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Uruguayan metal workers' union obtains shorter working week

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Uruguayan metal workers' union obtains shorter working week 2023-11-23 [IndustriALL]

Education and mental health top priorities for Uruguayan union 2023-11-18 [FIFPRO]

Drought in Uruguay 2023-08-27 [IUF]

Unions campaign for shorter working hours 2023-08-16 [IndustriALL]

Sindicatos proponen la reducci�n de la jornada laboral en Uruguay 2023-08-11 [IndustriALL]

After decades of delays and broken promises, coal miners in the U.S. hail rule to slow rise of black lung 2023-07-25 [OHS Canada]

Lack of public investment leaves Uruguay without drinking water 2023-07-11 [PSI]

VIDEO  Trade Union Centre prepares defence of the right to water 2023-05-17 [TeleSUR]

Uruguayan government officials illegally surveil union president 2023-02-09 [IndustriALL]

The importance of a global campaign to defend public education 2023-01-25 [EI]

Nursing Worker Protections to Expand as Carveouts Rattle Nerves 2023-01-03 [Bloomberg]

Weyerhaeuser strike ends, new agreement reached 2022-11-05 [BWI]

National strike with SUNCA mobilization 2022-10-23 [WFTU]

Unionized construction workers to strike, protest nationwide Oct. 20 2022-10-18 [Crisis 24]

AEBU mobilizes against layoffs at Citibank 2022-07-27 [UNI]

Unions say yes to public education 2022-03-30 [EI]

Referendum in Uruguay: winners and losers after the victory of the government 2022-03-29 [Zyri]

Uruguay Railway connections between Belarus and Ukraine sabotaged to hinder Russian troops 2022-03-26 [Railtech]

Uruguay Paper workers in Uruguay are worried about UPM actions in Finland 2021-12-14 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Uruguay US electronics firm struck deal to transport and hire Uyghur workers 2021-10-07 [Reuters]

Unions Up the Pressure on President Pou 2021-09-20 [The Brazilian Report]

Uruguay: Yazaki workers file harassment complaint 2021-08-13 [IndustriALL]

Workers strike for economic aid from govt amid COVID-19 pandemic 2021-08-09 [Ruptly]

National Strike Against President Lacalle 2021-06-20 [teleSUR]

Uruguay UPM wants to scrap collective bargaining for salaried employees completely 2021-02-10 [Trade Union News from Finland]

From Police Reform to Police Repression: 50 Years after an Assassination 2020-08-12 [Nacla]

The role of Uruguayan unions in the ratification of C190 2020-06-20 [IndustriALL]

Uruguay's ‘shadow pandemic' of violence against women is out of controlop 2020-06-11 [Opendemocracy]

Uruguay becomes first country to ratify ILO Convention 190 2020-01-18 [IndustriAll]

Trade Unions on Partial General Strike 2018-09-28 [Prensa Latina]

300 jobs at risk in Uruguay mine 2018-08-09 [IndustriALL]

Workers Defend Rights in Massive Act 2018-06-29 [Prensa Latina]

Cuba Uruguay Commemorates 55 Years of Cuban Medical Collaboration 2018-05-27 [Prensa Latina]

Latin America Life Can't Amount to Working and Paying Bills: Uruguay's Mujica 2017-11-20 [TeleSUR]

South America Activists Continue Conference Against Neoliberalism 2017-11-18 [teleSUR]

Uruguay Continental Meeting for Democracy and against Neoliberalism 2017-11-13 [BWI Global Union]

The latent privatisation and commercialisation of education is setting off alarm bells 2017-11-05 [Education International]

Panama SUNCA Uruguay visits BWI in Panama 2017-09-25 [BWI]

Workers Launch General Strike, Halting Infrastructure 2017-07-21 [TeleSUR]

Workers Hold 24-Hour Strike Ahead of Budget Approval 2017-06-22 [TeleSUR]

Public Education Workers in 24-Hour Strike 2017-06-14 [Prensa Latina]

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