Building LabourStart–Presentation on India’s labour movement

Mahesh Upadhyaya:  State of the trade union movement in India.  A union must have 500,000 members in five states/industry.  Recognition granted by Ministry of Labour.  In India, unions are associated with political parties.  Recognized and unrecognized unions; defunct central trade unions.  What role can LS play?

Contact individual unions that the Global unions think would be interested in LS.  Presently, no other regularly active LS correspondents in India.  Difficult to recruit volunteers.  Might be useful to have a Hindi edition of LS (need to hire a low-cost translator).  Most unionists who do not read English also do not have internet access.  Only the elite in urban unions have internet access.

Eric:  Hindi edition of LS could be done almost immediately.  Bengali edition should be done as well.  Reading LS, one would get the impression that there are lots of trade union struggles in Pakistan, but not India, probably because of LS’s relationship to the IUF.  More correspondents, more news, more languages between now and when we meet next.

Derek:  Letter of introduction to those who do not know us?

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