When even daily mailings won’t do …

Following our conference in Washington in August, I decided to follow the example of the DC Metro Labor Council and move from weekly (or less frequent) mailings to daily (if needed).  I thought that in doing so, we could focus each mailing on one subject, which is known to be much more effective than mailings that cover a number of topics.

We have been mostly successful with this, but today is an example where we cannot do it.  The IUF’s victory in its Casual-T campaign targetting Lipton / Unilever is obviously hugely important and they want us to tell everyone about the win.  The RMT in the UK has asked us to promote again the Eurostar campaign which is now leading to more strikes.  We’re in the final days of the Labour Photo of the Year competion and do need to send out at least one more reminder to boost participation.  And we’ve been trying for the last few weeks to promote book sales and we’ve had a book of the week to push.

That’s already four things we needed to tell our lists and there will certainly be more tomorrow and the day after.

Obviously, we’re not going to do more than one mailing a day, but we should be aware that the goal of one message, one topic may become increasingly unrealistic.

Meanwhile, only one person of the 60,000 or so on our lists has written to suggest that we’re sending out too many messages and should return to the weekly mailings.  Certainly there are others that feel this way, but to have gotten only one complaint is actually quite encouraging.

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