New campaign launched on Libya, while Iran, Kazakhstan campaigns are closed down

We launched our Libya campaign in the last week and it already has 4,756 supporters; we’ve gotten it translated into 10 languages.

We closed two campaigns this week, both of which had been running for more than three months – Kazakhstan (6,311 supporters) and Iran (7,659 supporters).

I did my fortnightly review of translations of our campaigns and mass mailings, and have followed up with our volunteer translators where we are not caught up. The more campaigns we run, the harder it is for our translators to do all the work, and we need to find additional volunteers, I think, to help do this.

Some good news: As we launch new campaigns, our mailing lists grow. This week we added 272 new subscribers to the lists.

We need a new LabourStart flyer that everyone can use, and we have a draft nearly ready. If you’re interested in being involved with this, let me know.

We are in the process of preparing a US activists list in part because we’ve not been able to reach out to the US audience before, and also in preparation for participation in the upcoming Labor Notes conference.

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New campaign coming on Libya, and more …

We are about to launch a new campaign on Libya later today.

All our campaigns went offline for several hours earlier this week due to a hardware failure at our host in Iceland. Our hosting company, the Sheffield-based WebArchitects coop, was quick to set up an alternative server for us.

Svensson Prize: LabourStart has been asked who we proposed as possible recipients of next year’s Svensson prize (which we won in 2016). If anyone has any suggestions, please share with me by email.

Closing campaigns: We’ve taken the first steps toward closing down our campaigns in Belarus and Kazakhstan, but for now both campaigns remain live.

A US keylist: I’ve taken the first steps toward building a small database of our key supporters in the USA, which we can use to help plan our growth there.

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New campaign launched in support of workers in Georgia, and more …

  • We launched a major new campaign in support of workers in Georgia. It had 5,931 supporters by 12:30 today, and appears in 15 languages. I have encouraged our friends in Georgia to help with a Georgian language translation as well.
  • I closed our Cambodia campaign after three months. We’re still waiting to hear from our partners what effect, if any, our effort had.
  • We’ve had a problem for some time with our mailings in Germany and have come up with a solution. You’ll notice a small change in how we link to campaigns in future mass mailings — in all languages.
  • Derek has been leading a discussion with some of our North American correspondents about a LabourStart presence at next spring’s Labor Notes conference in the U.S.. Andrew has proposed a LabourStart presence at next year’s ACTU congress in Brisbane.
  • Our mailing lists grow by 209 this week, all of them new supporters of our campaigns.
  • At Derek’s suggestion, I’ve begun a review of all our existing Twitter accounts — some active, some not. We’re going to try to get a grip on these and grow them all, and add new ones.
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New campaigns – Georgia, Bangladesh

We have a new campaign in the works, supporting workers in Georgia. We’re waiting for our campaign partners to begin their publicity and then we’ll launch ours, including writing to all our translators.
We’ve also been alerted to an upcoming campaign in support of workers in Bangladesh.
We’ve begun more intensive work on our next book – a second volume of the writings of Dan Gallin. Following up on some problems we had with CreateSpace (Amazon) we may be using an alternative for this one.
I resolved a longstanding problem with the second country names in our news stories not appearing in the edition’s language. This is now fixed.
We added 138 new subscribers to our mailing lists in 7 languages.
Finally, we wrote to our lists about our victories in Mauritius, Egypt and Canada.

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