180+ Orgs Demand Apparel Brands End Complicity in Uyghur Forced Labour

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Pro-democracy media tycoon, Jimmy Lai, arrested under new security law 2020-08-10 [IFJ]

 VIDEO  Wearing a Mask? It May Come From China’s Controversial Labor Program 2020-07-28 [New York Times]

180+ Orgs Demand Apparel Brands End Complicity in Uyghur Forced Labour 2020-07-24 [ITUC]

After the pandemic, China’s workers take another hit from widespread flooding 2020-07-24 [CLB]

'Virtually entire' fashion industry complicit in Uighur forced labour, say rights groups 2020-07-23 [The Guardian]

As it finances extraction and construction projects around the world, China is exporting its labour model and standards 2020-07-13 [Equal Times]

Amazon says email to employees banning TikTok was a mistake 2020-07-11 [Union Bulletin]

Justice for Lee Cheuk Yan! Ensure fundamental rights in Hong Kong! 2020-07-06 [BWI]

Spike in media arrests an ominous red flag 2020-07-06 [IFJ]

Caterpillar sourced clothes from Xinjiang factory involved in coercive labor 2020-07-04 [Axios]

Police target journalists in the aftermath of the new security law 2020-07-02 [IFJ]

Council of Global Unions Joint Solidarity Statement - Justice for Lee Cheuk Yan and ensuring fundamental rights in Hong Kong 2020-07-02 [ITUC]

China passes controversial national security law 2020-07-01 [IFJ]

Inside China’s strategy to influence the world’s media 2020-06-29 [IFJ]

White collar workers face wage cuts and layoffs in wake of pandemic 2020-06-28 [CLB]

ZCTU fires warning shots at Chinese investors who violate workers rights 2020-06-25 [ZimEye]

ZCTU confronts Chinese ambassador over abusive employer compatriots 2020-06-25 [New Zimbabwe]

118-year old maritime mystery solved after remains of Chinese gold miners found 2020-06-25 [Stuff]

Journalists overwhelmingly oppose China’s National Security Law 2020-06-22 [IFJ]

Transport company in tanker explosion repeatedly violated safety standards 2020-06-18 [CLB]

Accountants union appeals for advice over new security law 2020-06-13 [RTHK]

Lax enforcement of safety regulations leads to spate of tower crane accidents 2020-06-05 [China Labour Bulletin]

Standing with our sisters and brothers in Hong Kong 2020-06-02 [IUF]

China’s Power Grab in Hong Kong: Destruction of Fundamental Freedoms 2020-05-30 [ITUC]

Proposed national security laws could extinguish dissent 2020-05-25 [IFJ]

Official youth unemployment rate hits 13.8 percent in April 2020-05-24 [CLB]

As NPC opens in Beijing, China’s workers don’t feel even moderately prosperous 2020-05-24 [CLB]

Indonesian fishermen who died on Chinese boats faced abuse, 21-hour days, interviews reveal 2020-05-13 [SCMP]

Indonesia condemns abuse of fishermen aboard Chinese boats after release of corpse video 2020-05-11 [ABC]

Indonesia Delays Bringing 500 Workers from China 2020-05-11 [Tempo]

https://jakartaglobe.id/news/indonesia-condemns-chinese-companys-inhumane-treatment-against-its-fishermen 2020-05-11 [JG]

Five labour activists released after 15 months in detention 2020-05-09 [China Labour Bulletin]

Journalist jailed for criticising Chinese government 2020-05-07 [IFJ]

Unemployment in China may hit 70 million Workers in electronics industry face massive layoffs 2020-05-06 [HKCTU]

A trade union in lockdown 2020-05-05 [China Labour Bulletin]

Court finally rules on accident that killed 73 construction workers in 2016 2020-05-03 [CLB]

UK urged to stop cotton imports made in Chinese 'prison camps' 2020-04-23 [Thomson Reuters]

Xi stresses importance of employment in poverty alleviation 2020-04-23 [chinadaily]

Unemployment rate eases slightly in March to 5.9 percent 2020-04-18 [CLB]

Documentary filmmaker arrested over subversion charges 2020-04-18 [IFJ]

85% Workers in Hong Kong Affected by COVID-19! HKCTU Proposes Cash Allowance to Workers NOW!!! For more info 2020-04-18 [HKCTU]

A spectre is haunting the West – the spectre of authoritarian capitalism 2020-04-16 [Opendemocracy]

Taxi driver protests continue despite government relief measures 2020-04-15 [CLB]

At least 19 killed fighting forest fire in Sichuan 2020-04-07 [CLB]

Foreign teachers in China struggle to get paid 2020-04-07 [CLB]

Trade unions caught in the headlights of the coronavirus crisis 2020-04-07 [CLB]

COVID-19 diaries from Wuhan: Looking for human connection in isolation 2020-04-04 [GlobalVoices]

Chinese forest fire: Firefighters and guide killed in Sichuan blaze 2020-03-31 [BBC]

KwaZulu-Natal R20,000 bail for businessman who allegedly locked workers in mask factory 2020-03-30 [TimesLIVE]

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