One-click status updates – now working

As we all increasingly use various social networking tools, it would be great to have a way to be able to update our status or send out a short message to all of them – with just one click.  UnionBook now offers such a way.  If you correctly configure the Twitter plugin, when you post an entry to The Wire in your UnionBook account, it will automatically send out a tweet.  There’s a Twitter plugin for Facebook which now works and which turns your latest tweet into your Facebook status.  There’s also some really simple code that turns your latest tweet(s) into a list for your blog.

So this morning, for example, I posted the news that 1,000 more people have signed up for the South African campaign on LabourStart — I posted this as a Wire entry on UnionBook.  It automatically, and instantly, went out as a tweet, appeared as my Facebook status, and is on my blog.

Of course you can do all this without the UnionBook element as well, but what that means is you get even more visibility, because UnionBook Wire entries appear on the front page to those who are not yet signed in.

We should all be doing this and encouraging others to use UnionBook as the starting point for a fully-integrated system of status updates throughout one’s social networks.

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