Jobs in Trade Unions

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Australia New job: Organiser (Local Government) Metropolitan - Sydney [USU] 2022-01-28

Australia / South Australia New job: Coordinator - Policy and Industrial Services [SA Unions] 2022-01-27

Canada Administrative Assistant, Regional Office [PSAC] 2022-01-26

Canada Conference Liaison [ETFO] 2022-01-26

Canada Communications Technician [AUPE] 2022-01-26

Canada Labour Relations Assistant (Litigation) [ONA] 2022-01-26

Canada Administrative Clerk [OSSTF] 2022-01-26

Canada Political Communications Officer / Agent-e des communications politiques [CEIU-PSAC] 2022-01-26

Australia New job: Organiser, NSW Branch [RTBU] 2022-01-25

Australia New job: Digital Campaigner [QNMU] 2022-01-24

Canada Permanent Full Time Campaign Co-ordinator [CUPE] 2022-01-24

Canada Systems Support Specialist (permanent full-time) [UNA] 2022-01-23

Canada Staff Representative - Advocacy Department (2 Positions) - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU) [BCGEU] 2022-01-23

Canada Human Resources Director - Full-time permanent position [BCTF] 2022-01-22

Canada Manager of Member Data, Full–Time Continuing [BCTF] 2022-01-22

Australia New job: Para Legal / Legal Secretary [UWU] 2022-01-21

Australia New job: Senior economist [ACTU] 2022-01-20

Australia New job: Member Services Officer [UWU] 2022-01-20

Australia New job: Vic Field Organiser [CPSU] 2022-01-20

Australia TCF Outwork Outreach Officer – CFMEU Manufacturing Division, NSW (Vietnamese Language required) [CFMMEU] 2022-01-19

Canada Communications Officer [PSAC] 2022-01-19

Canada Grievance and Adjudication Officer – Classification [PSAC] 2022-01-19

Canada Legal Assistant [PSAC] 2022-01-19

Canada User Support Analyst [PSAC] 2022-01-19

Canada Regional Negotiator [PSAC] 2022-01-19

Canada Labour Relations Assistant (Conference & Meeting Planner) [ONA] 2022-01-19

Canada Labour Relations Officer- Servicing [ONA] 2022-01-19

Canada New Media Specialist (GTA) [SEIU] 2022-01-19

Canada Labour Relations Officer [HSAA] 2022-01-19

Africa Africa Local and Regional Government (LRG) Coordinator [Public Services International] 2022-01-17

Canada Executive Assistant to the REVP-NCR [PSAC] 2022-01-16

Canada Administrative Assistant [PSAC] 2022-01-16

Canada Regional Representative [PSAC] 2022-01-16

Canada Organizer [AUPE] 2022-01-16

Canada Labour Relations Officer – Servicing [ONA] 2022-01-16

Canada Bilingual Labour Relations Officer – Membership Education & Events Team [ONA] 2022-01-16

Canada Labour Relations Specialist (Government and External Relations) [ONA] 2022-01-16

Canada Senior Staffing Officer [PEIUPSE] 2022-01-16

Canada Occupation Health and Safety Officer [UNA] 2022-01-16

Canada Communications Officer [SGEU] 2022-01-16

UK New job: Policy and Campaigns Support Officer (maternity cover) South West Region [TUC] 2022-01-14

UK PayYourWorkers & RespectLabourRights Campaign Consultant [Clean Clothes Campaign] 2022-01-14

Canada / British Columbia SECRETARY (Temporary) [BCGEU] 2022-01-11

Canada / British Columbia Secretary (Purchasing Assistant) [BCGEU] 2022-01-10

Canada Dues and Membership Processing Clerk [ONA] 2022-01-08

Canada Dues and Membership Processing Clerk (12 Month Contract) [ONA] 2022-01-08

Canada Administrative Assistant, Charlottetown Regional Offic [PSAC] 2022-01-08

Canada Classification and Equal Pay Officer [PSAC] 2022-01-08

Canada Administrative Assistant, Regional Office [PSAC] 2022-01-08

Canada Administrative Assistant, Executive Office [PSAC] 2022-01-08

Canada Program Analyst [HSAA] 2022-01-08

Canada New Media Specialist [SEIU] 2022-01-08

Canada Accounting Clerk [NSGEU] 2022-01-08

Canada National Director of Operations and Projects [CHC] 2022-01-08

UK / Scotland New job: Administrative & Office Support Assistant [GMB] 2022-01-07

UK New job: Director Employment Relations [RCM] 2022-01-06

UK Campaigns and Communications Officer [TUC] 2021-12-31

Canada Communications & Data Coordinator [LCTYR] 2021-12-25

UK Campaigns and Communications Officer [TUC] 2021-12-24

Canada Labour Relations Officer – Membership Education and Events [ONA] 2021-12-22

Canada Executive Assistant to the REVP–Prairies [PSAC] 2021-12-22

Canada Senior human rights officer – Indigenous Issues [CUPE] 2021-12-22

Canada Communications Officer [AUPE] 2021-12-22

UK New job: Learning Technologist [Society of Radiographers] 2021-12-21

Canada Labour Relations Officer (Temporary) - Calgary [UNA] 2021-12-20

Canada Research Officer (Equity)
 [CUASA] 2021-12-19

Canada IT Project Management Officer [PSAC] 2021-12-19

Canada Program Analyst [HSAA] 2021-12-19

UK New job: Events Administrator [NAHT] 2021-12-16

Botswana PSI - Projects Officer - Union Development [PSI] 2021-12-15

UK New job at NASUWT: Regional Officer, South East [NASUWT] 2021-12-15

Canada Executive Director [WLUFA] 2021-12-09

Canada Workers Compensation Appeals Representative [MoveUP] 2021-12-09

Canada Executive Assistant [ETFO] 2021-12-09

Canada National Representative, Digital Organizer [CLC] 2021-12-09

Canada Legal Officer [PSAC] 2021-12-09

Canada Regional Negotiator [PSAC] 2021-12-09

Canada Administrative Assistant Category 2 – Maternity Leave (12 months) [CUPE 23] 2021-12-09

UK New Job: Campaigns and Communications Officer [TUC] 2021-12-07

Canada Service Officer [NEU] 2021-12-07

UK New job: Facilities & Estates Manager [GMB] 2021-12-06

Australia Asbestos Campaign Coordinator [APHEDA - Union Aid Abroad] 2021-12-06

UK New job: Branch Organiser/Caseworker [UNISON] 2021-12-03

Canada Administrative Assistant – Gatineau Regional Office [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Administrator, Membership Dues and Information Management (Phoenix) [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Regional Representative, Ottawa Regional Office [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Senior Human Resources Advisor – Labour Relations [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Transitional Membership Services Officer (MSO) – Organizing [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Office Administrator – Temporary Part Time Position [AFL] 2021-12-02

Canada Lunchroom Attendant Assistant [OSSTF] 2021-12-02

Canada Office Assistant [NASA] 2021-12-02

Canada Temporary Labour Relations Officers – Provincial Office [UNA] 2021-12-02

Canada Communications Officer – URFA [URFA] 2021-12-02

UK New job: IT Support Advisor [GMB] 2021-12-02

UK New job: Branch Caseworker (12 months contract, North Tyneside Based) [UNISON] 2021-12-02

UK New job: Press Officer, Campaigns and Communications Department [RMT] 2021-12-02

UK New job: Industrial Relations Officer [RMT] 2021-12-02

UK New job: Organiser, South of England [RCM] 2021-12-02

Canada Secretary, Halifax Regional Office [PSAC] 2021-11-25

Canada Administrative Assistant, Regional Office – Edmonton [PSAC] 2021-11-25