Campaigns start, finish and start again – and much more from the last 19 days

Since our last update 19 days ago, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Campaigns – Belarus: We launched a new campaign on Friday, 13 November, in support of more than 40 jailed union activists. By today, the campaign had about 6,000 supporters. Just before we got news of the arrests, we were sharing widely the video of 4 of the union leaders thanking us for our earlier campaign – and then they were arrested again.

Campaigns – Colombia: We launched a new campaign on Monday, 2 November in support of teachers facing death threats. Today it has just under 7,000 supporters.

Campaigns – Jordan: We closed down the campaign in support of the Jordanian teachers. The unionists were released, but the repression continues. We may well need to do more campaigns on this in future.

Campaigns – Upcoming: We are still expecting campaigns (which have been proposed to us) from Brazil and Israel.

Mailing list: We added 511 new subscribers from supporters of our campaigns (who requested to be added to our lists).

Webinars: We’re going to begin a series of webinars, starting in December, and are in discussions with an American union about the first one. We’ve purchased a license to use Zoom in this way, allowing up to 500 people at a time to participate in our events.

CLIFF: We sponsored a special award at the Canadian Labour International Film Festival this year — the LabourStart Award for Working Class Solidarity. This award recognises the festival film that speaks the most to building worker-to-worker global solidarity. There are two recipients of the award in 2020: Birth of a Union and Filadelphia.

  • Birth of a Union is a 19.5 minute documentary from the United States and Director Josh Karan. The film chronicles the historic effort to organize low wage workers in North Carolina, where it is illegal for any State agency to agree to a Union contract.
  • Filadelphia is a 7 minute documentary from Brazil and Director Dani Drumond. The film reveals the work and voices of 16 women in a recycling sorting cooperative. As they work and talk, a subject inevitably comes up: why do men give up so early on work in the cooperative?

Interns: The Global Labour University is once again offering us short-term internships in early 2021. We had a successful internship at GLU in early 2020 and look forward to continue this relationship.

Donations: We received generous donations from, among others, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), the Human Rights at Work Foundation (FDHT), and the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) in the UK. We also publicised a link to an album created by David Thorpe, a UK singer-songwriter, who is generously donating 30% of the proceeds to LabourStart.

Technical glitch: Our website was briefly offline as our Internet host, IONOS, made us change some details on their domain name server. We did, however, quickly recover.

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LabourStart in Numbers: 1 November versus 1 October 2020

The first number next to each item is the current total as of today; the second number is the total as of the first day of last month.  Where one number is provided it means that there has been no change since last month.

Mailing Lists:

We continue see the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation.  Shrinking lists are in Italics.  Lists experiencing significant growth are in bold.

The top 10:

English: 73,959-74,209

French: 7,659-7,614

German: 5,812-5,797

Spanish: 5,106-5,137

Turkish: 4,274-4,282

Korean: 3,317

Italian: 3,310-3,293

Russian: 2,637-2,641

Norwegian: 2,260-2,234

Dutch: 1,442-1,435


The others:

Arabic:  736-738

Belarusian:  257-18

Bulgarian: 17

Chinese: 980-978

Creole:  11

Czech: 65-66

Danish: 101

Esperanto: 159-155

Farsi:  212

Finnish:  516

Georgian:  138

Greek: 54

Hebrew:  241-239

Hindi:  35-36

Hungarian:  192

Indonesian:  432-434

Japanese: 404

Polish: 862

Portuguese: 1,289-1,288

Punjabi:  2-0

Romanian:  39

Sinhalese: 1

Slovakian: 15

Swedish: 1,026

Tagalog: 159-160

Thai:  152

Ukrainian: 304-295

Vietnamese:  24

LabourStart Correspondents:  635

LabourStart Translators:  73



834-833 members.  10,267-10,236photos.


Facebook Pages/Groups:

No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers. page likes: 13,416-13,410 page follows: 14,208-14,178

Global Labour News and Information: 8,869-8,867

LabourStart UK:  2072-2075

LabourStart Franco: 590

LabourStart Brasil:  507

LabourStart Turkce:  2,184-2,020

LabourStart TV: 447-444



No concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

Group: 2204-2192



The Global English-language account received a bit of attention this month.  No other concerted effort was made in the past month to increase our numbers.

Global English: 26,235-25,504

Canada English: 14,470-14,279

USA: 5,623-5,645

Australia: 4,962-4,970

Global Spanish: 4,490-4,475

Portuguese: 3,459-3,417

Canada French: 2,767-2,734

Italian: 503-505 (last tweet June 2019)

Swedish: 351-352 (last tweet 2016)

Indonesia: 350 (last tweet 2015)

French: 228-227 (last tweet 2018)

German: 126 (last tweet 2018)

Russian: 42 (last tweet November 2019)

Japanese: 20 (last tweet 2012)

Dutch: 12 (last tweet April 2012)

Arabic: 7 (last tweet May 2012)

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