Weekly review: New campaign launched in support of Jordanian teachers

Jordan: We launched a major new campaign in partnership with the Education International and the support of the ITUC. The campaign had 2,802 supporters after one day online.

Nigeria: We are shortly expecting our first campaign to be translated into Yoruba, and we will publicise that fact widely — we’re to be first global union website campaigning in an indigenous African language. Yoruba, by the way, has about 50 million speakers.

Sudan: We’ve had a lot of coverage of workers’ responses to the military coup, and shared this widely across social media on Wednesday.

Sweden: We’ve had a soft launch for the Zalando campaign now that SAC has begun to promote it, and we will do much more in the coming days.

Zimbabwe: We have a new correspondent who has begun posting news.

Labour newswire: We’ve begun to fix some long term problems here. With the help of a webmaster of a local trade union (scroll to the bottom of the page) in the state of Washington (USA), we managed to fix the state and provincial newswires for the whole world. We’ll fix this on the website and announce, and move on to fix any others that have stopped working.

Mailing lists: These continue to grow slowly. Before the launch of the Jordan campaign, we were able to add just 43 new subscribers to our lists.


Weekly update: Iran, Italy, Myanmar, Poland, Puerto Rico, Turkey & our interns

Iran campaign: We received a translation of the mailing into Farsi from IndustriALL, and have sent this out to our Farsi list.

Italian edition: We changed one of the permanent links on the home page.

Italy: Eric’s article on the attack on CGIL was shared very widely across social media, including by leading figures on the British Left and Labour Party.

Myanmar campaign: We created a special petition format to allow campaign supporters’ names to be delivered to the credentials committee of the UN General Assembly, at the request of BWI.

Polish: For some time now we have been adding daily news from one of the two Polish national trade union centres (OPZZ) to our Polish-language news page. From this week, we are also adding news from Solidarnosc.  Our campaigns are appearing in Polish, though we still need to sort out regular mailings to our Polish list.

Puerto Rico: We held a webinar in Spanish with English translation in support of the campaign. Despite technical glitches, and thanks to Euan’s efforts at PSI, the webinar had good attendance, especially from Latin America. DSA’s publication, Democratic Left, is running a major piece on the campaign with a link.  With 7,610 supporters, it is our second largest current campaign.

Turkey: At long last, the article about Cihan Erdal and co-authored by Peter Tatchell and Eric Lee, appeared in print in the British daily Morning Star. It was widely shared online.

Interns: We have begun work with a second intern, Bunmi, from York University in Toronto. Our other intern, Cam, has been working on an updated version of our online campaigns book, discovering some good victories that we should publicise.

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Italy: Solidarity with CGIL after fascist attack on union HQ

Italy: The attack on the CGIL headquarters last week by fascist thugs dominates our home page these past few days. We have shared many news stories across social media as well, in English and Italian, and have reached out to global unions regarding a possible campaign (with no positive response so far). Eric also devoted his weekly column for Solidarity to this subject.

Iran: We now have a version of the campaign running in Farsi, thanks to IndustriALL. A followup mailing to the English list last week helped, and the campaign now has 5,308 supporters – a gain of nearly 1,000.

Puerto Rico: Together with UTIER and PSI, we’ll be hosting a live event in support of the campaign later this week. With 7,411 supporters, this is one of our largest recent campaigns.

Sweden: We now have a translation into Swedish of the campaign, which will shortly go live.

UK: We’ve been invited to appear on the ‘Union Dues‘ podcast next month.

Donations: We received a very generous donation from the nurses union in Canada, bringing our total donations this year from Canada to over $20,000.

Interns: We have two new interns from York University in Canada and will be meeting them for the first time today (on Zoom, of course).

Mailing lists: Our largest lists grew by just 81 new subscribers this week.

World Day for Decent Work: We revived our WDDW page from last year, tagged 14 news stories to appear there, and shared this widely across social media.


Weekly update: Big growth for Spanish mailing list following Puerto Rico campaign

Hungary: At the request of ETF, we have closed the campaign down and have asked for a report.

Puerto Rico: Democratic Left, published by Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) will be running an article about our campaign. DSA currently has 95,000 members, so this is great publicity for a campaign that is already getting some traction, especially in Puerto Rico. Our Spanish list, already one of our largest, grew by 10% this month as a result.

Romania: We’ve asked ETF for permission to close the Bucharest Metro campaign after more than three months.

Sweden: The union has gotten back to us and wants the Zalando campaign to go live ASAP. We’ve asked for a Swedish translation first.

USA: With the agreement of FLOC, we have closed the BAT campaign.

Donations: One of our supporters in the UK recently passed away and her son wrote this week to donate £1,000 in her memory to LabourStart. This is the largest donation of this type that we have ever received.

Newswires: Problems were reported with our old newswires; I managed to fix it and am now waiting for results of tests.

Translations: Thanks to Mark, we are back on course with German translations with the last three campaigns now live. The response rate for our German list is the highest for any large mailing list, so this is particularly important.

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LabourStart in Numbers: 1 October 2021

The first number next to each item is the current total as of today; the second number is the total as of the first day of last month.  Where one number is provided it means that there has been no change since last month.

Lists or accounts that have shrunk are in Italics.  Lists or accounts which experienced growth are in bold.

We continue to see the effects of the EU’s GDPR.  While several mailing lists continue to decline we are in fact adding as many new addresses to those lists as we have done historically when we have a new campaign running.

Mailing Lists:

The top 10:

English: 75153-75464

French: 7753-7780

German: 5812-5839

Spanish: 5189-5203

Turkish: 4233

Korean: 3299

Italian: 3216-3223

Russian: 2703

Norwegian: 2202-2210

Dutch: 1522-1525

The others:

Arabic:  823

Belarusian:  288

Bulgarian: 17

Chinese: 949

Creole:  11

Czech: 64

Danish: 96

Esperanto: 173

Farsi:  212

Finnish:  489

Georgian:  138

Greek: 54

Hebrew:  306-308

Hindi:  34

Hungarian:  188-189

Indonesian:  433

Japanese: 393-396

Malaysian: 6

Polish: 861

Portuguese: 1341-1342

Punjabi:  2

Romanian:  1772

Sinhalese: 1

Slovakian: 15

Swedish: 982

Tagalog: 159

Thai:  152

Ukrainian: 306

Vietnamese:  21


Executive:  12

LabourStart Correspondents:  656-652

LabourStart Translators:  87



835 members.

10165-10151 photos.


Facebook Pages/Groups:

No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

LabourStart.org page likes:  13539-13536

LabourStart.org page follows: 14437-14428

Global Labour News and Information: 8909-8906

LabourStart UK:  2045-2048

LabourStart Francophone: 589

LabourStart Brasil:  504

LabourStart Turkce:  2124-2140

LabourStart TV: 451-450

LabourStart Israel: 149



No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

Group: 2394-2380 members.

Page: 91-71 follows.



No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

Global English: 28277-28155

Canada English: 16777-16456

Global Spanish: 5840-5850

USA: 5561-5553

Australia: 5432-5434

Portuguese: 5237-5102

Canada French: 3080-3048

Russian: 46

Hebrew:  42

Italian: 498 (last tweet June 2019)

Swedish: 340-343 (last tweet 2016)

Indonesia: 349 (last tweet 2015)

French: 226 (last tweet 2018)

German: 120 (last tweet 2018)

Japanese: 21 (last tweet 2012)

Dutch: 12 (last tweet April 2012)

Arabic: 7 (last tweet May 2012)

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