Victories in Canada, Egypt, Norway …

This week can celebrate a bit.  We have three victories to report on …

Toronto Pearson Airport campaign: This campaign was a win for the workers and we were glad to help. The strike is now over and the workers have won major concessions from their employer. Details coming soon.

Egypt campaign: Another win as all 9 trade union leaders have been freed from jail (on bail). Kamal Abbas of the CTUWS writes “Dear comrades, Many thanks for your support and solidarity in the LabourStart campaign to release the Egyptian nine Trade Union Leaders.”

Norway campaign: No, you’re not forgetting something. We very nearly had a campaign for Norwegian workers, but the workers won before we had a chance to launch this. (This is not the first time this has happened to us.)

Cambodia campaign: With over 8,200 supporters this is our largest current campaign. We’ve been asked to give it another boost next week with some new graphics supplied by the Clean Clothes Campaign, and will do so. In an effort to boost support for the campaign in its last weeks online, we ran a Facebook ad campaign. The campaign was shown 22,705 times and 375 people clicked on the ad, reaching the campaign page. Of those, only 27 seem to have supported the campaign, at a cost of $3 per additional new supporter — so not a great use of our money.

Indonesia campaign: We did a followup mailing in English to the 72,422 people who received but did not open the previous message. This led to a boost of 1,035 new supporters for the campaign, which is now over 6,000 supporters.

Mailing lists: Our lists continue to grow as we launch new campaigns. We picked up 451 new subscribers this week.

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