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Solidarity action for trade unionists in Türkiye

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Solidarity action for trade unionists in Türkiye 2023-09-23 [PSI]

EPSU calls for solidarity with Turkish unions 2023-09-23 [EPSU]

Unions sow hope to build back better after devastating quake 2023-09-18 [BWI]

Agricultural workers dismissed for joining union, amid police crackdown on direct action 2023-09-18 [Medya]

Two journalists issued with travel bans following their reporting on a controversial senior judicial appointment 2023-09-13 [IFJ]

190 miners continue hunger strike for unpaid wages and benefits 2023-09-07 [Turkish Minute]

Turkey Driver killed and journalist critically injured by alleged drone attack by Türkiye 2023-08-29 [IFJ]

Turkey ITUC-Africa Statement on the Plight of Turkish Construction Workers on Strike in Tanzania 2023-08-28 [ITUC Africa]

91 Academics dismissed from Ankara University 2023-08-27 [ETUCE]

Turkey ITUC-Africa supports Turkish Workers' Strike 2023-08-17 [PR]

Tanzania Strike in Tanzania, sit-in in İstanbul 2023-08-16 [Bianet]

Public workers go on strike today 2023-08-16 [ANF]

Bitter exploitation of seasonal workers in Turkey 2023-08-14 [ANF]

Tanzania Turkish Workers in Tanzania down tools, protest unpaid 7 months salaries 2023-08-12 [NP]

Turkey Workers Constructing SGR Are Striking Over Delayed Pay 2023-08-12 [Chanzo]

Russia Sputnik lays off its unionized journalists 2023-08-09 [EFJ]

EFJ condemns fifth imprisonment order against journalist Barış Pehlivan 2023-08-09 [EFJ]

Russia Sputnik lays off union members in the eve of a strike action 2023-08-08 [Bianet]

‘The illegality of this is enormous’: will Turkey’s earthquake cleanup cause even more death? 2023-08-06 [The Observer]

Medical workers complete two-day strike as Koca vows to end hospital violence 2023-08-04 [Hurriyet Daily News]

DEDAŞ workers: The strike goes on! 2023-07-31 [ANF]

Russia Sputnik employees will go on strike 2023-07-27 [Bianet]

We condemn detention of journalists in Ankara, Diyarbakır, İstanbul and İzmir 2023-07-27 [EFJ]

Journalists increasingly being rejected Schengen visas 2023-07-19 [EFJ]

Study finds 43% of journalists face censorship due to political reasons 2023-07-19 [EFJ]

Dev Yapı İş and İnşaat İş unions: We fight against conditions of slavery at construction sites 2023-07-03 [ANF]

Turkey among ten worst countries for workers' rights, says ITUC 2023-07-02 [AFN News]

EFJ demands release of journalist Merdan Yanardağ 2023-06-29 [EFJ]

EU to prioritise media freedom reforms and human rights in relations with Turkey, ask journalists' groups 2023-06-28 [IFJ]

Turkey Northern Cyprus: EFJ condemns firing of Ali Kişmir, censorship and political pressure 2023-06-28 [EFJ]

7 million workers to enjoy increased minimum wage 2023-06-22 [BWI]

Commission discusses minimum wage hike 2023-06-19 [Hurriyet]

Turkey A message of solidarity from trade unionists in Turkey 2023-06-13 [UNISON]

International solidarity brings victory: Selma is free! 2023-06-07 [EPSU]

Construction workers' union: Go to the polls to get rid of the AKP-MHP government 2023-05-24 [ANF]

Turkey Journalist Pehiran Kaya’s asylum request must be granted 2023-05-23 [EFJ]

Turkey among 10 worst countries for working people: ITUC 2023-05-10 [Stockholm Center for Freedom]

EFJ supports AFP journalists in Istanbul in their 7th day of strike action 2023-05-10 [EFJ]

Nurses are on the march 2023-05-05 [Ein]

Top Turkish court finds rights violation in dismissal of worker resisting ministerial strike ban 2023-05-05 [Duvar]

Economic problems and elections dominated May Day rallies in Turkey 2023-05-02 [Evrensel]

Labour Day Rallies in Istanbul 2023-05-02 [Bianet]

Reuters workers in Türkiye prepare to strike 2023-04-26 [UNI]

Trade unions to mark Labor Day at Istanbul’s Maltepe Square 2023-04-18 [Duvar]

Broadcast regulator must stop punishing critical reporting ahead of elections 2023-04-14 [EFJ]

EI solidarity mission to Türkiye: Educators and unionists on the frontlines 2023-04-12 [EI]

Apparel brands must ensure workers in Turkey are paid and kept safe 2023-04-05 [MSN]

Turkish workers dismissed after wage increase demand 2023-03-30 [IndustriALL]

Police prevent automotive workers march to Ankara 2023-03-29 [Bianet]

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