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Delhaize staff union rejects 'bonus' proposals by management

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Delhaize staff union rejects 'bonus' proposals by management 2023-09-28 [The Times]

Strike will affect this Belgian airport 2023-07-27 [Mayor]

  JOB   New job: Finance Coordinator (ETUCE) 2023-06-28 [Education International]

Belgium ratifies ILO Convention NO. 190 2023-06-22 [BWI]

Unions demonstrate in Brussels to demand better worker protection 2023-05-23 [CP24]

Draft bill puts 'right to freedom of opinion in danger', says Belgian union leader 2023-05-16 [The Times]

CG-FGTB vows to fight for more freedom, equality and democracy 2023-04-01 [BWI]

Social unrest spreads from Delhaize to Aldi 2023-03-30 [The Times]

Unions submit strike notice for Belgium's entire retail sector 2023-03-26 [The Times]

Belgium Dividends paid by Cartamundi’s Irish operation to be raised by union in talks 2023-03-24 [Irish Times]

workers push back against Delhaize franchising its supermarkets 2023-03-24 [UNI Global Union]

'This blockade is a warning': Delhaize e-commerce depot blocked by strike action 2023-03-19 [The Times]

  JOB   New job: Head of Press and Communications 2023-02-22 [ETUC]

Belgium Solidarity with Bekaert strikers 2022-12-22 [IndustriALL]

Workers in Belgium take action over cost-of-living crisis 2022-12-17 [EPSU]

Qatar Arrests in Qatar corruption probe 2022-12-10 [EURACTIV]

Unionized rail workers stage nationwide strike 2022-11-29 [Xinhua]

Social service workers denounce an overload of work and a lack of staff 2022-11-16 [EPSU]

Cost-of-living strike hits traffic, businesses in Belgium 2022-11-11 [Al Jazeera]

General strike over inflation 2022-11-09 [UNI]

BSCA Security refuses to discuss with the unions; strike at Charleroi airport continues 2022-10-18 [Aviation 24]

Protests to maintain purchasing power in Belgium: It’s time to protect the citizens 2022-09-24 [CESI]

Cement workers end strike, secure travel allowance increase 2022-09-14 [BWI]

Conciliation failed at Sagrex-Heidelbergcement 2022-09-08 [ICM]

Conciliation failed at Sagrex-Heidelbergcement 2022-09-06 [BWI]

  JOB  Global New job: Administrative Assistant in the Events, IT, and Administration Unit 2022-09-06 [Education International]

Everything is going up, except freelance rates 2022-08-08 [EFJ]

Strike at international jewellery store 2022-06-30 [BT]

General strike over fair wages 2022-06-29 [IUF]

Brussels Airlines unions demand meeting with CEO following three-day strike 2022-06-26 [The Times]

Journalists acquitted for stalking and breach of privacy in SLAPP-case 2022-06-23 [EFJ]

80.000 workers on the streets of Brussels for higher pay and better conditions 2022-06-22 [EPSU]

Major labor unions to lead demonstration 2022-06-20 [Cr]

  JOB   Secretary / Administrative Assistant 2022-06-17 [EPSU]

Why are unions organising another national strike next week? 2022-06-16 [The Times]

Strikes get little sympathy from Government 2022-06-02 [TBT]

Ryanair faces possible disruption in Belgium as crews threaten to strike 2022-04-21 [The Irish Times]

Ryanair cabin crew on strike on weekend from 22 to 24 April 2022-04-16 [Aviation 24]

Belgium Steelworkers show wartime solidarity 2022-04-12 [IndustriALL]

Ireland Local government services and trade unions during Covid times: lessons learnt from Belgium and Ireland 2022-04-08 [PSI]

Belgium IndustriALL and Solvay renew and improve benchmark GFA 2022-04-06 [IndustriALL]

Belgium decriminalizes sex work 2022-04-04 [MoveUP]

  JOB  Belgium Research, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator 2022-03-21 [EI]

VIDEO  More and more women joining construction 2022-03-12 [BWI]

Belgium KBC Bank accused of showing ‘complete contempt' for staff and industrial relations 2022-02-15 [Irish Times]

Teaching should no longer be “despised” 2022-02-11 [EI]

Global Belgian authorities support BWI's health and safety declaration covering 18M workers worldwide 2022-02-07 [BWI]

‘Right to disconnect': boss may no longer call employees after hours 2022-01-05 [BT]

VIDEO  Health Workers Protest Obligatory Vaccinations 2021-12-08 []

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19-09-1942 The 838 workers of the factories and foundries of Baume and Marpent decide to strike despite the ban by the Nazi occupier. 3 days in a row, they are forced to return to work by soldiers armed with machine guns. [more]