Kyrgyzstan: We spoke too soon …

We spoke too soon – in Kyrgyzstan, the government has had a change of heart and has passed anti-union laws. We are just about to launch a campaign demanding that the president veto that law.

In other news …

Canada: We’ve done a mailing to our entire global list encouraging submissions to CLIFF, the labour film festival. We received a very generous donation from a Canadian union. And we also launched a new Canada-only campaign.

Israel: We continued with building our mailing list and social media following, writing directly to the more than 500 Hebrew speakers who supported our campaign – which now has just under 7,500 supporters.

Myanmar: We have given extensive publicity to two union fundraisers, organised by DSA in the US, and BWI.

Pakistan: We did more followup mailings to promote our campaign, also to our English, German and French lists.  The campaign has over 7,000 supporters.

Home page: A problem emerged with the ‘more stories’ for country link not working; this has now been fixed.

Interns: We participated in Cornell University’s Social Justice Career Fair and interviewed a number of participants. Three of these were short-listed, they were interviewed, and we took a decision to hire one, who will begin work in June. Our intern Amos, who is studying at the Global Labour University in Berlin, completed his internship with us.

Labour News Network: We have revived this tool which allows LabourStart correspondents to post news stories that have not appeared elsewhere on the web. This is now being beta-tested. More details coming soon.

Mailing list: We added 366 new subscribers from the new campaign supporters, mostly to the English list but also with significant growth for the Dutch list.

May Day: We are working on two events online — a panel discussion focussing on jailed trade union activists around the world, and a possible world premiere online of a major new film about working people (more details soon).

RSS newswires: We have been alerted to the fact that these are broken; we will aim to fix them ASAP.


We come to the rescue of Turkish unions – and revive an important part of LabourStart

lnnI had an email message yesterday from our comrades in Turkey reporting on the deaths of hundreds of miners in Soma, which they posted to their union website in English.  I immediately made it a top global labour news story on LabourStart — and then learned from them that their website had been hacked and their statement was no longer available.

With a general strike looming in Turkey, I asked them to send me the text of their statement — and then I built (from scratch) a new version of our Labour News Network which you can see here:


This allowed our readers around the world to see the Turkish unions’ statement, even though their own website was down.

The Labour News Network is something we tried some years back as a way to offer unions a way to post content to LabourStart even if they have no website.  It could be particularly useful for reports from the field — e.g., in future worker-correspondents could post reports, including photos and videos, directly from the field.

This is something we can discuss in Berlin and afterwards …

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