Kentucky Local teachers, unions renew vow to Remember-in-November

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29-09-2018 New York New York City: NYC Troublemakers School Public · Hosted by Labor Notes
12-11-2018 --- : NEA - American Education Week: November 12-16, 2018

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Kentucky Local teachers, unions renew vow to Remember-in-November [Messenger-Inquirer] 2018-09-23

West Virginia West Virginia Teachers Launch Rank-and-File Caucus: WV United [Labor Notes] 2018-09-22

North Carolina Judge blocks law that stops farmworker union activities [WRAL] 2018-09-21

McDonald’s Workers Across the U.S. Stage #MeToo Protests [NYTimes] 2018-09-19

Over 8,300 Marriott Workers Approve Strikes Against Marriott in Six Locations Across USA [Unite Here] 2018-09-17

Amazon Is Worth $1 Trillion. Its Workers Are on Food Stamps [Daily Beast] 2018-09-11

Illinois Workers at 26 Chicago hotels go on strike [Chicago Tribune] 2018-09-09

Donald Trump’s war on workers [Wash Post] 2018-09-05

On Labor Day, Trump slams union leader who criticized him [KTBS] 2018-09-04

Trump pay freeze for federal workers may be his most cynical and self-destructive stunt yet [LATimes] 2018-09-02

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AFGE reignites executive order legal dispute with new contempt motion against VA 2018-09-24 [WTOP]

Michigan Snyder considers use of National Guard scabs for road projects amid labor dispute 2018-09-23 [Crain's Detroit Biz]

Virginia In *Hog Wild,* how pork workers took on an anti-union behemoth 2018-09-23 [Virginia-Pilot]

California San Francisco Labor Council Supports the Driscoll Boycott Global Day of Action 2018-09-23 [IndyBay]

Low Unemployment, Stagnant Wages Bring Renewed Labor Strife 2018-09-23 [WSJ]

Contract Expires for 200K Postal Workers, Negotiations Extended a Month 2018-09-23 [Gov Exec]

Kentucky Bourbon maker Four Roses reaches deal to two week settle strike 2018-09-23 [News Tribune]

Michigan Contractors, union in road dispute agree to meet Gov Snyder 2018-09-23 [WILX]

Pennsylvania Labor groups treat local veterans to cookout 2018-09-23 [Citizens' Voice]

Michigan Meeting planned in roads lockout 2018-09-23 [Daily News]

Washington Kelso's recovery from 2015 teacher strike may guide Longview 2018-09-23 [TDN]

Wisconsin Ron Gregory: Will state's educators remember in November? 2018-09-23 [Herald-Dispatch]

New Jersey Rutgers workers rally in New Brunswick for contract negotiations 2018-09-23 [My Central Jersey]

Kentucky Local teachers, unions renew vow to Remember-in-November 2018-09-23 [Messenger-Inquirer]

Louisiana Kennedy wants unclaimed retirement funds sent to states 2018-09-23 [Albany Times Union]

Walmart discriminated against pregnant workers, federal agency says 2018-09-23 [KVOA]

Illinois Striking workers approve new contract with two more hotels 2018-09-23 [Chicago Sun-Times]

Millenials united: Labor unions enjoy a youthful surge 2018-09-23 [OZY]

Massachusetts Teachers union hands out free books at Back to School Fair 2018-09-23 [Boston Herald]

Lois Gray, ‘amazing force’ at ILR School, dies at 94 2018-09-23 [The Chronicle]

Illinois Building Bridges: #MeToo: McDonald’s Workers Strike to End Sexual Harassment For more info 2018-09-22 [WBAI Radio]

New York Law360 Workers Get Union Cash in Push for Contract 2018-09-22 [Bloomberg]

Inside the Effort to Organize Freelance Journalists 2018-09-22 [Talk Poverty]

It's Down to the Wire in Tense Talks at Health Care Giant Kaiser 2018-09-22 [Labour Notes]

California Sun-Maid raisin employees still on strike over health care costs 2018-09-22 [ABC]

West Virginia West Virginia Teachers Launch Rank-and-File Caucus: WV United 2018-09-22 [Labor Notes]

Senators to Betsy DeVos: Stop Violating Workers Rights 2018-09-22 [Longview News-Jrnl]

Unions Accuse Trump Administration of Circumventing Court Order Through Bargaining 2018-09-22 [Gov Exec]

Michigan Union, MITA agree to face-to-face talks in ongoing roadwork dispute 2018-09-22 [Crain's Detroit Biz]

Kentucky Bourbon maker Four Roses reaches deal to settle two week strike 2018-09-22 [Bluefield Daily Telegraph]

California Uber Presses 9th Circ. To Undo Driver Misclassification Suits 2018-09-22 [Law360]

Walmart discriminated against pregnant workers, federal agency says 2018-09-22 [CNN]

Workers Overdose on the Job, and Employers Struggle to Respond 2018-09-22 [NYTimes]

Washington Postal workers gather downtown to protest privatization of mail services 2018-09-21 [Spokesman-Rev]

Michigan Nurses confront University of Michigan governing board as strike looms 2018-09-21 [Detroit Free Press]

North Carolina Judge blocks law that stops farmworker union activities 2018-09-21 [WRAL]

Illinois Workers ratify new contract with 7 downtown hotels; strike drags on at 19 more 2018-09-21 [Chicago Sun-Times]

California California Cartage ordered to pay $3.5M in back wages 2018-09-21 [Supply Chain Dive]

Washington UFW workers begin 5-day fast for reconsiliation at Darigold HQ in Seattle 2018-09-21 [UFW]

Postal Service, American Postal Workers Union Continue Negotiations 2018-09-21 [USPS]

Tennessee Health effects from radiation exposure in former uranium production workers at Mallinckrodt 2018-09-21 [ORISE]

McDonald’s #MeToo moment: Workers walk out to protest sexual harassment: Employees across six cities participated in the strikes Tuesday 2018-09-21 [Lily]

Multistate Psittacosis Outbreak among Poultry Plant Workers, 2018 2018-09-21 [CDC]

A Paris Agreement for the Workers of the World 2018-09-21 [TNR]

Trump says he wants to protect steel workers. Why are they unhappy? 2018-09-21 [Wash Post]

Maryland Union members rally at the Potomac Center in Hagerstown 2018-09-21 [HMMedia]

Pennsylvania Local Sheet Metal Workers’ Union Pickets at BEP Site 2018-09-21 [Phoenix]

Massachusetts National Grid, union stuck in lockout with gas safety in spotlight 2018-09-21 [Boston Herald]

Call Congress: Stop and other tax giveaway to the rich 2018-09-21 [CWA]

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This month in labour history

1-09-1907 United Auto Workers president Walter Reuther born. “There is a direct relationship between breadbox & ballot box.” [more]

1-09-1881 William Z Foster born. Labour organizer, leader in Steel Strike of 1919. [more]

4-09-1934 400,000 textile workers start largest strike at the time through most of the US East Coast over wage cuts and speed-ups. [more]

5-09-1917 The Palmer Raids: federal agents seize records & arrest 100s involved with the IWW, including Big Bill Haywood. [more]

9-09-1890 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America created at a convention in Topeka, Kansas. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen immigrant coalminers are shot in the back and killed by deputies in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen unarmed immigrant miners are shot dead by a sheriff's posse in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

16-09-2004 The Farm Labor Organizing Committee wins a collective agreement with Mt. Olive Pickle Company on farms in North Carolina after a five-year struggle. [more]

17-09-2011 Occupy Wall Street movement is launched with a march in New York City. [more]

19-09-1981 More than 400,000 unionists march in Solidarity Day demo in Washington, DC, for sacked striking air traffic controllers. [more]

22-09-1919 A steel strike, led by the Amalgamated Association of Iron & Steel Workers, begins in Pennsylvania before spreading across US. [more]

22-09-2006 Domino's Pizza workers in Pensacola, Florida form the first union of pizza delivery drivers. [more]

23-09-1886 A coalition of Knights of Labor and trade unionists in Chicago launch the United Labor party, calling for an 8-hour day, government ownership of telegraph and telephone companies, and monetary and land reform. [more]

26-09-1903 The Old 97, a Southern Railway train officially known as the Fast Mail, derails near Danville, Va., killing engineer Joseph “Steve” Broady and ten other railroad and postal workers. Many believe Broady had been ordered to speed to make up for lost tim [more]

30-09-1962 Cesar Chavez, with Dolores Huerta, co-founds the National Farm Workers Association, which later was to become the United Farm Workers of America [more]