Over 10,000 supporters for the Cambodia campaign after just 7 days

Cambodia: Our campaign had more than 10,000 supporters by mid-day — our largest campaign in several years. One result of this has been a big increase in the size of our mailing lists. Another is that the company has been forced to make a rare public pronouncement insisting that they are not busting unions (they are).

Colombia: We have a draft campaign in the works, probably to go live next week. The previous campaign is now closed.

Latin America: We have plans to hold an online regional meeting of LabourStart correspondents – details coming soon.

Thailand: We had a long online chat with the Solidarity Centre staff there to discuss cooperation, including future campaigns together.

Donations: We received a very generous donation from the BC Government Employees union in Canada.

Interns: We will be having five interns from the Global Labour University and are currently planning their projects.

T-shirts: We did an unprecedented second mass mailing promoting the Rosa Luxemburg shirts. With fingers crossed, we hope to have helped sell a few. We should have an update next week.

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Nearly 5,000 sign up to Cambodia campaign in first days online

Cambodia: We launched a major new campaign with the support of the IUF. As of right now, the campaign has 4,700 supporters and appears in ten languages.

Donations: PSI has made another generous donation to LabourStart.

Interns: We interviewed five potential interns from the Global Labour University and have decided to take them all. They will begin work in mid-February for about six weeks.

Our next book: Good progress is being made on our next book, an updated version of our ‘Campaigning Online and Winning’ book from several years ago.

T-shirts: We continued with weekly publicity across social media and next week we’ll include a reminder in the mass mailing as well. This month’s shirt featuring Rosa Luxemburg should prove more popular than the previous ones, we think.

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Cambodia: New campaign coming

Cambodia: Striking workers at NagaWorld band together to protect union leaders from further arrests.

Cambodia: We expect to shortly launch a campaign in support of jailed casino union leaders.

Iran: Our three-month-old campaign has now been closed in all languages.

Kazakhstan: Following the release of jailed union leaders, a decision was taken not to launch a LabourStart campaign at this time. However, the ITUC did issue a strong statement which we shared widely on our news pages and across social media.

Fundraising: We now have a draft letter and have reached out to a couple of global unions which donated during this quarter last year.

Interns: The Global Labour University has put us in touch with five students; we will be interviewing them all early next week.

T-shirts: We did a second round of publicity to promote the Rosa Luxemburg t-shirt, across social media. Later in the month, we’ll send out a mass mailing as well.

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30,000 followers on Twitter; Kazakhstan; Rosa Luxemburg and more

Kazakhstan: We are posting news and monitoring the situation in Kazakhstan; an online campaign is being considered by our partners.

Correspondents: We picked up one new correspondent in the USA and reconnected another. We hope to shortly hold our first ever (virtual) meeting of the more than 115 LabourStart correspondents in the USA.

Fundraising: Our first major donation of 2022 has arrived and its from the IUF in Geneva.

Instagram: We are renewing our work on the LabourStart page on Instagram, helped by one of our interns. If you’re on Instagram, please do follow this page and share it with others – thanks!

Interns: We are about to start interviewing possible interns who are currently studying at the Global Labour Labour University.

T-shirts: We’ve begun promoting the third working class history t-shirt of the month, this time featuring Rosa Luxemburg.

Twitter: In late December we reached our target of 30,000 followers for our global feed in English on Twitter.  This morning we were at 30,323.


LabourStart in Numbers: 1 January 2022

The first number next to each item is the current total as of today; the second number is the total as of the first day of last month.  Where one number is provided it means that there has been no change since last month.

Lists or accounts that have shrunk are in Italics.  Lists or accounts which experienced growth are in bold.

We continue to see the negative effects of the EU’s GDPR.


Mailing Lists:

Lists Over 1500:

English: 75105-75323

French: 7745-7758

German: 5838-5818

Spanish: 5338-5440

Turkish: 4222-4233

Korean: 3299

Italian: 3205-3211

Russian: 2703

Norwegian: 2195-2202

Romanian:  1772

Dutch: 1539-1536


The others:

Arabic:  832-822

Belarusian:  288

Bulgarian: 17

Chinese: 944-946

Creole:  11

Czech: 63

Danish: 95-96

Esperanto: 176-175

Farsi:  209

Finnish:  472-487

Georgian:  138

Greek: 54

Hebrew:  307

Hindi:  34

Hungarian:  188

Indonesian:  433

Japanese: 393

Malaysian: 21-6

Polish: 849

Portuguese: 1344-1339

Punjabi:  2

Sinhalese: 1

Slovakian: 15

Swedish: 982

Tagalog: 159

Thai:  152

Ukrainian: 306

Vietnamese:  21


Executive and Interns:  14

LabourStart Correspondents:  657

LabourStart Translators:  88

Africa Caucus:  63 NEW



836 members.

10223-10217 photos.


Facebook Pages/Groups:

No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

LabourStart.org page likes:  13536-13545

LabourStart.org page follows: 14456-14461

Global Labour News and Information: 8905

LabourStart UK likes:  2040-2044

LabourStart UK follows:  2097-2101

LabourStart Francophone: 588-590

LabourStart Brasil:  505

LabourStart Turkce:  2113-2116

LabourStart TV likes: 448

LabourStart TV follows:  460

LabourStart Israel: NOT FOUND-149



No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

Group: 2438-2418.

Page: 103-96.



Sporadic efforts were made to grow the Global English-language, Canadian English-language, Portuguese-language, Spanish-language and Australian feeds.  No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers for other accounts.

Global English: 30205-29326

Canada English: 17786-17328

Global Spanish: 6089-5905

USA: 5567-5548

Australia: 6294-6053

Portuguese: 5900-5318

Canada French: 3110-3115

Russian: 46

Hebrew:  42 (last tweet 02-2021)

Italian: 507

Swedish: 338-337 (last tweet 2016)

Indonesia: 350 (last tweet 2015)

French: 227-225 (last tweet 2018)

German: 120 (last tweet 2018)

Japanese: 21 (last tweet 2012)

Dutch: 12 (last tweet April 2012)

Arabic: 7 (last tweet May 2012)


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