We try again – fingers crossed

We’ve re-launched the Farzad campaign, as requested by the Education International.  Once again this includes a mailing to our list, a separate one to our correspondents, to our Facebook group, our Twitter followers, etc.   We run the risk of 1&1 once again closing us down. As we have very little time here, here are the two steps I’ve taken:

  • I’ve asked Nick Holden how quickly we could get an alternative site up and running if we crash again
  • I’ve written to the team at 1&1 which did finally sort out our problem to advise them that we were doing this and to make sure that they don’t close us down

Basically, plan B is this: if we crash again, we set up quickly somewhere else and email everyone with the new URL.  I don’t see another way.

Meanwhile, fingers crossed.

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