Knight News Challenge update

Barely two hours after writing to our correspondents (but not to our general list), we’ve had 52 views of our proposal, 11 people have voted (it’s now rated 4.5 – Excellent)

Here are the comments posted so far (these are wonderful to read):

anacernov said:
wonderful job developed by LabourStart. It had a real impact on the Vale campaign in Brazil and Canada, not to mention so many others that achieved real international solidarity to struggles that otherwise would not even be known apart from the local level.

mmuldwny said:
Labourstart provides a wide-ranging and easily accessible campaigning, news and information resource for the labour movement nationally and internationally. It is also a valuable tool in the education and training of activists in trade unions and the wider community. The resource would be enormously enhanced if Labourstart could offer newswire facilities to local union branches. This would underline their connection to the labour movement as a whole while upgrading news and information dissemination to activists at grass roots level.

steo said:
I think Labourstart should absolutely given the opportunity to “localize” its work. Thousands of unionists as well as social movements would benefit greatly from this.

RonWood said:
Working for a multi-national it is a instant, valuable source of information that would normally be difficult to find. Highly Rated.

idesancho said:
LabourStart impact on unions all over the world is amazing. It covers all structures, branches, sectors and countries and is a huge network to share information and campaigns.

doanviettrung said:
Without LabourStart, news from Vietnam about labor unrests in a closed country with state-run unions like Vietnam would not get the airtime it deserves. Trung Doan – Secretary, Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers

johninnit said:
LabourStart has been having a huge international impact on unions, their campaigns and their news for 10 years. Enabling a local focus on the resources they already gather would open up a whole new audience of both readers and contributors, and be a vital news resource for many hundreds of local union and community websites.

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