682 new subscribers netted through photo of the year comp

Of the 3,185 people who voted so far in our photo of the year competition, more than 20% were not on our mailing list but have agreed to be added to it.  The net gain for our English language is 682 new subscribers.

Interestingly, as these were added in four batches of 700 each (there were around 2,800 who agreed to be added to our list, though most were already on it), we could track how many newcomers were in each batch.  The first group was mostly people who were already on our list, but by the time we reached the fourth group, they were nearly 40% people who came to the competition without having already been on our mailing list before.  In other words, the people who vote last in a competition like this are the most valuable to us — they’re the ones who learned about it, and LabourStart, from somewhere else.

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  • I love these trends/stats. I spend days thinking about them, trying to come up with some magic bullet for building the lists using the analysis I keep hoping will pop into my head. Nothing yet. 🙂

    One last mailing this am to my lists…be fun to see if anything comes of that and how the new/already-on distribution looks.

    Comment | October 31, 2009
  • Without any pushing/pointing on our part the contest also added about 20 bodies to the Flickr group. Which is pretty good considering the hoops one must jump through to sign-up, the failry narrow focus (labour photogs).

    Comment | October 31, 2009

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