#BlackFriday at Amazon, Striking Couriers in Sheffield, Teachers in Jordan, LO Sweden and more

Amazon: We shared a link to all LabourStart’s coverage of struggles at Amazon on Black Friday (today).

Germany: Apparently, our Twitter feed came under attack from some far-right accounts.

Jordan: One month after the launch of the campaign we asked Education International about possible next steps, including a webinar

Norway: IndustriEnergi voted at its congress to make a very generous donation to LabourStart.
We have fixed the Norwegian newswire but now need to get the word out about changes that need to be made.

Sweden: We had a very good discussion with LO about cooperation in future.

UK: We did a mailing to our UK list (about 9,600 people) in supporting of striking couriers in Sheffield.
The Union Dues podcast has been finalised and will be released next week. As it’s all about LabourStart, we’ll share it widely.

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Weekly review: Africa in the spotlight

Africa: We are discussing holding our first ever African regional meeting of LabourStart correspondents. More details soon.

Algeria: We did a second mailing to our English list today. The campaign has 4,774 supporters, but we expect this to above 5,000 today.

Nigeria: We are continuing publicity for the Yoruba versions of our campaigns, two of which have already been translated.

Sweden: We closed down our Zalando’s campaign today and informed the union there. The campaign had about 3,500 supporters, though the Swedish version only had 2.

UK: Eric was interviewed for the labour podcast “Union Dues” – it will be aired in another couple of weeks and we’ll publicise it widely.

T-shirts: We did a mailing to our German list. Sales of the dna-merch shirts have not been as high as we would have liked (they are only a fraction of what we sold last year). We will continue the marketing and are in discussions with our friends about what we can do to improve this.

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This was a relatively quiet week for us, as Eric was on holiday with family for part of the time.

Algeria: This campaign goes live and after just a day or so, had 3,200 supporters.  It currently appears in 4 languages with many more on the way.

Sweden: We began publicity for this campaign on Thursday with a mailing to the English list. As of 10:30 GMT, the campaign has 722 supporters.

Mailing lists: Grew this week by 103 names.

T-shirt of the Month: We began to publicise this wonderful new project from Working Class History and dna merch in Germany. We did extensive publicity across social media and a mass mailing, and will know results in early December. Feedback was almost entirely positive.  We expect to do publicity in German soon (dna merch is based in Germany).

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Weekly update: Jordan campaign takes off

Algeria: Expect a new campaign shortly — we’ve been given a heads up from IndustriALL.

Jordan: Our new campaign has taken off and already has more supporters (6,020) than our two most recent camopaigns. That’s the good news; the bad news is that a court has ruled against the union.

Nigeria: Our first campaign in the Yoruba language has now gone live and we have begun publicising it.  So far, no one has signed up to the campaign.

Sudan: We shared widely Eric’s column about the role of unions in the fight for democracy and against the military coup.

Donations: We received a very generous — and unexpected — donation from Education International.

Mailing lists: We picked up another 133 subscribers this week; this is more than triple what we added last week.

T-shirts: We’re about to embark on a join effort with DNA Merch in Germany to sell workers’ history themed t-shirts on a monthly basis.


LabourStart in Numbers: 1 November 2021

The first number next to each item is the current total as of today; the second number is the total as of the first day of last month.  Where one number is provided it means that there has been no change since last month.

Lists or accounts that have shrunk are in Italics.  Lists or accounts which experienced growth are in bold.

We continue to see the effects of the EU’s GDPR.  While several mailing lists continue to decline we are in fact adding as many new addresses to those lists as we have done historically when we have a new campaign running.


Mailing Lists:

The top 10:

English: 75384-75153

French: 7756-7753

German: 5817-5812

Spanish: 5545-5189

Turkish: 4233

Korean: 3299

Italian: 3215-3216

Russian: 2703

Norwegian: 2212-2202

Dutch: 1531-1522

The others:

Arabic:  823

Belarusian:  288

Bulgarian: 17

Chinese: 946-949

Creole:  11

Czech: 63-64

Danish: 96

Esperanto: 175-173

Farsi:  209-212

Finnish:  487-489

Georgian:  138

Greek: 54

Hebrew:  309-306

Hindi:  34

Hungarian:  188

Indonesian:  433

Japanese: 393

Malaysian: 6

Polish: 861

Portuguese: 1341

Punjabi:  2

Romanian:  1772

Sinhalese: 1

Slovakian: 15

Swedish: 982

Tagalog: 159

Thai:  152

Ukrainian: 306

Vietnamese:  21


Executive:  12

LabourStart Correspondents:  656

LabourStart Translators:  88-87




10204-10165 photos.


Facebook Pages/Groups:

No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers. page likes:  13544-13539 page follows: 14456-14437

Global Labour News and Information: 8902-8909

LabourStart UK:  2045

LabourStart Francophone: 590-589

LabourStart Brasil:  504

LabourStart Turkce:  2122-2124

LabourStart TV: 451

LabourStart Israel: 149



No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

Group: 2405-2394 members.

Page: 93-91 follows.



No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

Global English: 28644-28277

Canada English: 17001-16777

Global Spanish: 5859-5840

USA: 5557-5561

Australia: 5436-5432

Portuguese: 5257-5237

Canada French: 3112-3080

Russian: 46

Hebrew:  42

Italian: 506-498 (last tweet June 2019)

Swedish: 339-340  (last tweet 2016)

Indonesia: 349 (last tweet 2015)

French: 225-226 (last tweet 2018)

German: 120 (last tweet 2018)

Japanese: 21 (last tweet 2012)

Dutch: 12 (last tweet April 2012)

Arabic: 7 (last tweet May 2012)


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