Labour Photo of the Year

Labour Photo of the Year 2010 shortlist.

Screenshot of the five choices.

We’ve got 5 great photos this year – thanks to Gretchen Donart, Mac Urata and David Bacon for once again volunteering to select the shortlist.

Now voting begins – check out the photos and vote here.

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Saturday morning quick updates

  • Last week we published our first news story in Tamil.
  • We’ve been in touch with our comrades in Tbilisi and have been assured that our Georgian language edition will go live next week.
  • We’re expecting the translation into Hindi to be ready in the next few days.
  • Our front page in Turkish now includes graphical links to all the country’s national trade union centers as well as two pro-labour NGOs we’ve been working with – and they’ve all been informed of this.  One of the centers (DISK) has discussed ways to cooperate with us.  Meanwhile, a very large number of Turkish trade unionists have signed up to use UnionBook.
  • The ITF has called for a global day of action in support of Turkey’s TUMTIS union which is locked in dispute with UPS – we may need to launch a big online campaign in another week or two.
  • We have a new newswire – USA labour news stories in Spanish.
  • We stopped submissions to our Labour Photo of the Year competition and the judges are currently preparing a shortlist.
  • I’ve begun work in earnest on our iPhone/iPad app.
  • We’ve asked correspondents to help our comrades in Egypt (at CTUWS) who are looking for books to translate into Arabic – they’ve begun with one that was a LabourStart book of the week.

Our correspondents – by country – now on the news pages

This is easier to show than to explain.  Here, for example, is our Russia news page. Look at the left side, under ‘CORRESPONDENTS’.  Click on any of the links.

This should work for all countries except the ones that have specially-designed pages (e.g., USA, Canada, UK, Australia).  I’ll work on those next week.

Please note – we’re not exposing anyone’s email addresses here; this will not generate spam in anyone’s mailboxes.

And of course inactive correspondents will not see the messages.

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