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SAK President Jarkko Eloranta: Government must break deadlock on labour market issues

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SAK President Jarkko Eloranta: Government must break deadlock on labour market issues 2023-12-09 [SAK]

Sweden Musk’s Scandinavian woes deepen as Tesla loses Swedish court case, Finnish union joins port blockade 2023-12-08 [CNBC]

The Industrial Union launches new political industrial action – one-day strikes at 457 workplaces 2023-12-08 [Teollisuusliitto]

The AKT executive committee decided on sympathy actions for Tesla 2023-12-07 [AKT]

UJF Council: Union priorities 2024 – negotiations on working conditions for self-employed workers, survey of members’ perceptions of the union 2023-12-06 [UJF]

PAM and Wolt started negotiations on the rules of work for couriers 2023-12-04 [PAM]

“Let’s behave” campaign combatting inappropriate behaviour together 2023-12-03 [PAM]

PAM Council members want to improve employment conditions and the union’s activities 2023-11-28 [PAM]

PAM Council resolution: The union is there to support you, you can support your union 2023-11-28 [PAM]

JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine resigns from her post, becomes director of public affairs 2023-11-25 [JHL]

JHL will start an investigation on possibly detaching itself from the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK 2023-11-24 [JHL]

Trade Union JHL to continue political strikes 2023-11-22 [JHL]

Fagbevegelsen til kamp for den nordiske arbeidslivsmodelle 2023-11-22 [Unio]

Palestine Trade Union JHL condemns all strikes targeting civilians 2023-11-16 [JHL]

PAM immigrant survey: Those coming to work in service sectors have a high level of education, one in four has experienced discrimination 2023-11-10 [PAM]

Workers strike over government labour plans 2023-11-07 [YLE]

This is how working life is changing to the detriment of the employee 2023-11-07 [Trade Union Pro]

We shall launch increasingly severe industrial action 2023-11-04 [SAK]

Annika Rönni-Sällinen re-elected as PAM President 2023-10-25 [PAM]

Annika Rönni-Sällinen at the PAM Union Congress opening: Government cuts aimed at same people who bore heavy burden during pandemic 2023-10-25 [PAM]

Finland’s sectoral bargaining is an inspiration abroad while undermined at home 2023-10-19 [PAM]

STTK and its member unions to organise a demonstration for reasonable policies on 18 November 2023-10-17 [STTK]

Akava and its affiliates proposed solutions to the Prime Minister — labour market crisis can be avoided 2023-10-13 [Akava]

Christmas came early for employers 2023-10-11 [Tekijä]

The Orpo-Purra government’s social security cuts would disproportionately affect service sector workers 2023-10-09 [PAM]

Industrial Union stages industrial action to oppose Government policies – walkouts in Helsinki 2023-10-09 [Teollisuusliitto]

JHL’s walkout will interrupt security checks at Helsinki Airport on Thursday 5 October, the demonstration will last half an hour 2023-10-05 [JHL]

If dismissal is made easier, an employee could be fired on lighter grounds 2023-10-03 [PAM]

Finlandia afronta un otoño convulso con huelgas y protestas por el presupuesto de austeridad del Gobierno 2023-10-02 [Euronews]

Industrial Union stages industrial action to oppose Government policies – walkouts in Uusimaa 2023-10-01 [Teollisuusliitto]

Helsinki Airport security staff to walk off the job on Thursday 2023-10-01 [YLE]

PAM’s election result confirmed – delegates to the union congress have been elected 2023-09-30 [PAM]

New government wants major changes to labour law 2023-09-26 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Political labour strife begins 2023-09-23 [SAK]

Weeks of Strikes Coming as Unions Rise Up Against Cuts 2023-09-22 [Bloomberg]

Impact of the Government Programme on employees’ rights and livelihood 2023-09-20 [STTK]

We have the right to strike 2023-09-14 [Tekijä]

Mozambique Decent work for everyone 2023-09-14 [Tekijä]

Akava: Non-discriminatory working life calls for concrete legislative actions 2023-09-11 [Akava]

A catalogue of Orpo-Purra Government cuts 2023-09-06 [SAK]

Now we have #SeriousGrounds to act: the first cuts affecting employees will take effect at the start of next year 2023-09-06 [SAK]

Trade unions against racism: Our Finland is open 2023-09-03 [Trade Union Pro]

What do the Government Programme entries mean in practice? 2023-08-31 [JHL]

Trade Unions and Government Clash Over Worker Rights 2023-08-30 [bnn]

Global Finnish unions take home Breaking Through Award 2023-08-29 [UNI Global Union]

Priority Action Programme sets the course for PAM 2023-08-18 [PAM]

768 members are standing for election in PAM’s Union Congress elections – the Union Congress makes important decisions 2023-08-18 [PAM]

Unpaid sick day does not apply to most of JHL’s agreement sectors 2023-07-29 [JHL]

Stronger growth of the economy and employment, tougher times for the unemployed and immigrants 2023-07-16 [Akava]

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