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#MeToo advocate and labour activist charged for ‘inciting state subversion,’ supporters say

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#MeToo advocate and labour activist charged for ‘inciting state subversion,’ supporters say 2023-09-25 [The Free Press]

Off the clock: Zhongshan electronic music equipment factory workers strike over security measures 2023-09-18 [China Labour Bulletin]

'China’s AI boom depends on an army of exploited student interns' 2023-09-14 [Rest of World]

Migrant workers and their children 2023-09-08 [China Labour Bulletin]

'We will finally do something brave': Zhongshan electronics factory workers protest over uncertain fate 2023-09-08 [China Labour Bulletin]

China Chinese employer forces an employee to cut and deskin a dead dog as punishment for reporting his company to Department of Employment and Labour inspectors 2023-09-05 [COSATU]

Hubei journalist arrested after reporting on alleged corruption 2023-08-27 [IFJ]

Extreme flooding in China’s northeast leads to worker deaths, injuries 2023-08-17 [China Labour Bulletin]

'A good show is about to be staged': Workers at Huizhou knitwear factory protest shutdown compensation plan 2023-08-15 [China Labour Bulletin]

China China funds newspaper for favourable coverage in the Pacific 2023-08-03 [IFJ]

Workers doing odd jobs in Shenzhen protest platform company for withholding their earnings 2023-08-01 [China Labour Bulletin]

Post jaroj da pandemiaj anomalioj, laboristaj strikoj kaj protestoj pliiĝas inter industrioj en Ĉinio 2023-07-29 [Ĉina Laborbulteno]

After years of pandemic anomalies, worker strikes and protests are on the rise across industries in China 2023-07-28 [China Labour Bulletin]

Shanghai delivery workers sign China's first collective contract 2023-07-14 [Shine]

Workers crowdfund for Hebei food delivery rider’s medical bills, showing need for work safety protections 2023-07-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

China La CSI condamne le gouvernement de Hong Kong pour avoir mis à prix la tête de plusieurs syndicalistes et défenseurs des droits humains 2023-07-13 [CSI]

China La CSI condena a la Administración de Hong Kong por ofrecer una recompensa por las cabezas de varios sindicalistas y defensores de los derechos humanos 2023-07-13 [CSI]

China ITUC condemns Hong Kong administration for putting a bounty on the heads of human rights defenders and trade unionists 2023-07-13 [ITUC]

China La r�pression syndicale passe les fronti�res 2023-07-13 [CFDT]

Workers’ rights and labour relations in China 2023-07-10 [China Labour Bulletin]

Shanghai traffic police target delivery workers through electronic licence plate chip 2023-07-06 [China Labour Bulletin]

China Death traps: unions on Chinese mines 2023-07-02 [NewsdzeZimbabwe]

Landslide above phosphate mine in Sichuan province takes 19 workers’ lives 2023-06-30 [China Labour Bulletin]

Supply Chain Screening Forced Labour at Battery and Electric Bus Manufacturers in China 2023-06-26 [Social @Risk]

Huolala drivers' strike shows strengths and limits of worker organizing in China 2023-06-22 [China Labour Bulletin]

China Labour unions accuse Chinese firms of violations 2023-06-16 [The East African]

Shenzhen circuit board workers threaten to jump from factory roof over relocation compensation dispute 2023-06-12 [China Labour Bulletin]

Workers strike at kitchen appliance factory in Shenzhen, seeking wages and benefits after announced closure 2023-06-12 [China Labour Bulletin]

China Workers Injured by Rocket Strike in Sderot Visited by Chinese Ambassador, Histadrut Construction Industry Representatives 2023-06-05 [Davar]

White-collar workers cheer for underdog standing up to manager against overtime on public holiday 2023-06-02 [China Labour Bulletin]

Cathay needs to boost staff morale, union says, after 'blanket-carpet' furore 2023-05-25 [Saltwire]

India International : Entretien avec Han DongFang, militant chinois et Sebastian Devaraj, militant indien 2023-05-23 [FO]

Women workers in China’s gig economy face discrimination, lower pay, unsafe conditions 2023-05-23 [China Labour Bulletin]

Surge in strikes at Chinese factories after Covid rules end 2023-05-21 [The Guardian]

Aumento de greves em fábricas chinesas após o fim das regras da Covid 2023-05-21 [Area Militar]

Relocating factories find loopholes to avoid paying compensation to workers 2023-05-19 [China Labour Bulletin]

Worker protests at Zhengzhou Foxconn highlight labour-capital problems in global supply chain 2023-05-19 [China Labour Bulletin]

Investigative journalist detained 2023-05-18 [IFJ]

Surge of manufacturing protests in China deserves international attention 2023-05-16 [China Labour Bulletin]

Employment and Wages in China 2023-05-16 [China Labour Bulletin]

Authorities charge, detain journalists 2023-05-05 [IFJ]

In an about-face, workers at a reputable Zhejiang garment factory strike over wage dispute 2023-05-04 [China Labour Bulletin]

China The Council of Global Unions (CGU) demands Hong Kong authorities withdraw the investigation against Elizabeth Tang, respect human rights, and end the assault on legitimate trade union rights in Hong Kong 2023-04-20 [TUAC]

China Council of Global Unions stands with Elizabeth Tang 2023-04-19 [BWI]

China Globala fackföreningar kräver att Hongkong drar tillbaka utredningen mot IDWF-ledaren Elizabeth Tang 2023-04-19 [UNI Global Union]

China Globale Gewerkschaften fordern Hongkong auf, die Ermittlungen gegen IDWF-Führerin Elizabeth Tang einzustellen 2023-04-19 [UNI Global Union]

China Los sindicatos mundiales exigen a Hong Kong que retire la investigación contra Elizabeth Tang, dirigente de la FITH 2023-04-19 [UNI Global Union]

China Les syndicats mondiaux demandent à Hong Kong de retirer l'enquête contre la dirigeante de l'IDWF, Elizabeth Tang 2023-04-19 [UNI Global Union]

China Global unions demand Hong Kong withdraw the investigation against IDWF leader Elizabeth Tang 2023-04-19 [UNI Global Union]

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