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PM advises nation to drink alcohol responsibly, nurses union president warns of looming Covid-19 second wave


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PM advises nation to drink alcohol responsibly, nurses union president warns of looming Covid-19 second wave [The Swaziland News] 2020-10-27

Reopening controversial Ngwenya Mine [New Frame] 2020-10-21

Employer sues Eswatini union for strike damages [IndustriALL] 2020-09-16

Teachers oppose hasty school reopening [New Frame] 2020-08-06

A woman's healthcare worker experience during COVID-19 [PSI] 2020-05-20

Nurses to sue government over COVID-19 mess [The South African] 2020-05-08


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Employing teachers on contracts undermines quality of education 2021-02-22 [The Swaziland News]

SNAT secretary general: Civil servants frustrated, assaulted in Eswatini for demanding better wages 2021-02-16 [The Swaziland News]

ATUSWA secretary-general: Soldier who killed himself at the palace was protesting against King Mswati's lavish lifestyle 2021-02-15 [The Swaziland News]

Swazi Trac employee fired after getting injured while on duty, matter 'disappears' at the Industrial Court 2021-02-15 [The Swaziland News]

Nurses union president: Editors donation demonstrates the importance of recognizing role of health workers 2021-02-08 [The Swaziland News]

EPR employees to strike on Wednesday in demand of working equipment, allowances 2021-02-02 [The Swaziland News]

Assistant superintendent Jubulani Madlopha who was promoted after shooting protesting teachers threatening Emaswati on Facebook 2021-01-18 [The Swaziland News]

How late ex-PUDEMO President Mario Masuku rejected King Mswati's appointment 2021-01-13 [The Swaziland News]

COSATU mourns the passing of Swazi revolutionary leader – Comrade Mario Masuku 2021-01-12 [COSATU]

POPCRU mourns the passing of Cde Mario Masuku 2021-01-12 [COSATU]

Covid-19 crisis: Captured judges will soon become victims of their own injustice 2021-01-06 [The Swaziland News]

EPR health workers to strike over non-availability of uniform, working equipment 2020-12-27 [The Swaziland News]

RSSC opens up, invites stakeholders 2020-12-21 [Swazi Observer]

Mandla Maziya who was suffocated and killed by police leaves behind 11 orphans, pregnant widow 2020-12-20 [The Swaziland News]

PUDEMO President: King must cancel Incwala ritual ceremony in honour of late prime minister Mandvulo 2020-12-17 [The Swaziland News]

Nurses union slams prime minister for dumping patient to seek treatment in South Africa 2020-12-06 [The Swaziland News]

Police brutality on university students must stop,education is not a crime. Your Majesty! 2020-12-03 [The Swaziland News]

New students union president calls for unity of progressive forces in the fight for social justice 2020-11-30 [The Swaziland News]

Swaziland transport communication and allied workers union (SWATCAWU) secures victory on salary increment 2020-11-21 [The Swaziland News]

PM advises nation to drink alcohol responsibly, nurses union president warns of looming Covid-19 second wave 2020-10-27 [The Swaziland News]

Finance minister failed to convince unions in a private meeting, protest march on Dubais ban goes ahead on Wednesday 2020-10-22 [The Swaziland News]

Poor will suffer from price gouging 2020-10-22 [Times of Swaziland]

Reopening controversial Ngwenya Mine 2020-10-21 [New Frame]

Peaceful march against Dubais ban might manifest into strike action-unions 2020-10-20 [The Swaziland News]

SNAT President invites public to participate in a protest march against 'Dubais' ban on Wednesday 2020-10-16 [The Swaziland News]

Fire personel, cops in staff bus standoff 2020-10-06 [Times of Swaziland]

Fire department employees, government at loggerheads over new working schedule 2020-10-06 [The Swaziland News]

CPS says royalty uses meat parcels to control the Swazi nation, questions the abuse of Tibiyo state funds 2020-10-04 [The Swaziland News]

SNAT blames education ministry on exams councils fraudulent results 2020-09-24 [The Swaziland News]

TUCOSWA: No worker should earn less than E3,500.00 in Eswatini 2020-09-23 [The Swaziland News]

ATUSWA vows to fight back after Taiwanese garment factory files “false” charges 2020-09-20 [People]

Employer sues Eswatini union for strike damages 2020-09-16 [IndustriALL]

COSATU sends heartfelt condolences to the family of gallant Swazi trade unionist and politician – Jan Jabulani Sithole 2020-09-16 [COSATU]

One billion rising: Women vulnerable to sexual abuse in the midst of Covid-19 job losses 2020-08-25 [The Swaziland News]

Swazi media conmmentary: Swaziland pledges public sector job cuts, below inflation wage increases to secure IMF loan 2020-08-06 [Swazi Media Commentary]

Ban labour brokers petition to parliament 2020-08-06 [Times of Swaziland]

Teachers oppose hasty school reopening 2020-08-06 [New Frame]

Among worst in world for workers' right, new survey reveals 2020-06-24 []

Nurses president says Eswatini losing against Covid-19, reveals secret behind declien in numbers 2020-05-24 [The Swaziland News]

Trade unions take on government as 33 health workes test positive to Covid-19 2020-05-24 [The Swaziland News]

A woman's healthcare worker experience during COVID-19 2020-05-20 [PSI]

State of emergency extension: Nurses demand COVID-19practical action from government 2020-05-18 [Swaziland News]

Eswatini health workers praised as more COVID-19 patients discharged from hospital 2020-05-12 [The Swaziland News]

Nurses to sue government over COVID-19 mess 2020-05-08 [The South African]

Quarantined nurses kicked out of Sitiki Hotel as Covid-19 crisis intensifies 2020-04-18 [The Swaziland News]

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