Actual press coverage of a LabourStart conference

Every day we’re learning about new media coverage of our Berlin conference — and there’s probably more out there that we don’t know about.  Here’s what I’ve come across so far — if you know of any others, please pass them on!

20 stories and videos so far …


Solidarity.  A very positive account under the headline “Forging global solidarity.”

Talking Union.  Ran this video showing Dan Gallin launching his book at our conference.

LabourStart.  Our own brief account.

WAC-Ma’an Israel.  A translation of the Hebrew account of our conference.



WAC Ma’an.  The English translation of this appears below.



ver.di News.  This was seen by activists in the 2 million plus member union; in addition, our conference demo was written up for the union’s membership magazine, which is seen by all members.

ver.di publik 1 – June 2014. Mainly about our demonstration in support of workers at Edeka and in their supply chain.

ver.di publik 2 – July 2014. A whole page about the conference.

Junge Welt. Had a couple of articles about our conference.

Jungle World. You can see the full article here.

Neues Deutschland.  You can see the full article here.

Labournet Germany.  A collection of materials including links to other press coverage.

AK – Analyse und Kritik. An article in the print issue of No. 595.

http://www.ipg-journal.de. A short mentioning in an article about the series  of Labour conferences in Berlin in May 2014.

Sozialistische Zeitung, SoZ. An article online and in the print issue of No. 6/2014

Sprachrohr, the journal of verdi’s media and communications sector in Berlin/Brandenburg. An interview in No. 3/2014,  see page 7.




LO-Media (trade union news service) According to the Google Translate service, which for some reason works really well with this article, the sub-title says it all: “Anyone can come, everyone can speak, no votes and nothing is approved: Labour Start Conference is the opposite of a normal convention.”



„Wütende Orangen“ fordern Verantwortung, by verdi.tv, 28.5.2014

Dan Gallin on the international labor movement, on Talking Union, 10.6.2014,

Various videos from the conference on the  LabourStart-Youtube-Kanal


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