Daily mailings and the best laid plans of mice and men

My plan to attempt daily mailings in English, each one with its own distinct topic, isn’t working — at least not today.  A half dozen things hit us all at once, and as I will not be at my desk most of this week (I’ll be in Geneva), it was important to get all this stuff out at once, today.

A top priority was the IUF’s current Pakistan campaign — we were asked to help.  And at the same time, we got reports from two of our partner organizations in Israel about campaigns we’ve promoted to our readers (and it’s hugely important that we update them when we have such news).  This week also sees the opening of the trade union congresses in the USA and UK, which we could not pass up, especially as they’ve both picked up on so many cutting-edge web ideas which we too want to promote.  And we wanted to continue with offering a new book every week, and actually delayed the launch of the Union Strategies for Hard Times book which should have gone out last week.

I could have tried to create four or five separate mailings and staggered them throughout the week, and somehow delayed the sending each day, but felt it would be simpler and easier this one time to do it this way.  But let’s hope that this doesn’t continue and that we can return to the idea of one topic, one mailing, each day.

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