What’s next? LabourStart’s 6 remaining tasks for 2009

We have six more weeks until the end of the year and I thought I’d share with you some of the things that we’ll be doing in that time:

  1. Finalizing the date and venue for our 2010 conference.
  2. Launching more campaigns – the next one likely to be another campaign in support of Sinter Metal workers in Turkey.
  3. Renewing UnionBook now that we seem to have largely cracked the problem of (new) spammers.  This will include some serious publicity to involve more people, and the launch of new groups.
  4. Another survey of our readers — probably once again on the subject of campaigns.
  5. Preparation for the launch of our Labour Video of the Year competition — and joint work with the DC Metro Labor Council on databases of labour films and labour film festivals.
  6. Announcing the end of the Labour Website of the Year competition.

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