Labour video of the year [updated]

As we discussed at our conference in Washington last summer, LabourStart will this year be sponsoring the first ever global Labour Video of the Year competition.  Nominations are now open and the nominating form is here.  As nominations come through, you’ll be able to view them here.

Publicity is crucial for the success of this project, so here’s what we’re doing (this will be updated as more is done):

  1. Site publicized as a top global news story on LabourStart – and therefore on our global labour newswire
  2. It is also a news item on LabourStart.tv
  3. Posted to Twitter.
  4. Posted to Facebook – Eric Lee’s account.
  5. Posted to Facebook – LabourStart Group wall.
  6. Message sent to all 2,776 members of the LabourStart Facebook group.
  7. It’s a site-wide message on UnionBook, seen by anyone visiting the site.
  8. Message posted to the British TUC’s UnionReps site
  9. 5 Feb: Mailing to over 52,000 names on the English language LabourStart list.
  10. 8 Feb: Now this is great publicity! (Translation via Google: “Espen Løken in Industrial Energy calls for Norwegian videos from the workplace to an international competition organized by LabourStart”)
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  • Espen

    Also mailed to Norwegian + Swedish and Danish mailing lists. Today the main Norwegian union web site for trade union news (Fri fagbevegelse) has an article about the competition with an interview with me 🙂

    Comment | February 8, 2010
  • Espen

    Videos in small languages as Norwegian will be a challenge. There are nominated up to now 2 Norwegian videos. Both are good, but only Scandinavians will understand what is said. How will we deal with this? I guess the jury are English speaking people… as most of the voting population ..

    Comment | February 8, 2010
  • Espen

    The main headline today of Fri fagbevegelse – the joint web site for Norwegian LO trade union news magazines: http://www.frifagbevegelse.no/internasjonalt/article4849512.ece

    Comment | February 8, 2010

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