. (Photo: BWI) Click here to see more union news from Myanmar.

20210419 : Governments and employers around the world continue to use the pandemic as an excuse to rollback workers rights and increase profits, even when their actions defy common sense. These healthcare workers in the Dominican Republic are protesting massive layoffs announced last week. (Photo: CLATE) Click here to see more union news from the Dominican Republic.