Two outstanding examples of rank-and-file support for LabourStart

Two things happened this week that show the way forward for LabourStart and that are genuinely heart-warming.

First, this from Australia: “At the recent National Union of Workers Officials’ Conference, we held a raffle to raise money for LabourStart. $1000 Australian was raised.”

And second, this tweet from the UK: “RMT-UK Annual General Meeting unanimously passed resolution of support for @LabourStart”. According to a senior LabourStart correspondent who was there, the resolution was proposed by the union’s Bakerloo branch, and was actively supported by its general secretary, Bob Crow. More details when we have them.

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  • derek

    Speaking of auctions and such things…

    LabourStart Canada regularly (mebbe 4-6 times a year) donates books or DVDs or a union pin collector’s starter kit (20-50 pins) or whatever comes to hand to fundraising auctions at union conferences and other events. Usually the beneficiary of the money raised by these things is a local social or cultural agency.

    Our stuff always sells (we once got over $100CAD for a pair of Che Guevara underwear).

    Gets us a bit of exposure to the workers attending the conference.

    Comment | June 30, 2012

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