The last four months on LabourStart

Because we’re very late with this report, it will be very brief — but should give you a good idea of what LabourStart has been up to in the last four months. Regular updates will resume from next week.


  • We closed the IUF’s Cambodia Nagaworld campaign – it was a win.  We also closed the Lithuania and Colombia campaigns – which we could not declare as victories.
  • We launched a campaign in support of Borjomi water workers in Georgia – and closed it after a couple of days – this was a big win for the workers.  Eric got to spend a day with the strikers during his visit to Georgia in May, where he also met with the Georgian union leadership.
  • In early May, we launched a new campaign in support of jailed union leaders in Belarus – with the help of GLU students.  It is currently our largest campaign, with over 9,700 supporters.
  • We also launched a new campaign on Iran, with the support of the IUF.
  • And we also launched a campaign in support of a jailed trade unionist in Kazakhstan.
  • We launched our first campaign in Armenian, now that the interface has been translated into that language.

Global Solidarity Conference 2023

Discussions begin with the Georgian Trade Union Confederation about holding a conference in Tbilisi in early 2023.


We sent out a fundraising appeal at the beginning of April. We raised over £2,000 in the first 24 hours, and more funds over the course of the following months.

Home page

Due to changes made by our web hosts, IONOS, many records became corrupted and character encoding on our home page broke on 1 July. Following that, we had problems with our jobs page, our photo of the week and our link to Radio Labour. Most of this has now been fixed, and work on this should be completed by 10 August.


Our three GLU interns finished their work at the end of March.  We were lucky to have Jessica, Malaika and Zubair working with us — albeit for just a few weeks — and thank them for their efforts.

Labour News Network

This was improved with a new banner and with several items posted to it.

Mailing lists

We migrated from Mailchimp to Mailjet in May, saving a lot of money.

May Day

  • We organised a recorded May Day event with the participation of many trade unions from around the globe.
  • There were 649 views of the video as of 2 May, and 500 more since then.
  • We shared many of the individual videos across social media in May.

Social media



LabourStart in Numbers: 1 July2022

The first number next to each item is the current total as of today; the second number is the total as of the first day of last month.  Where one number is provided it means that there has been no change since last month.

Lists or accounts that have shrunk are in italics.  Lists or accounts which experienced growth are in bold.


Mailing Lists:

The top 10:

English: 73493-73419

French: 7457-7308

German: 5766

Spanish: 5428

Turkish: 4161-4152

Korean: 3308

Italian: 3074-3059

Russian: 2668

Norwegian: 2121-2087

Romanian:  1771

Dutch: 1476-1472


The others:

Arabic:  821

Belarusian:  288

Bulgarian: 17

Chinese: 899

Creole:  11

Czech: 63

Danish: 92

Esperanto: 178-173

Farsi:  207

Finnish:  465-453

Georgian:  135

Greek: 54

Hebrew:  289

Hindi:  80

Hungarian:  178

Indonesian:  460

Japanese: 386

Lithuanian:  63

Malaysian: 21

Polish: 837

Portuguese: 1287-1282

Punjabi:  2

Sinhalese: 1

Slovakian: 15

Swedish: 947-945

Tagalog: 159

Thai:  152

Ukrainian: 313-301

Vietnamese:  21


Executive and Interns:  12

LabourStart Correspondents:  659

LabourStart Translators:  87

Africa Caucus:  63



838 members.

10297-10286 photos.


Facebook Pages/Groups:

No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

LabourStart.org page likes:  13547-13553

LabourStart.org page follows: 14490-14497

Global Labour News and Information: 9013

LabourStart UK likes:  2032-2033

LabourStart UK follows:  2096-2093

LabourStart Francophone: 590 (last post February 2021)

LabourStart Brasil:  502-504

LabourStart Turkce:  2104-2096

LabourStart TV likes: 446-489

LabourStart TV follows:  460

LabourStart Israel: CLOSED (last post 2018)



No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

Group: 2545-2552

Page: 123-122



Sporadic efforts were made to grow the Global English-language, Canadian English-language, Global Portuguese-language and Global Spanish- feeds.  No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers for other accounts.

Global English: 36427-35097

Canada English: 20951-19990

Portuguese: 9193-8714

Global Spanish: 8940-8269

Australia: 8754-8752

USA: 5481

Canada French: 3098-3102

Russian: 46

Hebrew:  48-47 (last tweet 02-2021)

Italian: 507-438 (last tweet 11-2021)

Swedish: 337 (last tweet 2016)

Indonesia: 350 (last tweet 2015)

French: 226 (last tweet 2018)

German: 120 (last tweet 2018)

Japanese: 21 (last tweet 2012)

Dutch: 12 (last tweet April 2012)

Arabic: 7 (last tweet May 2012)

South Asia (English): 21 NEW and not yet active.



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