U.S. Workers Most at Risk From Robots

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Nurses Champion Medicare For All 2017-03-27 [WIN]

AFL-CIO official defends new ACTU Secretary Sally McManus, says Australian Super funds can shape Trump’s corporate agenda 2017-03-27 [Investment Magazine ]

AFL-CIO Ready to Sue If Trump Waters Down Overtime Regulations 2017-03-27 [Bloomberg]

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders on the Failure of AHCA in the House of Representatives 2017-03-27 [AFSCME]

California With Trump in office, Cesar Chavez marchers move from ‘si, se puede’ to ‘resiste’ 2017-03-26 [Sacramento Bee]

New York Chuck Schumer Announces Support For Cornell Grad Workers 2017-03-26 [Cornell Daily Sun]

New York Cornell Graduate Student Workers Rally Before Union Vote 2017-03-26 [USNews]

Iron workers union offers paid maternity leave 2017-03-26 [Builder]

Iowa Workers compensation bill is a disaster for state GOP 2017-03-26 [Des Moines Register]

New York The workers who make Broadway hum deserve a standing ovation 2017-03-26 [NYDaily News]

U.S. Workers Most at Risk From Robots 2017-03-26 [WDJT]

Remembering a radical Jewish tradition. 106 years after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire 2017-03-26 [Jacobin]

Instacart Suit Again Raises Employee Misclassification Issues 2017-03-25 [Small Biz Trends]

Immigration, unions still stir passions 106 years after the Triangle Fire 2017-03-25 [Orange Cty Register]

Democrats oppose Gorsuch, say he rules against workers 2017-03-25 [ABC]

Will US workers lose jobs to robots? Mnuchin says no, report says yes 2017-03-25 [Christian Sci Monitor]

Pennsylvania Lawmakers seek to bring right-to-work policies to state 2017-03-25 [Sun-Gazette]

Missouri Effort to stop right to work dealt blow in state court 2017-03-25 [News & Observer]

Expanding the Fight for Education 2017-03-25 [jacobinmag]

WATCH: Journalism used to fight for the working man, now it’s a bastion of 'trust fund kids' 2017-03-24 [Salon]

Racial Justice Program Coordinator of AFL-CIO Advocates for More Diversity in Unions 2017-03-24 [Cornell Daily Sun]

Missouri Union organizers file suit against the University of Missouri curators 2017-03-24 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Pennsylvania Union members rally against pro-RTW state bill 2017-03-24 [Citizen's Voice]

Momentum Builds for May Day Strikes 2017-03-24 [Labor Notes]

New York Union workers to carry out most of the $4 billion reconstruction on LaGuardia Airport terminal 2017-03-24 [NYDaily News]

AT&T workers end their strike in California and Nevada 2017-03-24 [LATimes]

Mississippi Nissan declines talks with union after Mar 4 rally healined by Bernie Sanders 2017-03-24 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

California Central Coast vintners may choose machines over guest workers 2017-03-24 [KCRW]

Supreme Court Decides For Workers and Against Private Equity in Important Bankruptcy Case, Jevic For more info 2017-03-24 [Naked Capitalism]

Pennsylvania Two workers struck on Route 30 in Hempfield Township 2017-03-24 [WPXI]

Illinois A simple workers comp fix could save lives 2017-03-24 [IL Policiy]

Massachusetts Faulkner Hospital workers vote to join SEIU 2017-03-24 [Boston Globe]

Michigan Wayne County road worker dies after 2 workers hit by county vehicle while patching road in Taylor 2017-03-24 [Click on Detroit]

New York More than a Hundred Young Women Went to Work One Day, and Never Came Home. Their Story Changed the Country Forever 2017-03-24 [Progressive]

AT&T Phone Workers End Strike After 1 Day 2017-03-24 [Fortune]

Thousands Of AT&T Workers On Strike In California And Nevada 2017-03-24 [RTT News]

Alabama Alabama immigration: crops rot as workers vanish to avoid crackdown 2017-03-24 [The Guardian]

Ohio Akron Public Schools teachers, board reach contract agreement 2017-03-24 [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Coalition representing 350,000 announces May 1st strike 2017-03-23 [libcom.org]

California 17,000 technicians and call centre workers on strike at AT&T 2017-03-23 [libcom.org]

Stand with Mondelez/Nabisco Working People Whose Jobs Were Outsourced by Watching and Sharing This Video 2017-03-23 [AFL-CIO]

The consequences of improper employee classification 2017-03-23 [IN Lawyer]

California Latest Misclassification Settlement Fails To Lyft Sharing Economy Companies 2017-03-23 [Lexology]

Pennsylvania Steel workers group alleges Pittsburgh company owes monthly union dues 2017-03-23 [Penn Record]

Obama’s labor board failed to protect union salts. Now union busters can go back on the attack 2017-03-23 [Jacobin]

Labor nominee says he won't let politics influence hiring 2017-03-23 [Albany Times Union]

Investors with $3 Trillion in Assets Call for CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio Disclosure 2017-03-23 [AFL-CIO]

New York NYSUT: Oppose Trumpcare and the Disastrous Collins Amendment! 2017-03-23 [NYSUT]

Florida Republicans accused of advancing union-busting proposal with little chance at becoming law 2017-03-23 [Tampa Bay Times]

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This month in labour history

7-03-1932 Unemployed workers stage a hunger march to the Ford complex at Dearborn, demanding workers be rehired. Police shoot at the demonstration, killing 4 and injuring 60 [more]

9-03-1910 Westmoreland County Coal strikes begins, ending in 1911. It is known as the 'Slovak strike', as 70% of the miners are Slovakian. 16 people are killed. [more]

11-03-1950 TWU members at American Airlines win 11-day national strike, gaining what the union says was the first severance pay clause in industry. [more]

12-03-1929 Lupe Anguiano, women's rights activist and labour organizer, is born. [more]

13-03-1830 The term “rat,” referring to a worker who betrays fellow workers, first appears in print in the New York Daily Sentinel [more]

18-03-1937 New York City police arrested striking Woolworth's store clerks - mostly women - who had occupied stores demanding a 40-hour workweek. [more]

31-03-1927 Cesar Chavez, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]