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135 CSOs back Turkish Medical Association: ‘TTB cannot be silenced’

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135 CSOs back Turkish Medical Association: ‘TTB cannot be silenced’ 2023-12-08 [Medya]

137 workers killed on the job in November 2023-12-08 [bianet]

Garment workers resistance is growing in Urfa 2023-12-08 [evrensel]

Gendarmerie takes 22 textile workers into custody in Urfa 2023-12-06 [Bianet]

Angrep på legers yrkesutøvelse og retten til fri fagorganisering 2023-12-06 [NTBinfo]

Solidarity with textile worker in Urfa, sacked for changing union 2023-11-29 [Evrensel]

VIDEO Global Textile workers who produce for Zara, H&M, Hugo Boss are calling for solidarity For more info 2023-11-28 [Evrensel]

Turkey Turkish authorities are pushing to close investigative website Nordic Monitor 2023-11-28 [EFJ]

Protesting greenhouse workers climb rooftop 2023-11-28 [bianet]

Sputnik journalists’ strike marks 100 days 2023-11-25 [Duvar]

Europe Turkey: Europe’s rubbish dump 2023-11-20 [Equal Times]

Global La Turquie, dépotoir de l’Europe 2023-11-20 [Equal Times]

Europe Turquía, el basurero de Europa 2023-11-20 [Equal Times]

Afghan migrant worker killed in in an illegal coal mine 2023-11-17 [Bianet]

Turkey CGTP-IN recebeu hoje uma delegação ministerial da Turquia 2023-11-13 [CGTP]

Turkey Trabalho Infantil | UGT recebe delegação de especialistas e dirigentes da Turquia 2023-11-13 [UGT]

Education Ministry introduces white aprons for teachers 2023-11-13 [Bianet]

EFJ joins international groups in condemning arrest of journalist Tolga Şardan 2023-11-06 [EFJ]

İstanbul'da vergide adalet mitingi For more info 2023-10-22 [DİSK]

Middle East La Internacional de la Educación exige que se detengan de inmediato los ataques al norte y este de Siria e Irak 2023-10-21 [IE]

Middle East L’Internationale de l’Éducation demande l’arrêt immédiat des attaques contre le nord-est de la Syrie et l’Irak 2023-10-21 [IE]

Dersim electricity workers occupy rooftop 2023-10-20 [Bianet]

Palestine Solidarity with the Palestinian working class 2023-10-19 [Bianet]

Trade unions march to Israel's consulate 2023-10-19 [Bianet]

HEDEP deputy submits bill for protection of human rights advocates 2023-10-19 [Bianet]

VIDEO  Labour Movement in Turkey (15 September - 15 October 2023) For more info 2023-10-18 [UID-DER]

Education International demands an immediate halt to the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria and Iraq 2023-10-18 [Education International]

Police attack on workers demanding their rights from Limak 2023-10-16 [Bia]

Turkey Northern Cyprus: The EFJ and IFJ demand the withdrawal of charges against the President of journalists’ union Basin-Sen 2023-10-09 [EFJ]

ETUC’s message of solidarity with DISK’s actions for a fair deal for pensioners 2023-10-07 [DISK]

Рабочие Bekaert İzmit Steel Kord противостоят репрессиям 2023-10-06 [IndustriALL]

Les travailleurs de Bekaert İzmit Steel Kord défient la répression 2023-10-06 [IndustriALL]

Bekaert İzmit Steel Kord workers defy repression 2023-10-06 [IndustriALL]

Europe Unions across Europe stand in #SolidarityWithSES 2023-10-05 [EPSU]

European unions call for solidarity ahead of health workers’ union members’ trial 2023-09-28 [Bianet]

Solidarity action for trade unionists in Türkiye 2023-09-23 [PSI]

EPSU calls for solidarity with Turkish unions 2023-09-23 [EPSU]

Unions sow hope to build back better after devastating quake 2023-09-18 [BWI]

Agricultural workers dismissed for joining union, amid police crackdown on direct action 2023-09-18 [Medya]

Two journalists issued with travel bans following their reporting on a controversial senior judicial appointment 2023-09-13 [IFJ]

190 miners continue hunger strike for unpaid wages and benefits 2023-09-07 [Turkish Minute]

Turkey Driver killed and journalist critically injured by alleged drone attack by Türkiye 2023-08-29 [IFJ]

Turkey ITUC-Africa Statement on the Plight of Turkish Construction Workers on Strike in Tanzania 2023-08-28 [ITUC Africa]

91 Academics dismissed from Ankara University 2023-08-27 [ETUCE]

Turkey ITUC-Africa supports Turkish Workers' Strike 2023-08-17 [PR]

Turkey Encuentro entre ADS y la Confederación de Sindicatos de Funcionarios Públicos Memur-Sen Turquía 2023-08-16 [ADS]

Tanzania Strike in Tanzania, sit-in in İstanbul 2023-08-16 [Bianet]

Public workers go on strike today 2023-08-16 [ANF]

Bitter exploitation of seasonal workers in Turkey 2023-08-14 [ANF]

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