A busy Thursday update

Some quick highlights …

  1. We’ll be launching a new campaign sometime today or tomorrow in support of the Turkish trade unionists who were arrested this week.  We’re waiting on PSI and EI to agree a text.
  2. Our book on online campaigning has been translated into French. Thank you Andy!  We’ll try to make it available as soon as possible.
  3. We’ve done a mailing to our Canadian list to promote a Canada-specific campaign, and earlier this week mailed to our UK list to promote a UK-only campaign.  A third of our current campaigns are now country-specific.
  4. We closed down the Cameroon musicians campaign today after three months.  Still waiting to hear from FIM about the results.
  5. We launched our first campaign ever in Esperanto this afternoon.  We have a small Google Group for volunteer translators who did the work on this – much appreciated.
  6. We had comprehensive coverage of the massive strike in India thanks to several correspondents – including Mahesh and Edd.
  7. We wrote this week to hundreds of state labour federations and city central labour councils across the USA to promote our new newswires for each of the 50 states.
  8. We’re up to 452 responses to our annual survey — nearly half of them this time in French.


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  • After seeing the Indian strike on LabourStart’s English-language FB group and India page, I made a point on the Francophone FB page of the lack of media coverage in French. In fact, over the two days, there have been just a handful of articles on Google, most of them partial in all senses of the word.
    If traditional media are capable of keeping quite a large chunk of the world’s population and it’s unionists in the dark about one of the biggest strikes in history, it really is time to develop some sort of multilingual “union news agency”.
    We still have a lot of work to do at LabourStart.

    Comment | February 21, 2013

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