Growing campaigns, German, Afrikaans, a victory in Turkey, site redesign and more …

Here is the regular report on our active campaigns, with the totals from 9 days ago in brackets. The campaigns are listed in order of popularity. The most significant growth took place for the Australia campaign (1,159 more supporters) and the Korea campaign (616 more supporters).

Russia: Union-busting at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology – 8,219 [8,006] +213
Norway: Sekkingstad and Sund, stop union busting! – 7,361 [7,276] +85
Korea: Oracle workers on strike – 7,164 [6,548] +616
France: Rail unions fight against privatisation – 7,156 [7,150] +6
XPO: Time to talk about your behaviour – 6,758 [6,488] +270
USA: Time for Wendt to negotiate with the union – 6,735 [6,727] +8
Australia: Exxon Mobil – time for a fair deal for your workers – 6,333 [5,174] +1,159
Canada: Solidarity With Women Striking for a Living Wage! – 2,025 [2,014] +11

Europe: We promoted an ETUC story on the rise of the far right as a top global story and across social networks.

Germany: Another volunteer has stepped forward and translated our two remaining campaigns that were not yet in German; the mailings for those campaigns still need to be translated. Our German list is our most successful of the larger lists, with a very high open rate and click-through rate, making it especially important that we do timely translations of all our campaigns and mailings.

North Korea: We promoted a story about the problem of slavery here to the top of our news page, and across social networks.

South Africa: One of our correspondents had raised the question of adding news in Afrikaans; we agreed and are continuing the conversation.

Spain: UNI’s coverage of police violence against striking Amazon workers got promoted on our news pages and on social networks.

Turkey: This campaign (DHL) was closed after the union won recognition – a big victory which are beginning to publicise. The total number of supporters in the end was 6,769.

UK: We discussed with USDAW promoting their current online campaign targetting Marks & Spencer to our UK audience and will do this today or tomorrow.

USA: A news story about angry teacher trade unionists was promoted on our news pages and on social networks.

Campaigns and mailing lists: We continued to add more language translations of the bit on the landing page that suggests you join the mailing list if you’d not yet checked the box on the campaign page itself. This now works in five languages with many more to come. We’re trying to add one language per day. Thanks to all the volunteer translators for doing this so quickly.

Shell campaign: We closed this English-only, time-limited campaign at the request of IndustriALL. The campaign had 3,575 supporters.

Site redesign: We have commissioned a workers’ coop in London to do preliminary work on a rebuild of our news site. This has been under discussion for a very long time, and is now finally moving forward. We should have something to see in August.

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  • Any chance there’ll be some user consultation this time? I mean, taking into account the ideas of those correspondants who post news titles and those users who read them.

    Comment | July 31, 2018
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