First home-based workers' union recognized by Council of State decision

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Women workers dismissed from SF Trade for union organizing 2020-07-06 [IndustriALL]

First home-based workers' union recognized by Council of State decision 2020-07-06 [Bianet]

urkish union prompts companies to implement high-level COVID-19 measures 2020-07-06 [BWI]

Sindicato turco promueve la implementación de medidas COVID-19 de alto nivel 2020-07-04 [ICM]

Turkish tyre workers win Goodyear contract 2020-07-02 [IndustriALL]

Trabajadores de fábrica de neumáticos de Turquía ganan el contrato de Goodyear 2020-07-02 [IndustriALL]

Les travailleurs du pneu turcs obtiennent une convention avec Goodyear 2020-07-02 [IndustriALL]

Severance pay in Turkey: What does the government propose? Why do unions object? 2020-06-29 [Bianet]

Unions warn of general strike over severance pay 2020-06-29 [BWI]

 VIDEO  Unions warn of general strike over severance pay 2020-06-27 [BWI]

IFJ joins civil society coalition in calling on Turkish authority to unblock radio station Özgürüz 2020-06-22 [IFJ]

Union opposes lease of forest areas to big business 2020-06-18 [BWI]

В Турции MTN Plastik уволила 26 членов профсоюза 2020-06-10 [IndustriALL]

Turquía: MTN Plastik despide a 26 miembros de un sindicato 2020-06-10 [IndustriALL]

Turquie : MTN Plastik renvoie 26 membres du syndicat 2020-06-10 [IndustriALL]

MTN Plastik in Turkey sacks 26 union members 2020-06-10 [IndustriALL]

MTN Plastik in Turkey sacks 26 union members 2020-06-10 [IndustriALL]

Rojava, un carcere segreto per le donne curde gestito dagli alleati della Turchia 2020-06-06 [Repubblica]

Trabajadores forestales turcos ponen un alto a la recolección forzada de donaciones por COVID-19 2020-05-23 [ICM]

Forest workers stop forced collection of COVID-19 donations 2020-05-23 [BWI]

La ITF respalda el llamamiento a la igualdad en Turkish Airlines 2020-05-14 [ITF]

Cement union opens facility to health workers 2020-05-14 [BWI]

Ibrahim Gokcek non ce l'ha fatta 2020-05-07 [Collettiva]

Workers in Turkey rise up against SOK supermarkets 2020-05-06 [UNI]

Journalists’ Union depicts grim picture in report on World Press Freedom Day 2020-05-06 [EFJ]

Free arrested Turkish union leaders! 2020-05-04 [ETUC]

Police Intervention Against DİSK Members Who Want to Take to Taksim for May Day 2020-05-03 [Bianet]

tanbul’s May Day under COVID-19 measures ends up with detentions, police confrontation, a destroyed wreath 2020-05-03 [Duvar]

Turkish Police Detain Gathered Union Leaders on May Day 2020-05-03 [NY]

Turkish police detain gathered union leaders on May Day 2020-05-02 [The Hour]

Construction workers and coronavirus risk and joblessness 2020-04-28 [EqualTimes]


Работники Cargill два года отстаивают свои права – и борьба продолжается! 2020-04-24 [IUF]

Twenty-four rights-groups call on Turkey to release all those arbitrarily detained, now at risk of Covid-19 2020-04-22 [IFJ]

Deux ans de lutte pour les droits chez Cargill – la lutte continue ! 2020-04-21 [UITA]

Covid-19 Cases Among Workers 3 Times Higher Than Average 2020-04-20 [DISK]

Dos años de lucha por derechos en Cargill Turquía: ¡la lucha continúa! 2020-04-18 [UITA]

Two years of fighting for rights at Cargill Turkey - the struggle continues! 2020-04-18 [IUF]

 VIDEO  Koronavirüs Riskinden Korunmak İçin 14 Kural PAYLAŞIN, Koronavirüsün yayılmasını önleyin. 2020-04-18 [Hava-IS]

Amid pandemic, medical groups question Turkey’s weekend curfew approach Read more: 2020-04-15 [AlMonitor]

Turkish unions accuse bosses murder after construction worker's death 2020-04-15 [MorningStar]

Is it Covid-19 or Capitalism? 2020-04-12 []

Турецкий профсоюз строителей приютит медработников 2020-04-10 []

YOL-IS abre instalaciones para trabajadores del sector salud 2020-04-08 [ICM]

YOL-IS opens facilities to health workers 2020-04-08 [BWI]

Nessuno l’ha più ascoltata. Morta a 28 anni la cantante anti-regime 2020-04-07 [RS]

Workers strike as bosses keep them at work despite COVID-19 2020-04-05 []

Unions Request Urgent Measures Against Pandemic 2020-04-04 [DISK]

Societies Pushed Into the Tunnel of Horror Become Blind 2020-04-01 []

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