Chilling effect on media freedom by verdict against journalist and editor

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The Lost Boys of Belgrade: migrant kids’ lonely struggle to survive 2017-02-17 [equal times]

Chilling effect on media freedom by verdict against journalist and editor 2017-01-09 [EFJ]

Unions Seek Higher Minimum Wage 2016-08-19 [Balkan Insight]

Union Badges Lose Their Lustre 2016-07-16 [Balkan Insight]

Unions in Serbia mark International Workers' Memorial Day 2016-05-14 [BWI Global Union]

Brain Drain as Medics Go West 2016-01-26 [Balkan Insight]

Trade union struggle contributes to ending discrimination against female public servants 2015-10-20 [Education International]

4 workers burned in Serbian munitions factory fire 2015-09-30 [The Times-Union]

Unions announce end of educators' strike 2015-04-27 [B92]

Teachers’ protest finally ends 2015-04-23 [In Serbia]

Teachers strike, classes suspended in Cacak, Gornji Milanovac, Krusevac 2015-03-24 [IN News]

Six Serbian Migrant Workers Killed in Russia 2015-02-25 [BWI]

Government plans to bankrupt 188 state firms, trim 5,000 jobs 2015-01-03 [Reuters]

Education workers’ trade unions stage protest 2014-12-27 [In Serbia]

Ratification of ILO Convention 94 used as a basis for the work on blacklisting of companies 2014-12-11 [BWI]

Teachers strike over pay cuts 2014-11-18 [The Weekly]

Thousands of health care workers strike against austerity 2014-11-06 [Europe Online]

Teachers, doctors announce strikes over pay cuts 2014-10-30 [SwissInfo]

Teachers To Strike on Wednesday 2014-10-19 [InSerbia]

Police Unions End Strike After 10 Days 2014-10-07 [In Serbia]

Police trade unions end strike 2014-10-07 [B92]

Fiat temporarily closes factory 2014-09-09 [In]

Employers want salaries cut by 25 percent 2014-08-10 [B92]

Trade Unions Protest Against Amendments to Labour Law 2014-08-06 [BWI]

ETUC leader Bernadette Ségol demands Serbian government to come back to dialogue 2014-07-25 [ETUC]

IndustriALL Global Union’s affiliates central in Serbian general strike 2014-07-22 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Serbia: General Strike to Protect Wages & Working Conditions 2014-07-19 [ITUC]

Workers Protest Labor-Law Bill, Seek Referendum 2014-07-18 [Bloomberg]

Trade unions hold protest in Belgrade 2014-07-18 [In Serbia ]

General Strike to Protect Wages and Working Conditions 2014-07-18 [ITUC]

General strike on 17 July 2014-07-16 [InSerbia]

Trade unions decide to go on general strike 2014-07-16 [B92]

SNS supports changes to labor law, DS to join union protests 2014-07-14 [InSerbia]

After the Great Flood, the Balkans begins the long task of rebuilding 2014-05-30 [Equal Times]

IWMD 2014 Serbia: SGIGM receives an award for health and safety at the workplace 2014-05-07 [BWI]

Workers Fall Victim To Jobs Scam In Sochi 2014-03-02 [Eurasia Review]

Traffic from Belgrade on Corridor 10 blocked at Vranje 2014-02-13 [InSerbia]

We say NO to Amendments to the Serbian Labour Law! 2014-01-28 [PSI]

Economy minister resigns 2014-01-26 [Dalje]

Trade unions in one-hour warning strike against labour law changes 2014-01-23 [B92]

Labor law reconsidered in face of union opposition 2014-01-20 [Reuters]

Pensioners Join Union Call for Economy Minister’s Ouster 2014-01-18 [Bloomberg]

Solidarity campaign Serbia: ACT NOW ! NO amendments to Labour Law 2014-01-08 [BWI]

Serbian workers become victims of trafficking in Sochi 2013-11-23 [BWI]

Objections raised to draft law on strike 2013-07-22 [B92]

What is so controversial about the bill on strike? 2013-07-20 [InSerbia]

All construction companies go on strike 2013-06-27 [In Serbia]

Road workers go on strike 2013-06-27 [B92]

Minister blames trade unions for failed tender 2013-06-08 [B92]

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