Still no response from Ivanka about Chinese factory supplying her brand

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Three Australian Crown staff jailed in China for promoting gambling, set for release within months 2017-06-26 [ABC]

Ivanka Trump shoes slated for production at China factory despite brand's denial 2017-06-21 [Guardian ]

Still no response from Ivanka about Chinese factory supplying her brand 2017-06-21 [China Labor Watch]

The Chinese Labor Activist Who Wants Ivanka Trump to ‘Take Responsibility’ 2017-06-20 [Bloomberg]

Workers are Saying Goodbye to Double-Digit Pay Raises 2017-06-20 [Bloomberg]

We are waiting for Ivanka to reply. The latest update regarding the detained investigators 2017-06-17 [China Labor Watch]

Hua Haifeng’s Wife: My husband is arrested for investigating Ivanka Trump’s supplier factory, and I become the main monitored subject 2017-06-17 [China Labor Watch]

Ivanka Trump Pressured to Address Activists Detained in China 2017-06-17 [China Digital Times]

Chinese activist wants Ivanka to 'force change' in labour conditions 2017-06-17 [The Independent]

Revealed: reality of life working in an Ivanka Trump clothing factory 2017-06-15 [Guardian ]

The Women Who Make Ivanka Trump Clothes Can't Afford To Live With Their Children 2017-06-14 [Huffington Post]

Ivanka Trump's Garment Workers Can't Afford to Live with Their Children 2017-06-14 [Alternet]

Factory Workers at Ivanka Trump's Supplier Speak Out About Working Conditions 2017-06-14 [Allure]

US union blasts 'mistreatment' of McDonald's China franchisees 2017-06-13 [Food Navigator]

Inside the Disappearance of the Men Investigating Ivanka Trump Brand Manufacturing 2017-06-13 [The Fashion Law]

Ivanka Trump stays shtum as Chinese Labor activists arrested investigating her supply chain. 2017-06-10 [Huffington Post]

SEIU Launches Website for McDonald’s Franchisees Affected by Company’s China Sale 2017-06-10 [SEIU]

Labour activists suspected of sending 'industrial secrets' abroad 2017-06-08 [ChannelNewsAsia]

Regime won't release labour activists detained in probe of Ivanka supplier 2017-06-07 [CNN]

Gvt Defends Arrest of Men Investigating Ivanka Trump's Shoe Supplier 2017-06-07 [AP]

VW worker representatives arrested at Changchun plant 2017-06-07 [China Labour Bulletin]

200 HKers Commemorate Death of Labour Rights Hero 2017-06-07 [HKCTU]

Lawyer: 3 men who probed Ivanka Trump shoemaker detained For more info 2017-06-06 [Albany Times Union]

China Labor Watch appeals to President Trump, Ivanka Trump, to help release activists 2017-06-03 [China Labor Watch]

Silencing worker activists. Is China offering Ivanka Trump unseemly favors? 2017-06-03 [Washington Post]

Firm that makes shoes for Ivanka Trump denies missing worker activists' claims 2017-06-03 [Guardian ]

Ahead of Breaking News, a Shoe Story That Fits 2017-06-03 [NYT]

Antiworker repression linked to Ivanka Trump 2017-06-02 [NYTimes]

Interview with Dr Eileen Yuk-ha Tsang, an researcher of sex workers in China 2017-06-02 [HKCTU]

Guangdong Minimum Wage Frozen for Three Years 2017-06-02 [HKCTU]

Chinese maker of Ivanka Trump shoes denies labor violations 2017-06-01 [Albany Times Union]

Job prospects look grim for Chinese college grads 2017-06-01 [China Labour Bulletin]

Pregnant woman takes employer to arbitration for unfair dismissal 2017-06-01 [China Labour Bulletin]

Activist who worked undercover in Chinese factory making Ivanou Trump shoes arrested 2017-06-01 [ NYT]

Activist probing factories making Ivanka Trump shoes in China arrested: group 2017-06-01 [Reuters]

China Labor Watch calls on Ivanka Trump to press for release of detained activist 2017-06-01 [AFP]

Workers Investigating Factory Used by Ivanka Trump Brand Reported Missing 2017-05-31 [AP]

Chinese Workers Who Probed Ivanka Trump-Linked Factories Missing 2017-05-31 [Bloomberg Politics]

Imperial Pacific must Pay Legal Wages, Compensate Injuries of Saipan Construction Workers 2017-05-25 [HKCTU]

Ivanka Trump’s Brand Is Getting Heat for How Much It Pays Workers in China 2017-05-19 [Fortune]

Chinese Workers Allegedly Earning $1/Hour Making Ivanka Trump Clothing 2017-05-18 [Jewish Daily Forward]

Chinese workers to help build homes in Israel as part of long awaited deal 2017-05-15 [Channel NewsAsia]

Press Freedom in China Bulletin: MAY 2017-05-12 [IFJ]

Government tightens grip with new media regulation 2017-05-05 [IFJ]

Histadrut chief: Keep Chinese workers out 2017-05-05 [Hamodia]

Factory Workers Producing Ivanka Trump Clothing Are Reportedly Overworked & Underpaid 2017-04-27 [Refinery29]

Workers at Chinese factory producing Ivanka Trump clothing were underpaid, overworked 2017-04-26 [NYDaily news]

Right to communicate violated: Labour Activist has been detained and isolated for 16 months 2017-04-24 [HKCTU]

Collective Bargaining in China Is Dead: The SItuation Is Excellent 2017-04-24 [Chinoiresie]

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