We go daily!

Starting today, we’re experimenting with daily mailings to our list in English.

This follows upon our Washington conference where two presentations made it clear that this is something we need to try.

  • First, we saw at the SEIU how short messages with only one subject are much more effective than online newsletters with lots of topics.  (We knew this, but this was reinforced.)
  • Second, we heard of the success of the DC Metro labor council which went from weekly to daily mass mailings, and found these to be much more effective.

Obviously, we will only mail if there is something important to say, so there may well be days when we do not do a mass mailing at all.

We anticipate a small drop-off of readers who will not want to receive a daily message, but this should be compensated by the messages being more effective and producing good results faster.

I have informed our translators that we do not expect them to translate these daily messages and instead will prepare a weekly mailing for them, as before.

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