Factory where Samsung Note 7 batteries are made catches fire

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Made in China Yearbook 2016: Disturbances in Heaven 2017-02-16 [Chinoiresie]

Factory where Samsung Note 7 batteries are made catches fire 2017-02-16 [Forbes]


Seafarers: An Invisible Group 2017-02-12 [ME]

Collective bargaining and worker representation: a worker-turned activist's view 2017-02-09 [China Labour Bulletin]

China is not the model 2017-02-08 [Equal Times]

Chinese factory replaces 90% of human workers with robots. Production rises by 250%, defects drop by 80% 2017-02-06 [Zmescience]

New and old economy divisions deepen in Q4 worker actions 2017-02-04 [China Labour Bulletin]

Chinese Migrant Workers Protest Unpaid Wages 2017-01-27 [VOA]

30 Chinese workers found with no work permits in Kupang 2017-01-26 [Antara]

The Neglected Side of the Coin: Legal Hegemony, Class Consciousness, and Labour Politics in China 2017-01-26 [Chinoiresie]

McDonald's sale of China, HK business may hurt workers 2017-01-24 [CNBC]

Sack them for Striking. Arrest them for Protesting. Imprison them for Organising 2017-01-24 [China Labour Bulletin]

Migrant workers protest over unpaid wages 2017-01-20 [VoA]

How Dumping From China Led to Loss of 2,000 Jobs in Nnewi Battery Firm 2017-01-18 [Vanguard]

As workers age China turns to robots 2017-01-18 [AFP]

Labor-related NGOs facing hard times 2017-01-16 [The Daily Times]

Why sexual harassment persists in the workplace 2017-01-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

Two years with no pay: court finally recognises sanitation workers’ struggle 2017-01-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

Annual wave of construction worker protests in full swing, officials fret over solution 2017-01-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

Caution Over Chinese 'Pop Up Nuclear Reactor' 2017-01-10 [GMB]

A new law in China is threatening the work of international NGOs 2017-01-09 [The Conversatin]

6000 Chinese building workers to come into Israel in next 6 months 2017-01-07 [GCN]

Economies of Chinese cities disrupted as Apple supplier Foxconn replaces thousands of workers with robots 2017-01-07 [Digital Trends]

Foxconn replaces '60,000 factory workers with robots' 2017-01-07 [BBC]

Lecturer Fired in China's Shandong After he Criticized Chairman Mao 2017-01-06 [RFA]

Uyghur Government Workers Ordered Not to Identify on Forms as Muslim 2017-01-06 [Radio Free Asia]

Independent NGO negotiates strike, official state-run union takes the credit 2017-01-06 [China Labour Bulletin]

Workers Strike Over Alleged Harassment by Chinese Managers 2017-01-05 [VoA]

Israel signs to take 20,000 Chinese building workers 2017-01-04 [Globes]

As NGO law takes effect cops attack Beijing migrant worker rights group 2017-01-03 [RFA]

Walmart-China Hit By Social Media Coordinated Strikes 2016-12-29 [WIN]

Unusual Features of China’s Walmart Workers’ Resistance 2016-12-25 [HKCTU]

HK-listed companies cheat Chinese workers out of their hard-earned money 2016-12-25 [HKCTU]

The hidden cost of settling yet another labour dispute 2016-12-25 [China Labour Bulletin]

For China, robust labor institutions a work in progress 2016-12-25 [Nikkei Asian Review]

Made in China 4/2016: Eye in the Sky 2016-12-22 [Chinoiresie]

The dark side of Christmas: the impact on sweatshops 2016-12-12 [NI]

Senior manager suspended over sexual harassment 2016-12-10 [China.org.cn]

Warning of New Coal Mine Safety Risks As Prices Soar Spurring Mining 2016-12-09 [WSJ]

Social Scientists Grapple With Migrant Workers’ Unfair Treatment 2016-12-09 [Sixth Tone]

The grim truth of Chinese factories producing the west’s Christmas toys 2016-12-07 [The Guardian]

There and Back Again: Conceptualising the Chinese Gold Rush in Ghana 2016-12-07 [Chinoiresie]

IndustriALL calls for urgent ILO action on deadly Chinese coal mines 2016-12-07 [IndustriAll]

Striking workers call for negotiations at Coca-Cola, Danone, Sony 2016-12-07 [China Labour Bulletin]

How many tragedies must there be before the union starts doing its job? 2016-12-06 [China Labour Bulletin]

Coca-Cola China Refranchising Deal Sells Out Workers Rights 2016-12-06 [HKCTU]

Workers, Sony at odds over sale to Shenzhen company 2016-11-28 [Global Times]

At least 40 workers dead in power plant collapse 2016-11-28 [MSN]

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